I am the Lord of the Poor

Baba says, ‘The Father is the Lord of the Poor. The Father comes and only teaches the poor.’

Baba comes and tells me the true story of true Narayan. He tells me my true story. You were Lakshmi and Narayan and you were the masters of the kingdom of Bharat. Having claimed your inheritance from Me, your Father, you left home to go out into the world. Then when Ravan came around, you fell for his tricks, that is, you fell into the vices and squandered your inheritance. You lived like orphans, completely bankrupt, working for Ravan in the hopes of reclaiming all that you lost. You didn’t even realize that it was Ravan that stole everything from you in the first place, you didn’t even realize that he is your greatest enemy who deceived you from the very beginning. You lived selfishly, heeding his directions. You lusted, hustled, elbowed, stole, manipulated, mistreated and committed many, many sins until you got to the bottom of the bottomless pit. Then, you called out to Me.

I am the Lord of the Poor, says Baba. I come for My poor children. I come to restore their lost inheritance- their purity, their dignity and self-respect. I come to restore their sovereignty. He does so by teaching me Raja yoga, He reminds me of who I am, my relationship with Him and tells me my true story. But to become His student and study, I need to have hit that rock bottom. In other words, I need to have realized that indeed, I am empty, that I need to recalibrate my life, that I need to repent, that is, change my ways and become a new person.

There are many in the world who still believe they have nothing to learn. They think they are already in heaven, that they have everything- the bungalows, the bank balance, people at their beck and call. In fact, they are so full of impure pride that they think it’s beneath them to come to a gathering of God’s ordinary looking children. They think: ‘I am so-and-so, I come from such-and-such family, I have such-and-such reputation’ and so they feel embarrassed to be sitting next to or even seen with people outside their social circle. Baba says, ‘I am the Lord of the Poor. The Father comes and only teaches the poor. Renounce all bodily religions. “I am so-and-so” is all body consciousness. Here, the Supreme Soul is teaching souls. The Father says: I have entered an ordinary body to teach my ordinary children’. Sure, outwardly, I might have everything but when the music stops, when there is just the silence and me- do I still feel good about who I am? or do I feel an eternal gaping hole that I need to fill?

But it’s not just the rich and famous of the world that deceive themselves out of God’s love and their inheritance due to their false pride. Sometimes, God’s children fall into this trap as well.

I had been eyeing that promotion at work for a while now, I had told Baba about it and everything but much to my shock, not only did I not get it but the person who ‘least deserved it’ got it! How could this happen?, I wonder. I have been following Baba’s Shrimat to a T – I wake up for Amritvela every morning, I attend Murli, I even donate generously to Baba’s work. Why….just last month, I gave this big amount to the center! While everyone else is gossiping at work, I read my Murli during lunch! That’s how good I’ve been! And…this person who got the job isn’t even a Brahmin!! Baba says, ‘I am the Lord of the Poor‘. God doesn’t care much for my ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude and He certainly doesn’t owe me for my good behavior! Let me pause and examine whether I love God for God or if I am simply following the rules to try to impress Him so that I can get Him to do what I want Him to do? This is the same selfishness that got me into trouble in the first place, it’s what cost me the kingdom, and caused me to spiral downward.

Many so-called ‘religious’ people suffer from the same haughty attitude. They have trouble understanding the generosity God shows ‘sinners’. They don’t consider themselves to be sinners, they think others are. Their attitude is: I am so pure, I am so elevated, and look at you! You are a shudra and I am from an elevated caste. I am the priest at the temple and have access to the inner sanctum while you are not qualified to speak directly with God. He is too ‘holy’ to listen to you directly, He needs me to translate your message to Him. Some religious people even find it necessary to ‘purify’ themselves by bathing if a regular person were to even touch them! Baba says, ‘I am the Lord of the poor‘. He comes for souls, not for a particular caste or creed or religion or nationality. He comes not for the priests and pundits who perform the rituals and recite the shlokas (scripture) perfectly. He comes for Ajamil, the disgraced sinner, who fell into unrighteousness, but then called the Father’s name to come and save him. It doesn’t take a long prayer to reach God, all it takes is ‘Baba’.

As My child, you too have to help the hurting, you too have to become benevolent, He teaches me. You have to give to others that which you have received- the knowledge of who and Whose. This, is true repentance. In fact, the virtue of the Father most commonly spoken of whether in Bharat or abroad is that of being merciful. All of you are also master merciful, He teaches. Become merciful like the Father and uplift everyone. Don’t spread stories about someone’s mistake, for example, rather, merge it within yourself by considering that one’s mistake to be your own. Whatever you saw or heard, completely accommodate that and have soul-conscious vision and benevolent feelings and feelings of mercy for one another. You mustn’t have feelings of dislike, hatred or disregard for sinners, for souls that create obstacles, but with your stage of a world benefactor, be merciful instead and serve them. This is the real meaning of purity- to stay in the midst of impurity and serve it.

Do you remember your first day?, He asks. All of you were village urchins! But what did BapDada do? Whether it was impure ones, sinful ones, ordinary ones or those with different attitudes and different feelings who came, what did BapDada do? He had good wishes for you, did He not? You are Mine. You are master almighty authorities. You are seated on the heart-throne. He had these good wishes and pure feelings for you, did He not? It is with this that you belonged to the Father. Did the Father ever say, “Why have you sinners come?” He always had good wishes, “You are My children. You are master almighty authorities.” When the Father had good wishes and pure feelings for you, what did your heart say? “My Baba”. And what did the Father say? “My children”. If you too have good wishes and pure feelings in the same way, what will you be able to see? My sweet brother of the previous cycle, my long-lost and now-found sister.

The Father says, ‘I am the Lord of the Poor‘.

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