Becoming BapDada’s helper

Baba says, ‘The good wishes of benevolence for all souls is visible in the eyes and on the faces of those who are BapDada’s helpers‘.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle, when the world has descended into the extreme depths of ignorance, to dispel the darkness and bring light. With ignorance comes worry and anxiety- when I don’t know, I worry, I stress, I get angry and frustrated and thus, I live a life of sorrow and suffering. God says, ‘I cannot bear to see souls suffer‘ and then asks me, ‘do you not hear their cries of worry and peacelessness?‘ You are a hero soul, says Baba. The main characteristic of a hero soul is that through them, there is a lot of benefit for many, many other souls. God blesses me so that I can be a blessing to others. He wants me to help others as He has helped me.

To bless does not mean to place your hand on someone’s head, He explains. Rather, it means that you constantly have only good wishes of benevolence for everyone. It is your rays of good wishes that will dispel the darkness in their lives, it will transform their worry and give them peace. In fact, to have good wishes is the easiest way to serve through the mind and you can do it even while walking and moving around!

This is Ravan’s kingdom, Baba reminds me daily, he is the greatest enemy of the world. He works overtime to steal the birthright of souls- our peace, happiness by keeping me busy in body conscious pursuits and as far away from the Father as possible. I spend my life chasing after relationships and possessions in the hope of finding happiness but because everything is based on selfish motives, the happiness I experience is fleeting with it changing back into worry in no time. In fact, I find that the harder I work, the more I accumulate, the more worried I become. And thus, Ravan hollows me out, completely bankrupts me and exhausts me. Souls are desperate, says Baba, they are looking for light in their lives. When I have good wishes, it cuts through the atmosphere of tension and worry just as the rays of the sun can cut through the darkness of the night. It calms nerves, eases the tension and brings about a change in the attitude of souls.

Souls who are distressed with one worry or another are able to see very few souls who have genuinely good wishes, says Baba. Even a short time’s contact with souls who have good wishes become the basis for all their worries ending. Today the world needs such well-wishers, He says. There are many in the world who do good work, charitable work but without God, their efforts are limited. They might say a few good words, lend a helping hand, even help me through a difficult time but unless and until I, the soul, can stand on my own two feet – the feet of who I am and Whom I belong to, I will continue to live in worry and fear. I will get through one crisis with someone’s help and pretty soon, find myself in another one.

As a child of God, you give souls something no one else can give, says Baba. I am able to give them the experience of who they are and of their Father. When I look at another soul, I see them…I see the soul. I don’t look at them as their role, as their relationship, as their accomplishment, as their situation or anything else. I see them the same way the Father sees me- my vision falls on that pure being, my brother soul. When they act in body conscious ways- get angry or say unpleasant things etc, – I refrain from judging, I understand where they are, I reject the anger and accept the soul. I show them love and compassion, I forgive. This, is blessing the soul, He teaches. When I become such a soul with good wishes, then Baba can use me as His instrument to draw that soul, His child, back toward Him. Through my attitude, Baba reaches down beneath the layers of falsehoods that Ravan has filled in and tugs at the soul. I become the means to give the soul a donation of life, pull it back up on its feet again. I become the means to reawaken its strength, its courage, its peace, its freedom, its happiness – all the things that the soul already has but had forgotten about, just as I had. This is the great service needed at this time, says Baba.

Your power of good wishes will make the hearts of such disheartened souls and souls who are sitting on the pyre of worry become happy, says Baba. Just as the slightest support of even a straw makes a drowning soul happy-hearted and brings him courage so, your stage of having good wishes will enable them to experience some support, and souls who are burning will have the experience of cool water. Sometimes, I get busy in organizing big programs and workshops for service but the basis of making even those plans successful is the stage of a well-wisher i.e. one with good wishes. It is on the basis of these feelings of good wishes that souls find their wings to fly.

To become such a well-wisher soul, I need to accumulate a stock of pure thoughts, teaches Baba. Pure thoughts are the main basis of always having good wishes. If there are sometimes waste thoughts or thoughts of others, you cannot constantly have good wishes, He points out. In fact, well-wisher souls are supposed to finish the waste thoughts of other souls and therefore cannot be caught up in it themselves. And just as pure thoughts are the basis of good wishes, the elevated jewels of knowledge are the source of pure thoughts. To be a well-wisher means to be full of all the jewels of knowledge, says Baba, for only then will you be full of good wishes for everyone. Therefore, check: Throughout the day, do I have more pure thoughts and good wishes or do I spend more time in thoughts of others?, teaches Baba.

People are tired, says Baba. They become disheartened with all the various authorities – be it political, science or religion. Not only have these authorities been unable to show souls the path to the Father and to their inheritance but in fact, they have only pushed them further away. But when you become a well-wisher and bless souls with your good wishes, you become the instrument to change them from orphans into a child with rights. The good wishes and blessings you receive in return for this most elevated attainment, doesn’t just make you praiseworthy but you also become worship-worthy, says Baba. But even more importantly, you become seated on the heart throne of BapDada.

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