Become a complete beggar

Baba says, ‘Those whose line of the intellect is completely clear and who remember no one but the one Father are said to be complete beggars.’

To be a beggar means to be someone who doesn’t have anything. Nothing belongs to me. Baba says, ‘you now have to become complete beggars of the old world.’ In other words, I have to become a beggar to body consciousness. I realize that I am a soul, not the body and so I don’t attach my identity to bodily accomplishments or relations. I still live in the old world, use all the facilities of comfort, shoulder all the roles and responsibilities and yet, like a lotus, I remain detached from it all. This is known as being a beggar.

Unless I become a beggar in this way of the old world, I cannot become a prince of the new world. This is why the very first lesson is the realization that ‘I am a soul, not the body’, the last lesson is to become an embodiment of this lesson and the entire journey in between is to shed or let go of everything that gets in the way.

The easiest way to become a beggar, that is, to let go of all attachments is to remain in the consciousness of being a trustee. This is what Brahma baba did. He willed everything he had to God’s task and became a trustee. Even this body is not mine, it has been given to me on loan for Godly service. This mind is not mine and therefore, I cannot use it to think anything wasteful; I only think thoughts of service. Baba’s specialty was that he didn’t just surrender his physical wealth to service, he also surrendered his spiritual wealth to service. He believed that his peace was in the children’s peace and so no matter what happened- be it disagreements or opposition- he was quick to accommodate, quick to forgive. There was never the attitude of ‘but I am the instrument here, everyone should listen to me’; no, he always kept the children in front, wanted nothing for himself. This, is known as being a beggar.

I can become a trustee or a beggar when I have the faith in my intellect that everything of this old world, everything that these eyes can see will be destroyed. The only things that will go with me are my sanskars and the quality of those sanskars will determine my future for the whole new cycle. If my sanskars are still of the old world, of hustling for name, fame and recognition; of ‘getting’ and ‘winning’; of holding grudges and taking revenge, then it’s not going to help me. I am at the confluence of the old and the new world, Baba reminds me daily. In the new world, I need new sanskars, Godly sanskars, deity sanskars. I have to become completely virtuous, 16 celestial degrees pure, completely viceless, completely righteous and completely non-violent. To pursue this as my goal is to die alive to the old world, that is, to become a beggar.

Check, Baba says, to what extent have I died alive? to what extent have I become a beggar? Only a complete beggar here gets to be a prince in the new world. If I selectively surrender, if I selectively follow shrimat, then I deprive myself of my full inheritance. To become Lakshmi and Narayan is not a small thing, Baba reminds me, you have to study hard and make effort. It requires a great degree of tolerating and accommodating, it requires trusting and forgiving, it requires facing down my own fears and insecurities. To be able to completely surrender my will to God, and only follow His direction, to rely on Him as my one Trust and one Support, is to become a beggar.

It is only through His remembrance do I re-awaken my truth and renounce the falsehoods. He is my only reference point, at this time, of how to be. And so Baba says, ‘remember Me alone and follow Shrimat and I guarantee that you will become the masters of the new world’. God is here promising me complete transformation; let me not hold on to the old world – a little here and a little there- and deprive myself of all He has to offer. Let me become a complete beggar so that I can become a prince of the new world. Let me claim my full inheritance.

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