Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father

Baba says, ‘The main aspect in this study is remembrance. Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father.’

For half a cycle, I was the master of heaven and then I lost my kingdom. I lost everything I had and became bankrupt all because of one mistake: I forgot who I am. Today, the whole world is a land of sorrow, there is so much pain and suffering all because no one knows who they really are; it’s an identity crisis. When I don’t know who I am, I try on various identities to see which one fits- I try being a role, a relationship, an accomplishment, a title, and a whole slew of other things. But the more I try, the more unhappy I become because none of them fit and it’s just mentally exhausting.

At this auspicious confluence age, the Father, the only one Who remembers, comes to remind me of the truth. He tells me that I am a soul, an extremely subtle, tiny point of light and that this body is just a costume I put on to express myself. I’ve put on 84 such costumes, He tells me, and played various roles with various co-actors. You are the soul, the actor, not the role or relationship you are playing, He explains. Well, no wonder, nothing worked all this time; no wonder, I wasn’t happy…I had the whole thing backwards!

I’ve had half a cycle’s worth of practice of the wrong consciousness, I have one small birth to get back into the right one. And so Baba says, ‘Sweet children, practice this. Consider yourselves to be souls remember the highest-on-high Father with a lot of love and affection. This is the greatest effort.’

The act of remembering itself is the most natural thing a soul does, it’s like breathing. But the practice is of paying attention to what I remember. If I remember corporeal things: what he/she said, what they did to me, why something happened; or material accomplishments, what I own, relationships, roles and all the rest, then my consciousness will stay corporeal. This is not to say that I must leave everything and become a sanyasi, no. It means that I make a deliberate choice to move my heart away from these things to the spiritual because I remember that which my heart is attached to.

And for half a cycle, I relied on these external things for everything – my sense of security, my happiness, my very identity. And so it’s hard to simply pull away from them; The trick is to not focus on pulling away as much as to attaching myself to the right thing. Baba says, ‘I am the Beloved that you have been waiting for half a cycle. Now, I am here.‘ When I relate to Baba through these loving relationships – as the Beloved or the Friend or the Companion, my heart becomes attached to Him and then, I can’t help but constantly remember Him. To remember Him is to remember His qualities, His nature, how He operates; those are the original qualities and nature of the soul as well. And so to remember Him is to remember my own true self. Throughout the day, I praise the Father as I go about my tasks, every one of His praise is a title of my own self-respect. Even as my hands are busy, I connect my heart with the Beloved, I claim my inheritance of happiness. I remember the sweet silence home of the soul, and I become peaceful. In the midst of the tasks, I pause for a few minutes to refocus my attention where I want to- I hone my controlling and ruling powers.

Only by making this effort will you receive the inheritance from the Father, says Baba, so you now have to become soul conscious. When I am in this awareness of being the soul, not only am I claiming my inheritance of peace, happiness and contentment but there are also other positive side effects: the consciousness of the body will finish automatically, when I relate the Father’s message to others, the arrow strikes the target because it is a soul to soul connection rather than a body to body connection. I also stop being harassed by waste thoughts because my heart and mind are attached to Baba and busy in Him.

For half a cycle, I lived in the expansion of the body; it is now time to become small, says Baba, it is time to pack up and become that tiny point of light again. It’s a bit of spiritual acrobatics because I have to be in the body, take support from the body, shoulder all the same roles and responsibilities but now do it while being detached, in the consciousness of being the soul. But it is the greatest practice that pays huge dividends, teaches Baba. The answer to the question ‘Who am I?’ is the first lesson and becoming an embodiment of that answer is the last lesson. The journey in between is one of letting go of all the extra as I once again return to the essence.

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