He is the Highest-on-High Father

Baba says, ‘He is the Father and so you cannot say of Him that the Father is omnipresent. By saying that He is omnipresent, you lose the inheritance of the Father.’

For half a cycle, I lived liberated-in-life, I lived the life of a sovereign – a ruler over my inner kingdom of the mind. We were only a few souls in the world at the time- all sovereigns and all in Bharat– and so we (and therefore, Bharat) were also sovereigns of the world. There were no boundaries or limits here on earth or in the sky, it was all mine. Because everyone was a sovereign, there was no neediness, no dependencies, desires or wants; everyone was complete and so there was only sharing. There was also, therefore, no trace of sorrow or corruption; it was a land of truth, happiness and righteousness. There was only one religion- that of peace, there was only one code of conduct that everyone followed; there was no confusion of many religions, codes, or opinions.

In other words, it was a land of purity– no mixture in the mind, in beliefs or in actions- it was clean, clear and natural. It was heaven! Who established such a land? It is remembered: ‘O Purifier come, and purify the impure.’ So definitely, God, the Father must have come and purified us souls and made us into the sovereigns. Interestingly, it is only in Bharat that He is remembered as the Purifier which implies that it is the people of Bharat that were once pure; there is therefore the taste of that pure time in the soul that causes me to long for that again. He is called Heavenly God, the Father and so He must have definitely established heaven for His children. Sometimes, people think that God is called Heavenly Father because He resides in heaven.

God comes and gives His own introduction. ‘I am Shiva, the Benevolent One. I am the Father‘, He says, ‘why would I reside in heaven and leave my children in hell?‘. He resides in the soul world, the home of both the Father and us, souls, which exists far away, beyond the sun and stars. He clarifies that heaven and hell both exist on this earth- just as it is heaven for half a cycle, it is the hell for the second half. What is new has to become old, and then becomes new again.

It is God Shiva, not Krishna that comes in Bharat at this auspicious confluence age to make the old world, new again; to make hell into heaven again. Only the Creator, the Highest-on-High can bring about such a transformation and He does it quickly. It is remembered that the children received their inheritance from the Father in a second. ‘I come and teach you Raja Yoga, the study to make you into sovereigns’, says Baba. This is why His birthday is celebrated in Bharat as Shivratri because He comes during the dark night of ignorance to dispel the darkness and bring the light of knowledge. He reminds me who I am, gives me His own introduction and reveals the secrets of the world cycle. The moment I realize who I am, Whose I am, and the plot of the world drama, I have what I need to live liberated-in-life again; the realization takes a second.

I, the soul, am an actor and I come from the soul world into this physical plane to play my role in the unlimited drama. I start out as a deity soul, a sovereign in a world that is heaven; about half way through the cycle, I forget who I am and with that how to live and as a result, lose my sovereignty and the world descends into hell. Now, my Father is here from the soul world to play His part in the drama. He is reminding me of the truth again, that is, He is giving me my inheritance again and changing hell into heaven again. This is the plot; I receive the inheritance, then lose it and then receive it again. It is a cycle; by definition, it keeps on turning. I now know all the secrets and have become aware of the elevated time that I am in right now and so Baba says, ‘Become so pure now that you claim your full inheritance for the new world. This is the only time to do this.’

He doesn’t simply give me the knowledge and leave. As my Father, God sustains me, cares for me, loves me and as my Satguru, He gives me the code of conduct to guide me at every step of my journey; when I inculcate this knowledge and code of conduct now, it sets me up for success in the new cycle. He is also my Friend, my Beloved and my Companion on this journey. ‘You are never alone‘, He assures me, ‘the Father is always with the children‘. So, what does that mean? Is He omnipresent, that is, is He inside me and you and everything else? ‘No!‘, He clarifies. ‘The very fact that I am the Father and you are the child makes it clear that I am not omnipresent. If God is within each one, then Whom is everyone calling out to and why would there be a need to call out? Who is giving whom the inheritance?‘. By making this one fundamental mistake of believing God to be omnipresent, I deprive myself the experience of all the relationships, of the sustenance and ability to receive the inheritance.

Then, there is the question of: ‘well, God is incorporeal. So how then can He teach and sustain the children?’. It is remembered that He carries out establishment through Brahma. God enters an old, impure body at this auspicious confluence age and names the soul whose body He enters, Brahma. He creates Brahmins by imparting the true knowledge at this time through the medium of Brahma. ‘This knowledge is the true Gita, He says. Brahma is therefore a human being just like you and me and he too studies the knowledge taught by God through him. So when it is said: ‘Trimurti Brahma’, there is no meaning. People also confuse Shiva and Shankar to be the same, but they are not. Shankar represents the deep tapasya – remembrance of God and the inculcation of the knowledge He imparts. Through this, Brahma and the brahmins achieve their perfect deity form – Lakshmi and Narayan, whose combined form is shown as Vishnu. The middle therefore represents the inheritance. ‘It should therefore beTrimurti Shiva’‘, explains the Father, ‘because He is the Creator of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar.’

Sometimes, children have many questions about how things will be in heaven etc. but the Father says, ‘First of all, recognize the Father and maintain the concern of becoming pure from impure. This should be your only concern at this time. There will be the opportunity to know the details about heaven when you get to heaven, you don’t have to worry about that now.‘ Now, I have to claim my full inheritance. The Father says, ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.

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