Keep your register clean and clear

Baba says, ‘clean your register with the power of silence and you will be loved by God and the divine family.’

The first lesson of this study is that: I am a soul and peace is my original nature. This is also the last lesson where I go from simply knowing who I am to becoming an embodiment of peace. It is when I can achieve that stage that I can go back home. ‘It is that time now’, says Baba, ‘it’s time to go back home, the sweet silence home’. Then, I will come into the new world, the land of peace and happiness.

And so Baba says, ‘how well are you accumulating the power of silence?’ It the power you need to go home and come into the new world. I accumulate power by using it; the power of silence what I need to solve any and all problems. How so? Problems are just a creation of a weak mind, Baba reminds me. Situations and difficult people come before all, they are not the problem; the way I respond to them is what creates the problem.

If as soon as a situation comes, I get into the wasteful spinning of: ‘why did this happen to me?’, ‘can this too happen?’, ‘this is just my karma..’ etc., then I am not solving anything, I am making myself weaker. Then, in the midst of the spinning, I wonder why Baba isn’t helping or showing me a way. Actually, He is but in order for me to be able to catch His direction or touching, my intellect needs to be clean and clear. A clean and clear intellect is a peaceful intellect, one that has accumulated the power of silence. When I am caught up in wasteful spinning about the situation or have the slightest negativity about what someone said or did, then my intellect is not clean and clear, it is contaminated and cluttered; the line is busy and Baba cannot get through to me. And so Baba says: ‘The Father feels mercy when you waste your time and power unnecessarily. Check how much silence power have I accumulated throughout the day?’

This comes through practice, He teaches, it won’t happen on it’s own. ‘Each night before going to sleep, ensure you settle all you accounts with the fire of remembrance’, teaches Baba, ‘don’t keep any wasteful thoughts or feelings about the self, others, task or event as a debt for the next day. Otherwise, it becomes a sickness and makes the intellect weak. So settle daily, let go of the past by putting a full stop and begin the new day with a fresh awareness.’ This becomes easier when I pay attention to how I spend the day. The cleaner, more elevated my awareness is, the easier it is to keep the register clean and clear. ‘Throughout the day, while going about your tasks, take a couple of minutes to pause and check your thoughts,‘ He says. ‘Is my intellect churning Baba’s knowledge or is it engaged in the waste or ordinary?’ The former strengthens and helps me accumulate power, the latter weakens and causes me to rapidly lose power. ‘Right at Amrit Vela, pick any one of your many titles of self-respect and stabilize yourself in it’, He teaches. ‘Go deep into the experience of that title and become an embodiment of it. This is churning. Then, throughout the day, even though your hands may be busy, ensure that your intellect is connected with the Father’, He teaches.

This practice over a long period of time enables me to rise above the corporeal feelings and attitudes; it enables me to return to my original awareness of being a bodiless soul; a pure, peaceful and powerful soul. The more this stage become firm, the more useful I become to BapDada for service. Why? because the foundation for being a server, for being Baba’s instrument is a stable intellect; one that can catch His direction and execute on it. If my mind is in fluctuation itself, then I am in no position to help others because I myself need help! ‘If you continue to churn and imbibe knowledge,’ Baba says, ‘the Father will send you somewhere to do service. He will sing your praise! and you will also receive help. The more of the Father’s service you do, the more power you will receive and the more your lifespans will increase. Your mercury of happiness will rise. You will also become well known in your own clan. If you can become so elevated by making effort, then shouldn’t you be making so much effort!?, He reasons.

It is said: ‘the Lord is pleased with an honest heart‘. Those who have honesty and cleanliness are loved by God, loved by the people and they even love their own selves – there is nothing wasteful or negative, just pure thoughts, elevated wishes and feelings. To keep your register clean in this way is inner cleanliness, teaches Baba. When you show courage and accumulate the power of silence by keeping your awareness elevated, when you keep your line clear despite Maya’s best efforts to distract you and take you off course, you receive the Lord’s help. 

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  1. Sudarshan says:

    Om shanti shivashakthi, Congrats on this blog, it’s great! It’s also wonderful tool for self-progress.

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