Becoming rulers of the globe

Baba says, ‘Remember the Father and you will go to the land of peace and the land of happiness. Only the children who follow these elevated directions fully will become the rulers of the globe.

To study is to imbibe the knowledge and make it my own. When I imbibe the knowledge, it goes from simply being points in the intellect to sanskars. My sanskars of the present time are what will go with me, everything else that I see with these physical eyes will be destroyed. The quality of these sanskars are what will determine not just the quality of my present life but also the quality of the future. If I am a ruler of my inner kingdom now, I will be a ruler of the globe in the future. When I realize this, I will pay attention to the study.

What is the state of my inner kingdom at the present time? Check, Baba says, if all your physical and subtle organs are operating according to your orders. Are my thoughts, words, actions aligned with Shrimat or do my mind, and physical organs still rule me? Do they still run based on the sanskars of half a cycle in Ravan’s world? If my stage of being a ruler here fluctuates i.e. I am sometimes a ruler, sometimes subservient, then my future will also be similar. And so Baba says, ‘renounce the falsehoods of the old world that make you subservient and only remember the Father and the inheritance’. It is body consciousness, the limited supports of ‘I and mine’ that cause my inner world to fluctuate -when any of my identities is lost or someone disapproves me, I am down; when I accomplish something or am recognized, I am up.

Look at what you have in the palm of your hand?‘ asks Baba. You have the globe of the kingdom of the world. It isn’t just Krishna, that picture includes everyone who claims the right. He is shown kicking the old world and it’s false supports and has his face turned toward the new world, the land of truth. Only the one Father gives me the true knowledge, it is through studying this knowledge that I earn my true unlimited income that is accumulated in my account and goes with me throughout the cycle. That land of falsehood I am clinging on to, it will be destroyed, says Baba. Sure, human beings want there to be peace and for everyone to come together but all the plans they make bring about more division and peacelessness! God’s plan is to change the land of falsehood into the land of truth, to change humans into deities. Only He can accomplish this task, He does it by giving me the true knowledge- if I imbibe it, I will go with my hands full. In no scenario can I stay behind in the old world, the Father says, ‘the old world will be destroyed and I will take everyone back home with Me whether you like it or not‘. The only question is do I intend to go having claimed my full inheritance, well-prepared for the new cycle? if yes, then ‘you have to study well now’, says Baba, ‘stay in your household, become like a lotus flower and remember Me.’ This is the household path, He reminds me, you must continue to fulfill your responsibilities but let your intellect be connected to the Father. This study is so easy!

Become spinners of the discus of self-realization and you will become the rulers of the globe; I promise’, says Baba. First, have faith, He says, that you are souls, not the Supreme Soul. And God is not omnipresent as the sanyasis say. Remember: I am a soul, I am originally a resident of the land of peace and I then come into the land of truth. There, I rule as the master of the world for half a cycle, then, the kingdom of Ravan starts. I indulge in vices, lose all my inheritance and become bankrupt. Now at the confluence age, at the time of transformation of the old world, the Father comes to purify all souls and take me back home with Him. He comes to re-establish heaven, He comes to give me my lost inheritance. This is why this confluence age is the most benevolent age, says Baba. At every other time in the cycle, I descend. It is only now that I ascend from completed impure to completely pure, from degraded human to elevated deity. The more I imbibe this knowledge deeply in my bones, the more I let go of the old world, the more liberated I become and reclaim my kingdom from Ravan. And so Baba says, ‘Don’t ever doubt this knowledge and wonder if this will happen or not, will I become a deity or not, will the new world come or not’. It is in the cycle, it is pre-destined! So, never stop spinning the cycle, He says, continue to see your elevated part throughout the cycle and remain aware of the present time.

It is sung that it didn’t take long for God to change humans into deities. Only He can restore me, liberate me and return me to my state of sovereignty; no human being can give another human being this inheritance. So the Father now says to all souls: Remember Me, your Father. The Father must never be forgotten.

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