God is the Teacher

Baba says, ‘The One who is teaching you is the highest-on-high Father. According to the drama plan, Baba is purifying you. So, the mercury of your happiness should remain constantly high.’

At this auspicious confluence age, the Father Himself becomes the Teacher and comes from the faraway land to teach me every day. People try to go to God, whereas God Himself, in the form of the Teacher, comes to teach me. It is such a great fortune, and He has been carrying out this service for so long. He is the highest-on-high Teacher– He changes me from a human-being into a deity by teaching me Raja Yoga. This study is so elevated and the One Who is teaching it is so elevated. He creates hope in the hopeless and enables them to attain the highest-on-high status.

Within the world, the most elevated status today might be that of a President or a Prime Minister. Then, some might become chairmen, directors or senior officers. However, none of these positions hold a candle to what I attain through this study: none of them can make me a prince from a beggar or a deity from a human. What’s more, through this study of this one birth, I receive God’s guarantee to attain the most elevated status for birth after birth whereas through the worldly study, I don’t have any guarantee of receiving an elevated status for even one birth!

Is the intoxication of such an elevated fortune visible on your face and through your behavior? Does your mercury of happiness remain risen constantly?‘, asks Baba.

Often, I think the right thoughts: ‘yes, my fortune is elevated’, ‘yes, God Himself is my Teacher’ but I only become an embodiment of thoughts, I don’t embody the consciousness. ‘You have to remain constantly aware of your fortune and experience the form of what you think and speak about’, says Baba. In the soul world, souls don’t have to remind themselves that they are souls; in the golden age, I don’t have to remind myself: ‘I am a deity, I am a deity’. I just am. Same here, says Baba, become an embodiment of your fortune. Then, the virtues and powers will automatically emerge, I don’t have to labor at it. Whatever is in the emerged form is what I end up using in my practical life; so when these virtues and powers are emerged, they are what I use and accumulate in my account for heaven. If not, then it means the old sanskars are still emerged and that’s what I end up using in my daily life and sabotage myself.

‘If you wish to pass with honors, your account of accumulation of every treasure should be so full that you will be able to experience the fruit of that accumulated account of treasure for 21 births. There is very little time left to accumulate’, says Baba.

Each point of knowledge is connected with a virtue or a power. When you churn the knowledge, that is, go deep into the experience of each point, then you become an embodiment. Then, no matter what others are like, you will have the right power in the emerged form to conduct yourself appropriately with them. No matter what others are doing, even if they are repeatedly creating obstacles for you, rather than fight the obstacles, you will take a high jump and move forward. This is how I accumulate; if I fight, I come to a stop and lose all that I have accumulated. So, don’t look at others to see what each one is doing and be surprised or offended or anything else, says Baba. If that soul is a mountain, I have to step away from him. The mountain is not going to move away! 

Therefore, teaches Baba, simply have good wishes and pure feelings for that soul and move on; empty your own mind and intellect. Do not engage yourself in thinking about those who are embodiments of obstacles and become one yourself. ‘Your only concern should be that I have to become number one, I have to change from tamopradhan to satopradhan‘, He says. So, transform yourself and have good wishes for those who become obstacles and those souls who have waste thoughts. It does take a little time and a little effort, but, ultimately, garlands of victory will be placed around the necks of those who bring about self-transformation. Bring about transformation in yourself and continue to fly ahead, He teaches.

Deities live in heaven and heaven is liberation-in-life. God at this time teaches me the way to attain liberation-in-life through the study of self-sovereignty, not other-sovereignty. To fight obstacles, to try to change others sanskars is not my responsibility; human-beings cannot teach other human-beings Raja Yoga, only God can. He is the Purifier and everyone’s Father and Teacher, I am not. My responsibility is to work with the Purifier to bring about transformation in myself. Let me liberate myself from any subtle threads of fighting obstacles, of changing other people, of worrying about things I cannot control and simply trust the Father to do His work. The people of the world earn in hundreds of thousands or millions from their limited study but you earn in terms of multi-millions in every step, Baba points out. The trick is to not then lose all that I have earned by focusing on the wrong things. Let me instead deposit what I have earned in the Godly bank and accumulate for the whole cycle.

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