I am an actor with Baba

Baba says, ‘The drama is so unique. You too are actors with Baba.‘ 

I, the soul, am an actor. I am a resident of the land of peace, I come to this physical plane to play my part in the unlimited drama. Act I of this drama takes place in the land of happiness, then the kingdom of Ravan begins and I indulge in vices, the land of happiness turns into the land of sorrow– this is Act II. Then comes the final Act or the climax of the drama where the Principal Actor makes His entry into the drama. He is God Himself! He comes to liberate me from the land of sorrow. He simply says: ‘Remember Me. I have to come to take you back to the land of peace and the land of happiness.’

Yes! His purity is such that His mere remembrance burns away sins, it melts the alloy and returns me to pure gold. He is the World Transformer, He changes hell into heaven. He is the Lord of Thorns, He changes souls who have become like thorns into fragrant flowers. He is the Lord of the Poor, He makes beggars into a princes. His, is therefore, the most elevated part in the drama, one that inspires roaring applause and a reverence where you want to chant His name: ‘Shiva, Shiva…’ but true to His character, He says: ‘there is no need to chant My name, I am just playing My role in the drama.’

The vast majority of people in the world are neither aware that they are actors nor are they aware of the Principal Actor. But, it is indeed my amazing fortune that I am. Not only am I aware but I actually get to play my full part in Act III alongside God. Do I have this intoxication?

He doesn’t do the things He does – change hell to heaven, or change me from beggar to prince- by waving a magic wand. That wouldn’t make for much of a story. Instead, He asks me to partner with Him: ‘Simply watch Me, learn from Me, and ‘do as I do‘. Act II saw me lose my way by forgetting who I am and how to be. He becomes the Instrument to remind of it- not just by speaking the words but through His example. ‘You used to live this way in the land of happiness‘, He reminds me, ‘so this isn’t new. I am just helping you remember what you already know within you.’

So I start to do as He does. For example, I am happy despite the circumstances. I forgive those who do me wrong. I don’t shake when I go through a crisis, I stay peaceful. He has come to re-establish the land of peace and happiness, so He’s teaching me to be peaceful in the midst of the storm and happy in the midst of the land of sorrow. He has come to give me a totally different quality of life, one where there is no trace of sorrow, worry, stress or anxiety. ‘Stay close to Me and follow My direction‘, He instructs. He wants me to stay in certain places that I want to run away from- because there is something there for me to learn. He wants me to leave certain other places and people that I’ve been hanging on to – ‘let go and become free’, He says. Sometimes, these changes might mean that I see ‘friends’ get uncomfortable and leave. But I am fearless and move forward anyway, why? because I’ve tried the world and I’ve tried God and His way is much better! He is the True Friend, the only One Who will stand by me through everything. He is the only One Who knows me as I am and wants the best for me. And I want to glorify His name, even if that means that I lose every friend I have here. He and I are always a majority.

And I am not just with Him in the big scenes, I get to be with Him in the tiniest, seemingly inconsequential scenes- like in the grocery store! When the clerk accidentally gives me more change that I’m owed, He’s nudging me to return it. When I’m in a hurry and leave that cart in the middle of the parking lot, He refuses to get in the car until I put the cart away where it belongs. He and I eat together, sit together, walk together…my hands may be working but my heart is connected to Him.

And yes, as I watch Him and try to keep up with Him, I miss that step, mess up my lines, trip over, almost run into that pole but each time, He’s right there to hold my hand, lift me up, pat my back and draw me close. I know He’s the most generous Actor there is because He manages to take my worst misstep and make it look elegant- so much so, that no one has a clue I even missed a step. He sometimes pulls me out of the way of a storm and other times, He goes through the storm with me. His ways are His ways and His timing always perfect.

Trust Me‘, He says, ‘I will never forsake you or abandon you, no matter what. You and I have played our parts together countless times before, now remember! It is you that are the deity soul, you are simply becoming that again. This old world has to change and become new again. Don’t ever doubt this.’ I trust when I do life with Him and experience His character. When I trust, I surrender and when I surrender, there is nothing that can stop me from going all the way with God and learning all that He is teaching me. I become fully liberated-in-life and attain the fullness of my destiny.

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