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Let go limited desires

Baba says, ‘let go your limited desires‘. Baba is The Bestower and I am His child. Baba says, you have to become a great donor, a bestower too but you cannot be that until you have your own limited desires. … Continue reading

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Limited desires

Baba says, ‘become a conqueror of limited desires‘. Where there are limited desires, there is inevitably sorrow and peacelessness. Where there is purity and cleanliness in the heart instead, there can be no sorrow, only happiness and peace. Limited desires … Continue reading

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My preferences or My Baba

Baba says, ‘in heaven, your stomach is full‘. There is no desire or want or need for anything, be it physical or subtle. The state of contentment makes me light and enables me to fly. There is nothing weighing me … Continue reading

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