Make your intellect un-limited

Baba says, ‘Your intellects have now become unlimited. You have to make the intellects of others unlimited, for only then will you become the masters of the unlimited.’

The main essence of the whole knowledge and of all four subjects of this study is just one thing, says Baba: ‘unlimited’. To stabilize in the meaning of the word ‘unlimited’ is the first and the last effort. When Baba comes, He adopts me as His own child and makes me belong to Him. So first: to belong to the Father is to die alive, that is to go beyond the limited consciousness of the body and stabilize myself in the unlimited consciousness of the soul. He teaches me Raja yoga. My aim and object of this study is to be Lakshmi-Narayan who are the masters of heaven; heaven is liberation-in-life, that is, a life beyond limitations. The journey in between belonging to Baba and attaining my aim is to renounce all limitations in every aspect: starting with my awareness which then informs everything from my thinking, attitudes, behaviors, vision, and all the way down to my actions.

And I am on this journey now, Baba reminds me daily. I have to embody the stage of being an unlimited soul, an actor who is not the role but who has played different roles throughout the cycle, a victorious jewel who has gained victory over all limited desires and expectations and is an unlimited server. You have to become this now, He says, it isn’t something you become in the golden age.

Limitations are many, whereas unlimited is one‘, says Baba. There are many limitations, that is, many types of the consciousness of ‘mine’: ‘my job’, ‘my center’, ‘my talent’, ‘my wealth’, ‘my preference’ but all of these different types of consciousness of ‘mine’ become merged in the unlimited consciousness of ‘mine is one Baba and none other’; ‘Baba, whatever You feed me, wherever You make me sit, I am Yours’. Similarly, there are limitations of many types of ‘I’: ‘I am a lawyer’, ‘I am a gold medalist’, ‘I am a female’, ‘I am European’…but all of these are merged in the unlimited consciousness of ‘I am a soul, a child of God’. All the expansion merges into the essence and life becomes uncomplicated, easy, light and carefree.

Similarly, according to the time, the form of service must also be vast and unlimited, teaches Baba. Unlimited doesn’t refer to the size of a program or to how many students come; in fact, that would be limited. Unlimited refers to the consciousness with which I serve. When I serve with words, do I only speak the words or is there also service through the mind through good wishes and pure feelings? Am I simply speaking empty words or am I sharing my experience from the heart? The sound from the heart reaches hearts and changes lives even though I may not know of it or hear of it; whereas the sound from the head only goes as far as the head. There, I may in fact hear from souls who compliment me on ‘a great lecture’ but not much else happens. And so Baba says: ‘a clever intellect makes you praise worthy but a divine, unlimited intellect makes you worship worthy’. When I serve with an unlimited attitude, with an unlimited heart, I become an instrument to serve souls that then themselves become instruments to serve many others through their own transformation.

When there is a service program organized, there are a few who become instruments to be on stage and speak. Others work behind the scenes and still others are further away, not directly associated with the program. But the one with an unlimited intellect doesn’t get stuck in the ‘role’ but considers himself an instrument of unlimited service. Whatever role I have, serving food, stacking chairs or or giving a lecture, I do it with zeal and enthusiasm. When working with others, I don’t get stuck in ‘being right’, I unite or harmonize; when I am wrong, I am quick to repent, that is learn, and move on; I am not stuck in guilt. If I am not part of the program, maybe even sitting in a different country, I still consider myself an instrument of service and serve through my good wishes and pure feelings. When my consciousness is unlimited, every task of the Father’s is my task; I don’t have to have a defined role, I serve anyway. ‘This is called spreading waves of spirituality of service, waves of happiness and zeal and enthusiasm throughout the whole world‘, says Baba.

And so an unlimited intellect goes beyond any and all limitations: my family is not just the one I was born into or even just the Brahmin family; I consider the whole world to be my unlimited family. I don’t think of service in terms of programs or big or small, I am service, my very being serves from wherever I am and my vibrations reach around the world. ‘To think of unlimited things, to have a relationship with and love for the unlimited family and to consider all the places to be my own: those who do this‘, Baba says, ‘are called unlimited serviceable ones‘. Those who do limited service are not called serviceable, He says.

‘It is your duty as the children of the World Benefactor, to create the hope of an elevated future in souls who are afraid and without hope’, teaches Baba. I do that by reminding them of that which my Father reminded me: who they are and Whose they are. I take them too beyond limitations into the unlimited, into a liberated, unshackled life. The Father says: ‘Let the wave of happiness be created in souls who are afraid. Keep this aim.’

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