He is Heavenly God, the Father

Baba says, ‘The Father gives you your inheritance of heaven. He is Heavenly God, the Father.’

My Father is God Himself. He and I had been separated for a long time and during that time, my whole world was turned upside down. I lost all the inheritance He had given me and became bankrupt, everything and everyone around me collapsed, happiness changed to sorrow and suffering. When a physical father goes away on a trip for even a few days, he comes back bearing gifts for his kids, he knows they would have missed him and will be waiting eagerly for his return. How much more does my Father care about me? He comes bearing the greatest gift any Father can bring- He brings heaven on the palm of His hand. And a father doesn’t withhold his gift from his children, it’s the first thing he does when he meets them- gives them their gift and asks them to open it and use it and show it to their friends. My Father gives me heaven now, it isn’t a gift He intends to give me in the future. He too wants me to open it, use it and show it to my friends.

And I do! I tell everyone, ‘my Father is here, God is here! He has brought me heaven on earth, come and see for yourself!’. Of course they come! Everyone wants to see heaven! so they hop onto my scooter as I offer to show them around heaven. They can hardly wait…

On the way, I start to explain to them what heaven is. It is liberation-in-life, I tell them. It’s an experience of complete freedom, lightness, and contentment. ‘Wow, sounds like bliss!’, they chime in excitedly. Right about then, I encounter that coworker who’s always leaving me out of meetings, always manipulating others to get her way. In that minute, when I see her, all those things she did to me flash before my eyes and I brake hard almost throwing my friend off the scooter. ‘What happened?’, she asks, ‘I thought we were going to heaven!’. Let’s take a different route…this one’s tricky, I tell my friend. So I back out of there and take another highway. Slowly the smile comes back on my lips and I start to narrate more things about heaven when I suddenly remember that mistake I did last week, how I hurt my mom’s feelings and I almost run into a truck! My friend gasps, ‘that was close! are you doing okay?’. There’s too much ‘traffic’ on this road, I tell her, and suggest yet another route, a mud road, to heaven. It’s quieter, I decide. Right then, I get a call from my child’s school, ‘he failed his test again’. ‘This is a bumpy road’, my friend remarks, ‘looks like getting to heaven is hard. Should we try some other time?’

If my Father brought me heaven, then why am I still sitting in iron-aged hell? ‘Remember Me’, He says, ‘only when you remember the Father can you give yourself a tilak of sovereignty.’

Let me realize that the only way out of iron-aged hell is through. I cannot run away from situations, people, sanskars…they will just show up wherever I run to. Instead, I need to face them with the knowledge. This is self-sovereignty, this is liberation-in-life – the ability to remain beyond the influence of circumstances, situations, people while living in the midst of it all. The amount of time I stay a self-sovereign now determines the amount of time, I stay a world sovereign in the golden age. People have heard a lot of empty words from many different gurus, saints, preachers etc. They want to see proof. If I say that my Father has brought me heaven, then I need to be living in it. If a situation, a person, a sanskar can still shake me, take the taste out of my mouth, make me bitter, then that’s not what others expect to see. Baba has given me the knowledge that is the key to heaven. He has told me about the drama, He has explained the importance of being a detached observer, He has taught me how to check my thoughts and apply a full-stop, He has taught me about ‘nothing new‘, He has taught me to spin the discus of self-realization and see my part throughout the cycle. No one else in the world knows these things, this is a key only I have to my Father’s gift. He has given it to me and is waiting for me to open it, use it and show it off to others.

After half a cycle of living in the bondage of fear and the various vices based on fear – anger, greed, ego, sensitive nature etc., the switch into freedom does take time. I try to turn the key but my hand is shaking. Let me be patient with myself through the process, go through it without comparison, judgment or condemnation. I am not doing this by myself. Baba doesn’t just sit and watch, He participates. I don’t work through inspiration, He clarifies, I teach. ‘The Teacher has come to teach you. This is the school to change from human beings into deities.’, He explains. ‘Yes, this requires effort‘, He acknowledges, ‘but this sovereignty that you receive from the Father is unshakeable, undivided and immovable. It is a sovereignty that remains yours permanently throughout the cycle. No one can snatch it away from you nor loot it‘.

My Father is Heavenly God. He brings me heaven! Out in the world, they don’t even know that they have to claim the sovereignty from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. But I do! and I want to show and tell everyone so they can claim it too. So, with faith, love and patience, let me get back on that scooter and go again.

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