Don’t leave the Father

Baba says, ‘To leave the Father means to lose the inheritance. Only the one Father is the Purifier.’

About 5000 years ago, I was the master of heaven; that was the inheritance given to me by my Father, the Creator of Heaven. I ruled the world for half a cycle and then during the second half, I forgot who I am and fell prey to the vices. Due to becoming impure or vicious, I became bankrupt and lived an ordinary life.

Now the cycle comes to an end and a new one is to begin. God comes at this auspicious confluence of the old and new cycle to give me back all that I have lost. It took me half a cycle to descend into complete bankruptcy- of not just physical wealth, but more importantly, of character and values. But it takes God only a short confluence age, this one short birth to transform me from a degraded, bankrupt human being back into a 16 celestial degrees pure, completely viceless deity, the master of heaven. This is why it is sung that it didn’t take God long to change human beings into deities.

The way He does it is by teaching me Raja Yoga. Through the knowledge of who I am and the world cycle, I reawaken my truth. But when God comes, there are many false gods and gurus in the world and He is extremely subtle, not to mention invisible. But I recognize Him anyway, how? because He is my Father! I have that memory of Him, of His love from the previous cycle.

The very first thing He does when He comes is introduce Himself to me as my Father. He adopts me as His own child and makes me belong to Him. I experience His true, selfless, unconditional love after seeking it for half a cycle. Without that experience, I cannot be sustained on this path. I might listen to the knowledge, think it’s good and then continue searching because at this point, the soul is exhausted from listening, it craves an experience.

God comes as the Purifier to purify me of all the impurities I have acquired over half a cycle and He does this through relating to me. He teaches me right and wrong as my Teacher but He also loves and sustains me as my Father. That is why I listen! He guides me every step of the way as my Satguru prompting me about what to say/not to say, what to do/not to do in any situation. Now, that would seem exhausting on it’s own but as my Beloved, He fills me with faith. As a Friend, He listens to me and tells me the truth, not what I want to hear. He roots for me and keeps pushing me forward. And thus, He purifies by becoming involved in every aspect of my life, by becoming my every relationship, through love, teaching and care.

‘Only the One Father is the Purifier, to leave the Father is to leave the inheritance’, explains Baba. The purification is what gives me my inheritance back. I might listen to the knowledge, even understand and like it but it won’t purify me on it’s own. For that I need to walk with God, I need to take the journey with Him as my Companion, I need to make Him my world and surrender to Him. Sure, I will still come into heaven if I simply receive the knowledge but I won’t experience heaven fully and I certainly won’t live a victorious life now, on my way there.

Sometimes, I have recognized God, have received the knowledge but then along the way, I leave because it gets too hard. Then, I go find a guru who can tell me what I want to hear i.e. who will give me permission to live the kind of life I want to while still promising me salvation. ‘Indeed‘, says Baba, ‘every child is an heir but not everyone inherits’. The Father explains that no human can be called a guru because no human can grant salvation. Only God can grant salvation because salvation or liberation from suffering and sorrow comes from becoming pure. So try as I might to find a different route, there isn’t one. Yes, it’s hard when I come face to face with my darkness, it’s hard when He uses situations and people in my life to pull out those hidden behaviors and attitudes. But He doesn’t do it to condemn me, He shows me so that I can work with Him to course-correct and be liberated from those strongholds once and for all.

But this is a good thing, isn’t it?, asks Baba. This is how the old world and it’s ways are destroyed and the new world is ushered in. It starts with the inner world and then the outer world simply reflects the inner transformation. Therefore, you should be happy, not fearful of this destruction of the old; you should be happy that the gates to heaven are opening!

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