The great Father

Baba says, ‘You know you are the children of the great Father. No one in the world knows we are all children of Shiv Baba.’

People are not perfect, especially at this time in the cycle. Baba says, ‘all souls are impure and degraded at this time‘. And so, often they don’t give us what we need. That’s especially hard when I don’t receive what I need from my own parents. Some meant well, but were just not very affectionate. They corrected me, disciplined me but didn’t really express their love. Truth be told, most parents don’t set out to mess their kids up, they do the best they can – but when they are empty themselves, hurting themselves, come from dysfunction themselves, it is what they have to give to their children.

But here’s the good news! I am not the child of my physical father, I am the child of highest-on-high Father. He is God Himself!

It’s not just the question of a family anymore, the whole world is dysfunctional, the whole world is hell, says Baba. And living in such a world can cause me to live negative, bitter, feeling invisible, insecure. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and question: ‘why are people this way? why did he do this to me? why didn’t I get what I deserve?’ Yes, it’s hard and unfair but this kind of endless spinning in questions gets me nowhere. Baba says, ‘your time is too precious to waste in these matters’. Sometimes, I don’t just think these thoughts but because I feel so heavy, I want to talk to someone else about it too, tell them what happened and who did what to me. Baba says, ‘To speak about anything other than this knowledge is to destroy everything completely. Never listen to anything evil. Only listen to benevolent things. Otherwise, you will destroy all the truth in yourself for nothing.

Ravan uses events, failures, past mistakes, circumstances – whatever he can find, to hold me captive in his prison. He constantly tries to inject negative thoughts into my mind to sap the energy, zeal and enthusiasm out of my life. But Baba teaches me that I am the master of my own mind. I get to choose what I allow in and what I keep out. Let me choose to remember who I am and Whose child I am. Let me choose to spin the discus of self-realization and see my whole story throughout the cycle. ‘You children are those with a broad intellect’, He reminds me. While Ravan likes to keep me focused on a few isolated scenes in the drama, Baba gets me to see the full story. That one little thing change shifts my whole perspective. From feeling unfortunate, I realize that in fact no one is as fortunate as me, that I have the most elevated part!

Rejections, bad breaks, disappointments, what someone said or did cannot stop my destiny. No matter how wrong something was, let me not let it discourage me, let me not give up on my journey and settle into mediocrity. People and circumstances don’t decide my fortune, my Father is the Fortune Maker. Physical fathers- I have had many throughout the cycle, some good, some not so much. But my eternal Father is the One Highest-on-High. He never disappoints me, never forsakes me. He is the Ocean of Love and loves me all the time, unconditionally. ‘I come at this confluence age to meet My long lost children and take them back home with Me’, He says. He comes…for me. He leaves His highest abode and comes into an impure world in an impure body….for me. ‘Love doesn’t work through inspiration‘, He says, ‘I love My children and I come to show them love‘. He knows all the pain I have suffered, He has seen every tear, knows about every heartache and He comes…to to take me into His lap and comfort me, to give me rest.

He is the great Father and He takes pleasure in giving me His kingdom of heaven! He takes pleasure in coming into Ravan’s world and destroying it. He takes pleasure in making my wrongs right, in taking the worst thing that has happened to me and turning it, magically, into something beneficial. He doesn’t just make it up to me but He brings me out much better than if I hadn’t been through the pain. So what do I have to do in order to receive the kingdom? The Father says: ‘Simply remember Me, Alpha, and you will receive beta, the kingdom.’ He is the Almighty Powerful!, His mere remembrance burns away sins, breaks the chains of bondages, and sets me free. His love is the alchemy that heals the deepest wounds and transforms.

He isn’t just my Father, He is also my Teacher and my Satguru all in one. Just as I receive the highest sustenance and love from the Father, I receive the highest education from the Teacher and the highest directions from the Satguru. And it isn’t generic- it is a curriculum tailored to me. My Father takes into account all the things that have happened to me, He knows about every stronghold, every bondage, every circumstance and He has a plan to get me to my destination that is designed taking all of this into account. Let me never feel shortchanged and live like a victim of people and circumstances. My Father is All Powerful and He overrules everything else. Let me get in agreement with Him- believe what He is saying about me, believe His vision for me and do as He is instructing me.

And one of the instructions He gives me to easily overcome the hurt and pain I have suffered is to go help someone else. The whole world is hurting and most don’t know the Father. They are still living like orphans, believing the lies of Ravan like I did. And so Baba says, ‘Go and give the Father’s introduction everywhere. Continue to do this spiritual service.’ The more I become an instrument to liberate someone else from their captivity, the more I become liberated myself because it forces me to get my mind going in the right direction. When I become a blessing to others, the more I bless myself and the more I receive blessings from the Father and other souls. But not just that- when I choose to see myself as God sees me, as a fortunate soul; when I choose to use the pain I’ve felt to give hope to others, that’s how I defeat Ravan. Baba says, ‘You, My children, are the true Mahavirs, the great warriors‘.

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