An embodiment of reward

Baba says, ‘constantly have a constant and perfect mood, and you will be said to be equal to the Father, that is, an embodiment of the reward.’

God comes to this physical plane for His children during the confluence age. He has come to establish the new world, the land of happiness and put an end to the old world of sorrow. He comes and adopts me into His family. To adopt means to choose. When it comes to a biological child, the parents don’t have a choice. But when a child is adopted, it means that the parents carefully considered it, looked at all options and chose that child to be their own. I am a chosen child of God! Do I have this intoxication?

If I do, nothing else matters. I not only have all the rights and privileges as a biological child would have, in fact, I was chosen to have them. My Father has taken me as His, given me everything He has. The question is have I received it? If I still find myself laboring, dragging through life, then something is off. If my language is, ‘I still have to attain, I’m unable to attain, how can I attain?’, then something is off. If I am still affected by what people of the old world say, how they behave, then something is off.

If I have accepted myself as the child of God just as He has accepted Himself as my Father, then I won’t be bothered by anyone or anything. I have the awareness of being the child of the Highest-on-High, the Creator. His virtues are my virtues, His task is my task and His stage is my stage. Sure, I might not see all the virtues in me just yet, but I walk in faith anyway. And whatever happens, at no point do I let anything or anyone take away my identity from me. But as it turns out, this is exactly what I allow to happen sometimes. Baba says, ‘I see the moods of the children change a lot’.

When a situation comes or a person says something rude, I allow myself to be shocked: ‘how did this happen, can people behave like this too?’, or I question the rightness of it: ‘how can they do this?, this is not right!’, or I am confused by it: ‘why me!?’, ‘is this just my karma!’. Sometimes, I am so focused on overcoming a sanskar that I am tensed about it. It’s all I can think about! Sometimes, I am so afraid I will make a mistake that I walk through life as if on egg shells. Baba says, ‘I can’t bear to see my children labor.’ Does the Father ever have an off mood?, He asks. And there are all kinds of things that people in the world do in His name, all kinds of things they say about Him. Even we children who have recognized Him do and say things that would make Him cringe but they don’t. His stage remains stable no matter what.

Compared to what He faces, we face miniscule things. But even though a situation is a minor one, He points out, I make a mountain out of a molehill by constantly thinking about it. I allow myself to be paralyzed by my own thinking but blame the situation for it. When I take a test, I can’t be caught up in ‘why this question?’, I just have to take it. Same thing here, explains Baba. The test has come in the form of the situation or person, all I have to do is take the test. And it’s easy, He points out, because you already know the answer. You don’t have to think or invent any new knowledge, all you have to do is copy the Father. Any other thoughts of ‘why, what, how’ or thoughts about the other person etc. are waste thoughts and so put them in the waste bin, He says.

The confluence age is a short age, He reminds me. It is the age where I get to enjoy my time with the Father from Whom I had been separated for a long time. It is the age where I experience being taken care of, being unburdened of all the heaviness and comforted by the Comforter of Hearts. In other words, it is the age of experiencing the reward, not of making effort. I lose the experience of the reward, however, when I allow my stage to fluctuate, constantly going up and down. This is a life of attainment, an angelic life, an easy life, a yogi life and a life is forever, not a few moments, Baba points out. I have been toiling and laboring for half a cycle, it’s time to rest in the awareness of who I am and Whose I am. This confluence age is the age of love, not the age of labor, He says. It is the age of celebrating a meeting, it is the age of the moth merging with the Flame. You are the child of the Father, why are you still laboring?, He asks.

He has given me His virtues, His powers, His stage– this is the reward of the confluence age, it is my inheritance, for being His child. Am I receiving the inheritance or am I still making effort to earn that which is free? I cannot earn a gift, I can only receive it. If I am striving, making effort, it means the awareness of who and Whose I am has become loose. To receive, I simply have to be. Constantly stay with the Father in your elevated awareness, He says, that is your real place. Why do you leave your place? To leave your place is to wander around in all the wrong places. Instead, sit comfortably! Sit in intoxication! Sit with a right! The moment I leave my place, I come into the wrong body conscious awareness of ‘I and mine’. I go from ‘I, the soul, the child of God’, to I, the role, the relationship, the position, the title. I allow the ego to rule and expose myself to be easily hurt, influenced, get caught in a whole slew of emotions. I go from ‘mine is One Baba’, to, my responsibilities. I go from being light, from being a carefree child, to experiencing a burden….all this because I forgot who and Whose.

Never forget who you are and Whom you belong to, Baba tells me repeatedly. That is the essence of this study, that is the key to unlock all treasures, the means to claim my inheritance of liberation-in-life.

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