Claiming the inheritance of one kingdom and one religion

Baba says, ‘At the time of establishing one kingdom, one religion and law and order, transform yourself and become a world transformer.’

Baba has come to establish one kingdom and one religion. The characteristic of a kingdom is that there is one law, one set of rules that are set by the king that everyone else gets to follow. There is no debate, or a vote or a contest to decide what to follow, or which side to pick. It is not a democracy, it is a kingdom. In God’s kingdom, God sets the rules- it is the Shrimat, the code of conduct He has given me now. He doesn’t ask me for my opinion on it, He doesn’t have a discussion about it, He simply gives it and says: ‘don’t think, simply follow Shrimat accurately‘. And because this is God telling me, why would I want to challenge it anyway? God’s directions are always elevated, I know that there is only benefit from following it.

Only through following Shrimat can I claim the sovereignty of the kingdom. And His #1 shrimat is ‘remember Me and become pure’. Complete purity is the religion of God’s kingdom- that means purity of thought, word, and action, purity in relationships and connections. If my thoughts are pure, then everything else is pure. Where there are pure thoughts, there are only good wishes and pure feelings for everyone including myself. Where there is purity, there is automatically peace and happiness. And so when there is impurity in thoughts, it is understood that the opposite is true- there is peacelessness and sorrow, there are negative and wasteful feelings. And just like that, because I broke the code, because I went against Shrimat, I lose the sovereignty.

‘You become a world sovereign in the future kingdom to the extent that you become a self-sovereign of your inner kingdom’, teaches Baba. It’s not that God establishes heaven overnight and makes me king in the morning. Then, everyone would become king! I become king based on the strength of my character, my sanskars. A half a cycle’s worth of following Ravan’s dictates has meant that my character and sanskars are in poor shape and as a result, I don’t feel equipped or empowered to be king. But the characteristic of God is that He never asks me to be or do something that He doesn’t first equip me for. As soon as I take my new birth in His family, I receive His nature and all His powers as inheritance. I have the ability within me to be kind, to be sweet, to do the right thing when the wrong thing is happening, to forgive, to keep a good attitude. Doesn’t mean that I suddenly start behaving right- it means that I now have the knowledge to discern wrong from right and then the ability to choose right. Of course, Ravan puts up his best fight and tempts me to fall back to old patterns but then, I have the powers to defeat him now. In other words, I have everything I need to be victorious, to claim the self-sovereignty that was stolen from me. I just have to use it.

‘It takes determination and practice over a long period of time’, teaches Baba. Maya is a chameleon and she comes in various forms and she always comes unannounced…suddenly. It takes a dedicated, disciplined study over a period of time to familiarize myself with all her forms and get good at discerning them, identify my own strengths and weak spots and become ever-ready. This is what Arjuna did. He wasn’t born a good archer, but he was the one that practiced the most and as a result, he became the best. But the mistake I often make is that when the going gets a little hard, when Maya attacks for the fifth time or the tenth time, I get tempted to give up. I slacken my effort because I lose hope in ever being able to change. Baba says, ‘where there is determination, there is victory‘. Claiming world sovereignty is not like going to your aunty’s home!, He says. It takes effort, but the reward is also high. Other times, I get afraid and call out to Baba to come and help me. However, God cannot help me unless I first help myself. Like in the Mahabharata, God cannot pick up the weapons and fight on my behalf, but He shows me what to do and how to do. This is a partnership with God. I cannot do what only He can and He will not do what I need to. If, like Arjuna, I practice with determination and learn to use the weapons of my powers and learn to hold up the shield of the drama, then God, my Charioteer, leads me to victory.

In fact, I am not fighting for victory, I am fighting from a place of victory. With God on my side, I cannot lose, that’s a guarantee. The only scenario where this doesn’t work out is when I give up, when I put my weapons down and get off the chariot. Maya will inject weak thoughts in my mind, she will say: ‘look at them. They are so put together, and look at you. You lost your temper again today…’, or ‘don’t worry, everyone gets angry, forget about it..’, or ‘it’s not like the world is ending tomorrow, there’s still time, take it easy…’. Check, He teaches, that there is only one kingdom in your mind, not two. When I listen to the dictates of my mind or to what others tell me, it’s as if I am allowing both Baba and Maya to take turns to rule my mind. ‘The easy way to ensure you only follow Shrimat‘, Baba says, ‘is to only see Father, not brother and sister‘. Arjuna didn’t take his instructions from those around him or do what he felt like doing, he listened only to his Charioteer. The mind is the battlefield where the war is being fought. If I get distracted and start looking around, I will be sure to get killed.

Remember who you are and remember Me alone‘, says Baba. I am Arjuna, the great warrior. I have the ability, through the powers given to me by God, to destroy any obstacle that comes my way. I am ready to face off whatever sanskar, obstacle, conflict, circumstance, situation, opposition that comes my way but I will not lose my sovereignty, my peace, my happiness and contentment. Let me set my mind and keep it set. Maybe it’s anger that God is asking me to face off at the moment. With determination, no matter what someone says or does, I keep my peace. It might feel like I’m about to die, let me rest assured that it’s the ego that’s dying, not me. The next time, it gets a tiny bit easier, then some more and soon enough, staying at peace becomes as natural to me as getting angry was. Same thing with forgiving that person God is asking me to, or that situation that I am going through.

I don’t need to fall apart each time there is a problem. What I need to do instead is practice– remembrance, practice– stabilizing myself in the awareness of my many titles of self-respect, practice – using my powers throughout the day – can I put a full-stop to my thoughts in a second? When I practice diligently in this way as God is asking me to, then I build up a confidence to face whatever comes my way. I live ever-ready, which is to say, I am already living a life of victory even before the battle has come to me. This is what the world needs to see from God’s children – stability in the midst of turmoil, peace in the midst of the storm, an ability to live a victorious life. This, is service. It’s what inspires and empowers others to claim their inheritance just as I have, it’s what transforms the world.

The Father is here to give me my inheritance of one kingdom, one religion, one world sovereignty. Let me claim it fully. Self-transformation leads to world transformation, and accordingly, self-sovereignty leads to world-sovereignty.

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