Follow the subtle order

Baba says, ‘The children who are obedient in following subtle order develop the power to follow the physical order. Let there not be any impurity or uncleanliness in your thoughts.’

Baba calls me a hero actor. The main characteristic of a hero actor is that through them there is benefit to many. I too want to be an instrument that brings benefit to many, I want to be a right hand to Baba and serve Him in His task of establishing the new kingdom. But in order for Him to be able to use me, I need an intellect that is clean, clear and stable. This is because God works by touching my intellect – He prompts me about what to do, gives me new ideas etc., And so if my intellect is unclean and cluttered, then I won’t be able to catch His prompts and neither will I have the power I need to act on them. I might be smart with a gift for communication. Baba wants to use me to deliver His message in different places but if I am constantly offended, bitter, upset over things, then I might still be able to deliver a lecture but the words will lack the power to touch hearts and change lives. Only an arrow from a clean and pure heart will strike other hearts.

Baba says, ‘only when you are obedient in following the subtle order will you develop power to follow the physical order.

I cannot summon the power to do something just right at that moment; I need to have accumulated power leading up to that moment. If I am going through the day dwelling on offenses: ‘why did they do that to me?’, or upset over a mistake, or overcome by the business that failed, then I leave the door open to bitterness which drains me of my power, my hope and joy. It affects my attitude to where I start to see everything in a negative light, it makes me angry – the tiniest thing can set me off. Sometimes, I’m bitter over something that happened a long time ago. I know I should let it go but I’ve subtly held on to it. The longer I hold on to something, the more I dwell on something, the deeper it gets, the harder it becomes to get rid of it.

Baba says, ‘let there not be any impurity or uncleanliness in your thoughts’. To keep my intellect clean is my most important responsibility.

Maybe I’ve lived all this time with that bitterness justifying it with: ‘this is just who I am’. God is showing me that that’s not true. I am His child and I am meant to be happy, healthy and whole. I need to forgive those who hurt me- they did it once, let me not allow them to continue to hurt me by holding on to unforgiveness. Yes, that business failed and it took a lot out of me but I need to stop replaying that over and over in my mind, and instead believe that God has a new door for me. Let me realize that I have to go through some closed doors, some failures before I see success. Rather than focus on the negative, let me clean my thoughts and focus on new beginnings. The principle of the drama is: whatever has happened was good even though it might not appear that way and what is to happen will be the best; the best days are always in my future. Let me let go of the past with the faith that God is on my side. He is the Magician that will take the worst thing that has happened to me and turn it to my benefit…if I will allow Him by letting it go.

The key to this is honesty. Sometimes, I decide I want to obey God, I do want to move on, I do want to make things right with that person. So I have the right intent but my approach is not honest. I might reach out to the other person but in my mind, I’m still thinking: ‘I was right and you were wrong but I’m going to do this anyway’ This is impurity and uncleanliness in my thoughts and attitude and it won’t work. Similarly, I decide to move on from that failed venture but my approach is to push away the thoughts when they come to me, I don’t confront them as much as I’m afraid of them. To forgive and move on completely, to overcome completely requires partnership with God, it requires His power in combination with mine. It requires the Purifier, the Supreme Surgeon to operate on me.

Baba says, ‘Manmanabhav! constantly stay in My remembrance’. This is the subtle and most important order or Shrimat. His love is the alchemy that heals and transforms. It is only the Father that can give me my lost inheritance of purity, peace, and happiness. When I trust Him with my issues rather than hide them from Him, when I offer myself to Him rather than try to ‘fix‘ myself on my own, He goes to work in me. It is a partnership.

There are new things in store for me, a great plan that God has for me. He wants me to play an important role, a hero’s role and wants to prepare me for it. Let me make myself available by opening myself up for some deep cleaning. Yes, the pressure will hurt a little but if I trust the Purifier and stay strong, I will come out renewed and ready to enter into a new level of my destiny.

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