Don’t consider yourself too clever

Baba says, ‘Only God is Truth. We are now becoming the truth. Don’t consider yourselves to be too clever. Even this Dada says: Until you become perfect, something or other can happen.’

The greatest trap on this spiritual path is: ‘I know’. After being on the journey for a while, I tend to get to a point from time to time where I think: ‘Yes, I know I am a soul…I know Baba…I know the drama…’ The truth is that I don’t really know much of anything and until my very last breath, I am still learning.

Only God is Truth, only He is Knowledge-full and knows everything about everything. With His help, I am also now becoming or returning to my truth. It doesn’t happen overnight- the falsehoods that have been embedded into me over half a cycle don’t go away so easily. And so if I am not careful, I can fall prey to one of the many traps of Maya.

Don’t consider yourselves to be too clever‘, says Baba. Always follow Shrimat. His Shrimat is His hand of help. Let me pay attention to never let go of His hand no matter how long I’ve been on the path, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what. But it’s not just His hand that I need, I also need His company. His company is His love, His companionship. Without a strong bond of love with Baba, I will view shrimat only as a set of rules I have to follow when, in fact, it is so much more. ‘You have to take both the hand and the company’, He teaches, ‘only then can you go across the ocean of poison to the land of milk and honey’.

I obey Shrimat accurately when I realize it’s value. After half a cycle of conditioning to think, speak and act wrong, I try to change to the right way of living in one short birth. While I am in the process of change, Maya is not sitting idly, she works overtime to try to drag me back into the old world through any and all means possible- by wooing me with false attractions of name and fame, through various fears such as the fear of failure or loss, through attachments to people, roles and possessions, through the burdens of conflict, bitterness or misunderstandings. The Shrimat is there to protect me from all these traps; it covers every aspect, every situation of my life. Brahma Baba realized this truth and surrendered himself 100% to following Shrimat. There isn’t a test or a crisis that I have or will face that baba didn’t face in his lifetime. And so if I need a corporeal example, I simply need to follow Brahma Baba. However, when I think too highly of myself and feel: ‘I don’t need to follow baba, I know! I listen to the same Murli, he was also a student like me….’, then I play right into the hands of Maya and make her work that much easier. Let me be humble enough and frankly smart enough to realize that baba is not like me or anyone else. He is the corporeal medium of God Himself and His first child; without him, I wouldn’t be able to meet God or know Him. There is also a reason baba became the #1 victorious soul and the first angel- it had to do with the level of effort he made and his obedience to God. Let me be wise enough to follow father.

Let me check to see to what extent are my steps in the father’s footsteps whether it is in terms of serving God or in terms of my interactions with others. In my every action at every moment, is my step in the father’s footstep? or do I follow some directions but not others? If I am being obedient, I will experience receiving the Father’s blessings and the blessings of other souls automatically and this makes my heart content. Sometimes, I do as I wish and then deceive myself by thinking: ‘of course I’m happy, I’m content’ and put a fake, half-hearted smile on my face. ‘Don’t be clever (miya-mittu) in this way’, says Baba. When I am truly content through receiving everyone’s blessings, I will feel double-light. If I am not, then there is a burden of an incorrect action or a wrong sanskar or an attraction somewhere that is dragging me down.

Sometimes I think: ‘I love Baba anyway, it’s just certain family members that are hard to get on with’. Baba reminds me that the rosary is not just made of the dual beads; I too have to come into that same rosary and so I have to have the full aim: ‘all souls should be happy when they see me, they should become light and all their burdens should finish’. This is called claiming the full inheritance- I don’t allow anyone, anything, or any sanskar whether mine or someone else’s to block my progress. This is what Father Brahma demonstrated through his example- everyone, young or old, was content and light in his presence. Baba says, ‘Don’t speak the wrong things and then say: ‘it wasn’t my intention’. If it wasn’t, then how did it reach the other soul?‘ Similarly, let me not think the wrong thoughts about someone and then expect to be able to treat them right; I can’t. What is inside will come out in my vibrations, feelings, words, attitudes and actions. So check yourself, says Baba: to what extent have I accumulated blessings from everyone?

To the extent that I am obedient, I die alive from the falsehoods and awaken my truth. Where there is truth, there is also automatically cleanliness of the mind and heart. And everyone loves truth and cleanliness. Even in the world, parents have so much love for their obedient children; but that is still temporary love. This is imperishable love from the true, eternal Father and Mother. And so taking His hand and company, I say: ‘Baba, I belong to You. I belonged to You and I have now become Yours again. I will definitely claim my full inheritance from You. I know that the haystack of this land of sorrow is to be set on fire and You are taking me into the land of happiness.’ 

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