Drink the nectar and become worthy of heaven

Baba says, ‘only the Father uplifts those with stone intellects, those without virtues and the hunchbacked. He gives them their inheritance of the kingdom of heaven‘.

People have been calling out to God for a long time saying: ‘O Patit-Pavan (Purifier), please come and make us pure’. So then the first step is to acknowledge that I am patit or impure or vicious. This isn’t condemnation but rather an acknowledgement of the problem- yes, I have lived viciously for a long time and I’ve had enough. I want to become pure and God, can You please help me become pure again. And that’s what He’s here for, to help.

‘Lust is your greatest enemy’, says Baba, ‘it has caused you great sorrow from its beginning through the middle to the end.’ Then there are other vices such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs etc.

The fact that I have sinned is not the problem, the problem comes when I don’t admit that I have sinned and without repentance, continue to persistently stay in the middle of it. Indeed the lines have gotten really blurred today in the world where sin is not referred to as sin anymore- it is referred to as an addiction, a bondage, a problem, a hang-up, the thing we struggle with or the most ridiculous thing….it has now become ‘my right’ or the worst of all is when it is referred to as ‘my God given right’. God makes it very clear that He is as far away from sin as can be and He calls it ‘sin’, not a ‘hang-up’ or ‘bondage’. God does not permit lust, drugs or cigarettes, He forbids them. He is the Father, He comes at the end of the cycle to find His children doing things that could not be further from His truth and our truth. And He tries really hard to draw souls out of sin in His great love, compassion and benevolence.

The Father pleads: ‘Children, now become pure in this last birth. That vice is poison and it causes you sorrow from its beginning through the middle to the end. Can you not renounce it for this one, last birth? I am giving you nectar to drink to make you immortal. In spite of that, you don’t become pure! You cannot stay without vice, cigarettes or alcohol. I, your unlimited Father, am telling you: Become pure for one birth and I will make you into the masters of heaven. You know that the Father has come to liberate the whole world from sorrow and take you to the land of peace and the land of happiness.

He doesn’t as much say as He pleads with His children to course correct, to become pure. He brings me nectar, He brings me heaven but when I don’t renounce the vices, I banish myself to hell for cycle after cycle. I deprive myself of all the unlimited happiness, peace and prosperity, the love and abundance. I renounce all that which is so elevated for something that causes me sorrow, that makes me dependent, that enslaves me. But such is the drama, says Baba, those who are not worthy of heaven cannot renounce the vices. Let me not be such an unfortunate soul that trades heaven for hell. Let me with determination decide today that I choose God, that I choose a Godly life, that I choose heaven.

That the world would devolve to the stage it is in today was something that was predicted or prophesied by most religions including Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. For example, Guru Nanak specified in the Granth, that there are ‘countless thieves’. The Bible says that toward the end, people would be ‘without self-control’, ‘lovers of themselves’ and ‘lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God’. True to these prophecies, people today are often self-absorbed, and focused on sensual gratification, there are even illnesses called the ‘narcissistic personality disorder’! Selfishness is so prevalent today that it has resulted in emotional distress and serious mental health issues. Those who lust after bodies and money, exploit others for it, taking advantage of the other’s weakness or circumstance. Family members lack affection and abuse each other, even kill.

But it’s not just regular people, the so-called ‘religious-minded’ people are hard to trust too. More and more people put on an appearance of godliness with the starched clothes, or the tilak etc. but rather than follow God’s direction, they follow the false gurus who tell them what they want to hear. People with such hypocrisy are more dangerous than those who gossip, says Baba, because they deceive themselves and others around them. Even Brahmins do this, He says. God is pleased with an honest heart and the thing He appreciates the least is the lack of truthfulness or cleanliness where it is one thing on the outside and something else inside.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! The Granth also sings the praise of the Father: ‘Whatever You come and do, it will only be beneficial.’ and as do the other religious texts including the Gita which says that ‘God comes to Bharath when there is utter irreligiousness and establishes righteousness once again’. God indeed comes at this auspicious confluence age to do just that. He comes to destroy the kingdom of Ravan and establish His kingdom, the kingdom of heaven. Otherwise in Ravan’s kingdom, people would only continue to do bad things. ‘You know that the Father has come to liberate the whole world from sorrow and take you to the land of peace and the land of happiness. All the religions are now to be destroyed. The one original eternal deity religion is being established.

And so when He is someone that the world calls out to come, when He is someone that the world builds temples and churches and mosques to, He cannot possibly be beyond name and form! Everything, even the sky, has a name, nothing is beyond name and form. To say that God is beyond name and form is to deny Him, to say He doesn’t exist and that is one of the biggest mistakes human-beings make. We make ourselves into orphans, denying our Creator. Then there are those who have been so misled in bhakti to believe that God is the cause of both their happiness and their sorrow and suffering. If only they knew the character of the One they worship, the One they call out to for help! The Father says: ‘How could I cause sorrow for My children?‘ Bhakti distances children from their long lost Father, giving them no way to connect with Him, and to experience His love and power in their life. And so bhagats continue to live in fear and confusion about what’s right and what’s not and what might/will happen.

Baba says, ‘It is as though all human beings are dead, as though everyone’s light has gone out. The Father comes to awaken everyone. He showers nectar on the children to wake them from their sleep‘. God is living, He is a soul just like me- except He is Supreme in His qualities, an Ocean in virtues. He is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness, the only one Who grants salvation to all. He does this by giving knowledge, by speaking the truth to souls.

And when He does, indeed, some souls do wake up, they repent by rejecting the vices and the selfishness in the world and allow themselves to be guided by the True Guru. They change their awareness, their thoughts, words and deeds per the directions of their Father. They become peacemakers in a world itching to battle with each other. They become the living testimonies that God indeed exists, that He is the Father, that He is here. They become His helpers in establishing the new world. ‘The Father is the Great Death.’ He takes all souls back with Him and then sends those who helped Him into His heavenly kingdom here on earth to live in peace, happiness and prosperity.

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