A worthy server

Baba says, ‘It is when you don’t become a worthy server, that you are afraid of how things will happen and whether you will be able to continue or not. To be worthy means “Mine is one Baba”. That is all; there is nothing else.’

Brahmin life, Baba teaches, means to transform ‘mine’ into ‘Yours’. Devotees sing ‘whatever is mine is Yours’ but they only sing the words. When I become a Brahmin, I actually do it. The ones who can truly transform all ‘mine’ into ‘Yours’ is whom God refers to as the true moths; they plunge into the Flame, that is, they die to the self. It’s now all about God, nothing else. But most Brahmins, Baba says, fall into the second category of moths- I want to plunge but I lack the courage and so I keep circling around the Flame. ‘Yes Baba, I want to serve but what about my family?’, ‘Yes Baba, but how will I then…’.

If I have truly made Baba my One trust and One support, then I am not worried about what will happen, how I will able to do something etc. I trust that He will take care of my responsibilities. The principle is that when I do what God wants me to do, He takes care of me. He doesn’t take my burdens without taking me first. Where there is courage, there is multi-millionfold help from God.

But more often than not, I compromise. God asks me to leave the cushy job I have and move to a smaller town because He wants me to serve there at the local center. Rather than obey, I apply my own thinking: ‘that makes no sense at all! Why would I do something like that…people would kill to have my job! I’ve worked so hard and am so close to being promoted…besides, with this job I can serve Baba with money.’ and so I reason myself out of God’s will and take an alternate route that’s more convenient to me– I let go of the opportunity to serve the way God wanted me to and decide that I will assist financially each month to help the center. I still served, right? Let me realize that God is not negotiating with me, He is giving me Shrimat or the elevated directions. When I follow it accurately, I become elevated. If I don’t, I deprive myself of the growth, the attainment that was in store for me. I only become a true moth and receive His blessings when I obey Him fully without compromise.

Become a worthy server‘, says Baba. ‘To be worthy means ‘mine is one Baba’, nothing else’

Only my Father knows me truly. He knows my strengths and He also knows the areas where I need change and His direction for me is tailored to my needs, to my unique journey. So if He’s asking me to do something that makes no sense to me, that’s okay, let me do it anyway because I trust Him, because I don’t go by what or how I ‘feel’, I go by what God is asking me to do. My life is now in His hands- this is surrender. Yes, surrender will cost me something- maybe name, fame, comfort in this old world but what I receive in exchange is so much more!

One always has an elevated aim, not an ordinary one‘, He says, ‘you mustn’t become an ordinary Brahmakumari.’

God is always calling His children to come up higher – not to settle for mediocrity. He’s looking for souls that have the courage to walk in step with Him, that is, those who will obediently follow His direction and not deviate to the right or to the left. God did not come to help me attain my limited, ordinary, mediocre goals in the old world; He came to change me from human into deity, from a taker into a giver, to make me a world benefactor, like Him. I cannot do this, that is, I cannot live the way God wants me to until I realize that it’s not all about me. I cannot serve if I don’t die alive to the old self.

They all say the same thing: Mine is the one Father and none other, and whatever you say and make me do, I will do just that.‘, says Baba. ‘However, there is a difference between just saying and putting into practice. Therefore, whatever you have done up to now, considering yourself to be ordinary, let the past be the past, that is, have mercy on yourself. Know very clearly the importance of your aim. Do not consider yourself and the aim to be ordinary. You have come to the Father in order to make yourselves great. So now, follow the Father’s directions and become a world benefactor’.

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