It is My duty to establish peace in the world

Baba says, ‘To establish peace in the world and to make the impure world pure is the Father’s duty. No human being can bring peace to the world.’

People in the world think that ‘no war’= peace and so the top scholars, politicians and pundits meet every year and spend billions in trying to bring about peace in the world through military diplomacy. God comes and reminds me that peace is not an external thing, it is in fact my birthright. It is my inheritance, a quality innate to the soul. And if I were to just look around, it’s clear that most peacelessness in the world is not war-related, it isn’t even wealth-related or government related. The wealthiest person in a war-free country is still peaceless today; fact is that everyone in the world is peaceless today.

But why? God tells me that purity is the mother of peace and happiness. And the world for the last half of the cycle has been impure, in the grips of Ravan or the vices. And when I think, speak and act based on the vices, everything I think, say and do becomes wrong and therefore, brings peacelessness, sorrow, and discontentment. As long as I, the soul, am misaligned with my truth and aligned with falsehood, I cannot experience peace. But how do I know what my truth is?

The truth of who I am: my virtues and powers, is inherent in the soul but it has become merged during the last half of the cycle. That truth needs to be awakened. God, the Bridegroom, says: ‘I come at this most auspicious confluence age to awaken you brides and make you masters of the land of truth again‘. Only God is Truth because only He knows the truth at this time. He therefore becomes my only reference point to awaken my own truth. I have been separated from the truth for a long time, for half a cycle and I have just a short time, this short confluence age to re-awaken it. And so every second, every thought has to be surrendered to this mission. God says: ‘Manmanabhav! remember Me alone‘.

God wakes me up in the morning and I start my day with Him by saying ‘good morning Baba!’. Then, He speaks the Murli where He reminds me daily of who I am, Whose I am and the story of the world cycle. He reminds me of my lost inheritance and teaches me the way to claim it back. ‘I teach you Raja Yoga’, He says, ‘this is the study to claim your lost sovereignty’. He has to remind me daily, in different ways, because I forget and fall back to the old conditioning. Day by day, I am reformed and I become stronger, that is, my truth starts to re-emerge. But He doesn’t stop there! Throughout the day, as my Guide, He guides me at every step. He gives me codes of conduct or shrimat for every aspect of my life: ‘the Shrimat protects you from wrong actions’, He explains, ‘you re-establish purity, peace and prosperity for 2500 years by following shrimat.’ When I stay within the line of the code, I remain safe from Ravan, and operate based on my truth. He also relates to me in all my other relationships- as my Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved, Child and Companion; He becomes my whole world: ‘Mine is One Shiv Baba and none other’; I eat with Him, walk with Him, work with Him and even go to sleep in His lap. My last words as I close out the day: ‘goodnight Baba!’. It is only when I can surrender myself to such an extent, like Hanuman, am I able to swim against the tide of Ravan’s world and awaken my truth in such a short time.

It is remembered that it didn’t take God long to change humans into deities. That is the praise of this time, says Baba. Yes, storms will definitely come; the vices will harass you a great deal, and so you do have to make effort; but look at the reward, He says. To become Lakshmi-Narayan is not like going to your aunty’s home; you have to study hard. I am never alone on this journey, He is always with me. The purification process can sometimes feel scary, even overwhelming when I come face to face with my darkness, with the falsehoods. But that’s just it! it’s all false; my truth is so elevated and I am awakening it now! Let me never allow Ravan to take me down using fear: ‘what is wrong with me!’, guilt: ‘I am so terrible’, or shame: ‘I had no idea I could think or act this way’. He will work overtime to convince me that God doesn’t love me, that He disapproves of me but let me stay focused on what God is telling me and agree with that, not with the lies of Ravan. Let me never forget who God is to me and what I am to Him: this is a bond that can never be broken, it is eternal. God is always with me, even if it might not feel that way sometimes; He is there on the mountaintops and He is there in the valleys. He is faithful; what He has started in my life, He will finish; He vows to neither leave me nor forsake me. As long as I surrender myself to Him, hold on to my faith, He WILL take me across. Where there is faith, there is always victory.

Unless souls return to their purity, the world cannot become pure; it is self-transformation that leads to world-transformation. Unless the world becomes pure, there cannot be peace in the world. When I imbibe this reality, that this is what is going on and that God is the One that is purifying me, I don’t feel afraid; I will remain cheerful. ‘You need courage and spirit on this path‘, says Baba, ‘you will need to tolerate a great deal‘. But each time I die alive in an area, I am awakening my truth in that area, I become pure in that area. Then, I experience my true peace. How do I know it’s true? because I experience it even in the midst of the storm, in the midst of the circumstance; I feel light no matter what is going on outside. In other words, it is not dependent on everything working out, on all the circumstances being right, on all the people behaving right; no! I experience peace as my inheritance.

Shiv Baba says: ‘It is My duty to purify everyone and establish peace in the world, how could anyone else take this duty of Mine?’

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