Don’t be defeated, surrender yourself

Baba says, ‘May you become a victorious master almighty authority by surrendering yourself instead of being defeated again and again.’

To be defeated in Brahmin life means to be a Brahmin in name only‘, says Baba. The foundation of Brahmin life is purity- not just celibacy but complete purity in thoughts, words, and actions. The power of purity is so great that through it, I receive all other powers and experience being a master almighty authority, same as the Father. So, if I don’t experience this, it means that there is definitely impurity somewhere and the impurity is a desire for limited attainments. Desires weaken my foundation and prevent me from being unshakeable and experiencing the Godly attainments of this time. ‘You become a knowledgeable devotee’, says Baba, ‘someone who understands and sings the praise of the age and the elevated birth but doesn’t become that’.

Desires come in many forms. Sometimes I am impressed by another soul and I justify it by saying: ‘I am impressed because he/she is a helper, because he/she has this virtue’, ‘I receive love from this soul’ or I say: ‘I am not impressed, I am simply taking co-operation’. When I forget the Seed and swing by the branches, I am bound to fall! ‘To be impressed by someone is a subtle form of lust‘, cautions Baba and so He instructs: ‘keep a stern eye on yourself. Where there is sin (paap), the Father cannot be there‘ The moment I forget the Father and get pulled by another soul, Maya grabs a hold of me. ‘In this matter of the foundation of purity‘, the Father says, ‘I don’t make allowances. I cannot be merciful in this because you broke your relationship with the Father and became impressed with someone else.‘ To such souls who forget the Father, He meets them as Dharamraj – I, the soul, no matter what excuses I make, will experience guilt, shame and more importantly lose my connection with God.

When I truly know God and experience Him as my Companion, I want nothing else; having attained Him, I have attained the whole world. He fulfills every relationship, He is faithful, only His love is pure and selfless. So to move away from God’s influence and become influenced by souls means that I haven’t recognized the Father at all. ‘Only when you have the faith that you have found God Himself will you have the power to face sanskars‘, says Baba. ‘So don’t become careless in this‘, He cautions.

Sometimes, I am defeated by anger. And while I may have well conquered the gross form of anger, I still experience it in its subtle forms of dislike, irritation, and jealousy. When I am overcome by any of these forms of anger, it’s as if I’ve been taken captive by Ravan and I can no longer think of anything else but the person I am angry at. There may be 99 people that I like and who like me, but if there is 1 person that I dislike, that’s the person I think about, it’s like I have yoga with them! Baba says, ‘Anger cannot remain hidden, it comes out and causes a lot of disturbance and disservice. Donate this vice and then never take it back.’ Even after I’ve made my donation, the anger will try to come back but I have to choose to not take it back. I take it back when I think weak thoughts like: ‘it’s okay, this situation was quite big…I couldn’t help myself’, ‘I am trying…’, ‘I am still an effortmaker…no one is perfect yet’. Let me stop making excuses and turn myself.

Sometimes, I am defeated by greed – for clothes, shoes, or other limited possessions. I am constantly thinking of and accumulating more things and consequently my attention is diverted from the Father and His eternal attainment. Sometimes, I am attracted to a center or to a specific service because of the atmosphere -this too is limited; it means that my stage is dependent on that atmosphere, not on my relationship with the Father.

Let me check today: what is the quality of my yoga with the Father?

A Brahmin means to belong to the One. It isn’t possible to be a Brahmin soul and not be able to have yoga with the Father and so if you are having trouble having yoga, this is a signal that there if definitely some hidden vice pulling you, He says. If there is only the One, then where else would you go? Until I have experienced the sweetness of all relationships and all attainments from the Seed, I will continue to be deceived by the limited attainments that are like a mirage, from the different branches – sometimes by people, sometimes by material comforts, and sometimes by the vibrations and the atmosphere.  To be impressed in this way by limited attainments means to become defeated and be deprived of imperishable attainment of self-sovereignty. To be defeated once is to learn but to be defeated again and again is to sabotage the self, because I lose my self-respect. So don’t become defeated, He cautions, instead follow Shrimat. I have been given a code of conduct for every thought to protect me from being defeated. As long as you remain within the line of the code, you will remain safe and undefeated, says Baba. So surrender yourself, that is, surrender your mind in this way and everything else- vision, words, attitude, behavior- will all fall into place automatically, He says. This is why the mantra is Manmanabhav!, belong to Me alone in your mind. Everything, apart from the one Father, has to be forgotten.

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