Recognizing Him as He is

Baba says, ‘Up to now, no one recognizes Me as I am or what I am. At the end you will recognize Me fully. This is why you feel it is very difficult to follow shrimat.’

When I love someone, I want to do what pleases them. Yes, I have love and regard for all but to really, deeply love someone from the heart, I need to really know them well. The only one that I ought to have that kind of love for at this time in the cycle, is God. When I get to know Him, I cannot help but love Him and want to be like Him. He is the Spiritual Magnet that pulls me to Him but to get really close to Him, to stick to Him, I have to rid myself of all the rust. To rid myself of the rust, I have to situate myself in my true awareness and remember Him. The more I remember Him, the purer I become and the closer I get to Him -it is a virtuous cycle.

To remember Him accurately is to remember Him as He is. That requires that I unlearn all the wrong things Ravan has filled my head with about God over half a cycle. ‘No one knows me as I am’, He says. ‘I come and give My own introduction. You can only come to know Me through Me.

The fact that God is invisible makes it harder, not to mention the fact that He is extremely subtle. The most tangible form of God that I have is the Murli. It provides me with insight into His character, His nature, His mind. It reveals to me how He thinks and operates. The more I immerse myself in the Murli and really study it, the more I get to know God as He is. Simply listening to someone else explain the Murli does not take me far enough- it helps me get started on the journey but then let me follow that up with my own deep study- reflection, contemplation and then apply the points of the Murli, His Shrimat, in my life. When I do, I experience His help and see the changes in my own life. Then, I want to study even more and follow His Shrimat even more.

And the best and most fool-proof way to get to know someone as they truly are is during the tough times, when I am going through a trial. Rather than ask God to ‘get me out’ of every storm, let me learn to trust Him to take me through the storm. Let me do as He is instructing me and experience the presence of ‘the Ocean of Help‘ first hand in my life. Let me experience holding His hand as I walk through the fire and have my jaw drop when I come out the other side completely fine and notice that the only things that got burnt were the bondages holding me back. He is the ‘Purifier’, He uses situations and circumstances to shine a light on issues He wants me to confront. But if I don’t recognize Him and the part, I will get afraid and question: ‘I never thought I was like this. I never had these issues before coming to this path’. Well, yes, ignorance is bliss! He comes to bring me from the darkness into the light. When He asks me to do something I have never done before or have the training for, let me say ‘yes’ anyway and see the ‘Karankarvanhaar‘ get everything done through me. This is how I build my trust in Him.

Let me make Him my Friend, my Beloved and talk to Him throughout the day about everything. Let me find out through doing so that my secrets are always safe with Him, He never gossips about me with anyone else! Let me find out first hand that He is not just concerned about the big things but even the tiniest things in my life. Let me experience how He wants to be involved in every decision, every joy and every crisis. When I am, for example, about to sign on that dotted line overcome by emotion, and hear that voice asking me to stop, let me actually stop and heed the prompting of the True Guide. Let me come to see how He helps navigate, how He blocks and tackles on my behalf against Ravan. Let me also see how He, the all knowing One, surprises me with the exact thing that I had always wanted even as a child and see myself gasp: ‘how did He know?! I hadn’t even met Him when I had this wish!’ True…but He knew me! He is always my Father throughout the cycle, He never forsakes me, and knows everything about me.

When I do life with God, I come face to face with His innocence– how He chooses to see but not see my flaws. How He never ever judges or condemns me for anything I’ve done or will do. How He doesn’t define me by my mistakes or failures but always, always holds me in the highest, purest vision. And in doing so, how He refuses to come into agreement with my own lowly thinking of myself but instead inspires me to raise mine. Let me see how He never stops believing in me, no matter what, how He loves me, no matter what, unconditionally, all day, all the time. Let me experience first hand how deeply He understands my story- all that I’ve been through and how badly He wants to comfort me and give me rest. When He says: ‘give me all your burdens‘, let me give it and see how even though externally, the burden is still on my shoulder, I no longer feel the weight of it.

And so the way to really know God is to experience Him in my life for there is nothing bigger than the authority of experience. But for me to experience Him, I have to believe, have faith. Not believe, then doubt, then believe, then doubt some more….but just believe. No, I cannot see Him with these physical eyes but then I don’t need to. I simply have to recognize and realize. No, He will not reveal His plan to me beforehand, I have to believe before I see…that’s what faith is about. When I give myself the chance, when I take that step of courage to take His hand of Shrimat and His company, I will always come out amazed, restored, victorious.

But the key is to seek Him, not the solution to my problems or rewards. I am in relationship with Him to do what He wants me to do, to serve Him, to include Him, to be obedient to Him, to seek leadership and guidance from Him, not just to call Him when I have a crisis to fix it. God is not a dump for my problems! He is my Father, my Creator, my Beloved, my Friend. He never takes my burdens without taking me first. Let me surrender and invite Him to get involved in every area of my life, make me what He wants me to be. ‘Learn how to say, “Baba, Baba!” just as little children are taught‘, He says.

On this walk with God, there will be many storms but let me never allow weariness to set in, let me never ever give up. Instead, let me use every storm to get closer to God, to get to know Him and experience Him even more. When I live this way, I am truly seeking God which is to say that I make it clear to myself, Him and everyone else that I crave His companionship to the point where I cannot do without it. I’ve realized that there’s nothing more I could possibly want.

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