I am becoming the deity of the golden age

Baba says, ‘You know that you are becoming the deities of the golden age. Until you have this faith, you won’t be able to attain anything.’

The defining characteristic of deities is purity – not just celibacy but complete purity – in thoughts, words, actions, attitudes, vision and behavior. Where there is purity, there is completeness, that is, there are no limited desires, no needs or wants. Where there are no needs or wants, there is giving and sharing. This is the world of the golden age – a pure, selfless world of sharing; a world where there is ignorance of even the word ‘desire’ and therefore, no trace of sorrow. It is heaven, the land of truth, the land of peace and happiness.

My aim at this time is to become such a deity and not just any deity but to be Lakshmi and Narayan, the king of kings. When Baba finds me at this auspicious confluence age, I am a shudra– an untouchable- in Ravan’s world. Untouchable, refers to an intellect that has become stone due to ignorance. Through giving me the knowledge of who I am, Whom I belong to and the world cycle, He changes me from a stone intellected human being into one with a divine intellect, a Brahmin soul. In fact, the very first gift Baba gives me at birth is a divine intellect. Now, the effort is to make this divine intellect, golden. A golden intellect is an intellect that has imbibed the knowledge, it is therefore a clean intellect, a liberated intellect, free from all fears and bondages of the old world.

Your every second should be golden, says the Father, every thought should be golden. Always continue to shower golden flowers of love and happiness on all souls. Even if someone is an enemy, a shower of love will change an enemy into a friend, says Baba. Whether others give you regard or not, whether they accept you or not, you should always keep your self-respect and you should continue to consider them to be your sweet brother or sweet sister. Let them throw stones, but you give them jewels, you mustn’t throw stones in return because you are the children of the Father, who is the Jewel Merchant. Even to have such thoughts in your intellect as, “I will only do it if he does”, “I will give love if they too give love”, “I will give respect if they respect,” is stretching out your hand like a beggar, it is to live selfishly, teaches Baba. Bring your aim in front of you: ‘I am the golden aged deity, I am now becoming that again.’

It is a high aim and there will be many storms, many tests along the way. And so until I have this firm faith that yes, indeed, I am becoming the deity of the golden age, I will either give up or get stuck somewhere because it will feel too hard.

Brahma baba had unwavering faith in his destiny and in the One who was enabling him to reach his destiny. He knew that it was only by accurately following the Father’s directions that he would become worthy of heaven, become the king of kings. And so baba’s approach was complete and unlimited surrender to the One. Through this approach, he made his thoughts, time, words and actions accurate. He surrendered not just the perishable wealth but also the imperishable wealth- the attainments of happiness, peace, purity, love- his birthright, to others. This is what qualifies me to go from simply being a ‘charitable human being’ to a deity. When he faced opposition from his own children, from critics, haters, friends – he didn’t take offense, he forgave, he was merciful. He understood the truth that they weren’t his enemies, and that only Ravan is the enemy. So he opposed Ravan and defeated him by accepting, and loving souls no matter what. He felt that his peace lay in the peace of the children- so he became easy natured, always accommodating the children. He never once had the thought that “I am the instrument, I did this and so I should receive credit or my name should be mentioned”- he always placed the children in front, his wish was to see the children go ahead of him. This, is what qualified baba to become the #1 victorious soul, the first angel of God, the first prince of heaven.

Do you have such unlimited surrender the same as the father?, asks Baba. Only the poor surrender, it is the poor who say: Baba, all of this is Yours. Let me make myself poor to the old world, let me surrender all the false labels, the desire for name and recognition, the jealousies, the anger and bitterness, the unforgiveness, the attachments, expectations, and all the other manifestations of selfishness that are rooted in fear. Let me clean out my intellect and make it golden by following the Father’s directions alone. Let me thus allow Him to make me and mold me into the golden aged deity, the same as the father.

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