A powerful stage to end waste

Baba says, ‘Where there is a powerful stage, there cannot be waste. You are attracted to waste because you do not constantly and fully use the art of keeping your minds busy.’

This is the most auspicious time in all of the cycle; it is when I meet God and relate to Him practically. Everything He owns, He wills it to me as my inheritance– the knowledge of the Creator and the creation and the world cycle, the virtues, the powers- everything becomes mine in a second. People in the world perform intense devotion, undertake dangerous pilgrimages for a mere glimpse of God for even a second, to wash away their sins, in search of a little salvation. I, on the other hand, belong to God in a second; He comes and adopts me and makes me His child. I become one with all rights! He comes and purifies me and changes me from beggar to prince, from human to deity; He grants me liberation-in-life. This is why this age is called the great age, the age of the great meeting, the age of all attainments, the age of the impossible becoming possible, the age of easily having elevated experiences, the age of special transformation, the age of world benefit and the age of easily receiving blessings.  

Do I always have this awareness of who I am, my elevated fortune, my elevated role alongside God Himself? ‘This awareness automatically makes you powerful’, says Baba. Have I become such a powerful soul? A sign of being powerful is that through this elevated awareness, I will have ended waste. If there is waste, there cannot be anything powerful.  If there are waste thoughts in my mind, powerful thoughts cannot stay there.  Waste repeatedly brings me down, powerful thoughts enable me to fly and experience a meeting with the Almighty Father; they also make me a conqueror of Maya because I remain above the corporeal. Waste thoughts finish my zeal and enthusiasm and I always remain an embodiment of many questions: “Why?” and “What?”. These waste thoughts in the form of questions make you disheartened with yourself over trivial matters, points out Baba, they deprive you of constantly experiencing the treasures of all attainments.  

The needs and desires in the mind of those who have waste thoughts are very high, points out Baba:  “I will do this.  I will do that.’ but their plans rarely materialize in their practical life because of the lack of power and they become disheartened.  Those who have powerful thoughts, on the other hand, will always do everything according to their thoughts; their thinking and doing will be the same.  Waste thoughts create an upheaval like a roaring storm; powerful thoughts, like spring weather, constantly make you fresh and fruitful, says Baba. Waste thoughts become instrumental in making me waste my energy, that is, my soul power and time; powerful thoughts constantly enable me to accumulate soul power or energy; they make my time worthwhile.  Although waste thoughts are the creation, the creation of waste causes distress for the soul, the creator, that is, they make an almighty authority powerful soul lose its honor, teaches Baba.  With powerful thoughts, you constantly remain an embodiment of remembrance of your elevated honor.  

There is such a vast difference between waste and powerful thoughts and you even understand this difference, says Baba and yet, even now why do you complain about waste thoughts? what is the reason?  ‘The cause of having waste thoughts is a lack of pure thoughts, pure ideas and the treasures of knowledge‘, He points out.

There isn’t a greater treasure trove of elevated and powerful thoughts than the murli and it is available to me daily. Each and every elevated version of the murli is a powerful treasure worth multi-millions. But because I don’t give sufficient value to this treasure of powerful thoughts, I am unable to then imbibe the powerful thoughts and as a result, waste thoughts arise. Baba says, ‘Continue to churn each elevated version at every moment, and waste cannot enter a powerful intellect.  When the intellect remains empty, then because the place is empty, waste enters.‘ It is said that a idle mind is a devil’s workshop and so the trick is to keep the mind and intellect constantly busy with churning powerful thoughts. ‘Become such businessmen who keep busy and create a profit for themselves, not a loss’, says Baba. 

Most of us are good at listening to the murli with a lot of interest, Baba acknowledges, but what I don’t do is then merge what I hear within me and become an embodiment of it; these are the three stages. Because of this, I earn a little happiness, I enjoy the pleasure and sweetness of the murli while listening to it but as soon as the listening ends, the happiness also ends because I haven’t merged it within me. Because I haven’t filled my intellect with the powerful thoughts, waste comes. ‘Through remembrance, you have to make your intellect a golden vessel’, says Baba, ‘only them will the points stay in there’. But even this is not the final stage, says Baba. Even if I have merged the points into my intellect, I will certainly be saved from the waste getting in there but I will still not be an embodiment of power. When I am an embodiment, I am not just powerful myself but I fill others with power, I become an instrument to end the waste of others.

Therefore, says Baba, ask yourself: Who am I?  One who listens, one who merges what I hear within myself or one who has become an embodiment?  At the present time, there is a great need for powerful souls, says Baba, there is a great need for those who can transform waste into powerful in a second.  So, constantly remain in the awareness that ‘I am a powerful soul’ and transform the waste.  If, even now, you continue to lose your power and time in waste, then, when will you become powerful? Only those who are powerful for a long time can rule the perfect kingdom for a long time. 

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