The Almighty Authority Father is with me

Baba says, ‘Problems cannot stay in front of those who have the Almighty Authority Father with them.’

Problems, Baba teaches me, are simply creations of a weak mind. Yes, situations come to all but they are not the problem. How I respond to them is. The way I respond varies greatly based on my faith – in myself and in the Father. When I have faith in who I am and Whose I am, then all problems finish. If the Father’s love is in your consciousness, then what is a problem in front of the love of the Almighty Authority?’, asks Baba. There is so much difference between that love and problems. One is a mustard seed and the other is a mountain.

Ravan works through people and situations. As soon as a situation comes, even though tiny, he doesn’t waste time in injecting weak thoughts into my mind: ‘this situation is too big, you’re done!’, ‘this is just your karma’, ‘look at the economy, there’s no way your business will recover’, ‘this sickness will take you down..’. It is up to me to recognize these thoughts for what they are- the lies of Ravan- and immediately nip them in the bud. The longer I wait, the deeper I dig myself into the hole and the harder it then becomes to get out – I have to pay attention to do it right at the onset. Sure, it might look like these lies make sense- the situation does seem big and the economy is in fact doing badly, but let me remember Who my Father is. He is God, the Creator, the Almighty Authority! In the natural, things might seem impossible but God is not natural, He is Supernatural. He is bigger than every situation, every sickness, every circumstance. Ravan doesn’t stand a chance in front of my Father, unless I agree with him. The key therefore is to agree with God, not with the doubts, and the negative voices.

And this is how I release my faith. It is one thing to think ‘I have faith, I believe in Baba’ and another thing to ‘show‘ my faith, to release it. Am I taking steps that make it clear that I have faith in my Father? Am I nipping those thoughts in the bud or am I sitting back passively and letting the thoughts play in my mind? Sometimes I think that to worry is natural- it is not. To worry is a choice just as to trust is a choice. I cannot both trust God and worry at the same time. If I truly trust God, then I will not worry. I hand Him the burden or the problem and I become light. Despite all that is going on, I trust, I believe. This faith is what activates God’s power in my life, it allows Him to go to work in my life.

Maybe I’ve been waiting for something to turn around or for an opportunity to come through for a while and it hasn’t yet. I have been waiting on God to do something and nothing has changed. Well, maybe God is waiting on me to show Him that I am indeed ready for that opportunity. He has asked me to let go of that attitude, let go of that anger, let go of that bitterness- have I taken steps to do that? or am I simply waiting on God to turn things around without doing my part? I may be smart, I may be talented but without the right character, I will be unable to sustain myself where both He and I want me to go. Rather than serve God and glorify His name, I will inadvertently defame myself and Him. So if I am waiting, let me check if I have/am doing the things He is signaling me to do. ‘Don’t hold the problem close to yourself, instead bring perfection close. Then, the problem will turn around.’, He teaches.

Sometimes, I allow past mistakes, the guilt, the regrets to hold me back from the future that God has for me. He wants me to leave the past behind and move forward but I’ve allowed myself to believe that I cannot accomplish much, that I’ve made too many mistakes etc. Now I’m too afraid to try anything. Baba teaches me that I can either be pitiful or powerful but not both. I cannot have a weak, ‘it’s too hard’ mindset and expect to do great things. Sure, I might not have had a good start but I can still have a great finish- God, my Father, the Almighty Authority is on my side! He can take the worst thing that I have done or that has happened to me and turn it to my benefit. He can propel me forward to make up for any lost time – if I have the faith and am willing to take the steps He wants me to. Am I going to allow the past to hold me in mediocrity or will I push past it into the new beginning? When I take a step of courage, God promises multi-millionfold help.

Yes, God is always with me but it is my faith that allows Him to make things happen in my life. Let me realize that faith is not a passive waiting, I have to release it. Rather than murmur and complain about situations, my normal attitude is: ‘God is in control. I don’t understand everything that’s going on but I know that despite what it seems like, it’s all going to work out for the good!’ When He sees me being obedient in doing what He’s asking me to, believing when there is no sign, stirring up my faith by remembering all that He has done for me in the past, then He can and will do for me that which I could not on my own, that which goes beyond my natural ability, that which will exceed my expectation, that which will cause my head to spin!

It is when you do not keep your Companion with you and become alone that Maya wins’, Baba points out. So constantly keep the power and the love of the Almighty Authority with you. Do not ever consider yourself to be alone. Your life should not be without the Companion for even a second.

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