I am Shiv Baba’s child

Baba says, ‘You children now have the happiness that you have found the Father whom you have been remembering for half the cycle. I am Shiv Baba’s child! I don’t need to worry about anything.

I lived as an orphan for a really long time. Having forgotten who I am and Whose I am, I lost all my inheritance to the greatest villain- Ravan- who robbed me blind. He convinced me that I have to pay to exist here on this earth, that I need to constantly prove I am worthy. He taught me to hustle- for name, respect, recognition, wealth, titles, relationships…everything. ‘Your worth’, he told me, ‘depends on what you have, how much you have and who approves you. So keep hustling, keep working, lest you get kicked to the sidelines.’

Believing his lies, I just about ground myself to dust, willing to do what it takes to be someone, to belong in this world. But somehow, the more I tried, the the less happier I became and the more I felt that I didn’t belong.

Then, my Father came!

He came and found His children from every corner of the world, He found them in their broken places, in their loneliness, in their heartaches. His heart was especially tugged by the pain of the innocent mothers and sisters who had been punished beyond imagination by Ravan. And the Father said: ‘Enough!. This is not the world I created. This is not the world my children ought to be living in. Ravan has taken My world that I had given to My children as inheritance and destroyed it. It’s time for this robbery to end, it’s time for My children to take back whatever they have lost.’

No wonder, I didn’t feel a sense of belonging to this world; no wonder, I wasn’t happy! How could I be! when all along I had been trying to fit into a place that I wasn’t supposed to fit into, doing things I wasn’t supposed to do, all in an effort to, ironically, find peace and happiness. My Father came and told me the beginning, middle and end of the story- who I really am, the world He had created and how I lost all of it to Ravan. And He said: ‘the solution to happiness is not trying to fit into Ravan’s world, it is to change the world back into Rama’s world or heaven.’

The way to transform the world is through my own transformation, He teaches me. When you forgot who you were and fell from your original stage of purity, so did the world. And so when you ascend to your original purity, to your original truth, so will the world. It will once again become the land of truth, the land of peace and happiness. It took me a long time, half a cycle, to descend but thanks to my Father, it only takes me one short birth of this auspicious confluence age to ascend right back to my originality! This is why the praise is that it didn’t take God long to change humans into deities.

The Father comes only once, at this time, to purify souls. The first thing He does is adopt me and make me belong to Him. He says: ‘You are My child, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. All you have to do is follow My directions. When you do that, I guarantee that you will once again become the masters of heaven’. His directions are the most elevated and it covers every aspect of my life from my awareness, to my thoughts, words, actions, to my diet and lifestyle…everything. But it’s not as if He simple hands me a rulebook and a map and sets me on my path. No!, He becomes my Guide and my Companion every step of the way.

Along the way, I meet many other people, each with their own opinions of Who God is- some claim He is omnipresent while others claim they are God themselves. ‘Ravan has made human-beings completely senseless’, says Baba, ‘to be a human and not know your own Father is to be even more senseless than animals’. When I relate to Him in all my relationships, I get to know Him – what He is, as He is. ‘You now have the happiness that you have found the Father for Whom you had been waiting for half a cycle. Now, it is your duty to tell your brothers and sisters what you have learnt‘, He says. The more souls that receive the Father’s true introduction, the weaker the kingdom of Ravan becomes.

‘I am Shiv Baba’s child! I am God’s child! I am the child of the Creator! I am the child of the Almighty Powerful! I have nothing to worry about!’ Only He is the Ocean of Knowledge and gives me the true knowledge of who I am, of Who He is and of the world cycle. When I understand this, when I accept Him as my Father, it gives me the confidence to stand up to Ravan, it gives me the toughness to no longer be bullied by him, it gives me the contentment that I do belong -to myself, to my Father, to the drama and that I don’t have to pay a tax to be here. This world belongs to me and I’m going to take it back.

And my Father equips me to be able to do just that! He equips me with the weapons of spiritual warfare. He gives me the virtues to go up against the vices; He gives me unlimited attainments to go up against lack and temporary attainments that leave me feeling empty; He fills me up with unconditional acceptance and love so I never fall for the wooing of Maya and Ravan. ‘Peace, happiness and contentment are your inheritance, they are your birthright’, He reminds me, ‘you don’t have to labor for them, you own them! Simply touch base with who you are.’ This knowledge, this sustenance, this purification is the incognito donation He gives me which then makes me into the master of the new world.

And He gives me the donation through Brahma, my spiritual father. Wow!, when I accept the One Eternal Father, I get another father along with Him! One is incorporeal and the other is His corporeal medium. They both become my reference; all I have to do is follow them. Sometimes, due to the habit of half a cycle, I continue to follow Ravan’s dictates i.e. dictates of my own conditioned mind or that of others and then when things inevitably don’t work out, I run to God and expect Him to fix it. God says: ‘I become responsible for you when you follow My directions alone‘. He is my Father, not a dump for my problems. As His child, it is my duty to follow His directions for my life; then I am able to receive His sustenance and protection; then, I have nothing to worry about. Besides, why wouldn’t I follow Him anyway!? I already tried following Ravan for half a cycle and have seen where that got me!, Now it’s time to follow God and take back what I have lost.

And so Baba says, ‘keep the picture of your aim in your pocket at all times. Then, throughout the day, pull it out and look at it. Remember who you are and who you are becoming, remember the new world where you belong and of which you are becoming the master. That will bring your awareness back and your happiness and intoxication will rise.’ Look, Baba is giving you everything. All of this wealth and false pomp and prosperity of Ravan’s world is to turn to dust. If you want to make your lives worthwhile, use your bodies, minds and wealth for God’s service, toward furthering His kingdom and look what you receive in return! You souls become golden, you receive beautiful bodies, and you also have a lot of wealth. But even that is in the future…right now, I learn to live a life of victory, as God’s child, as His companion.

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