Connect your intellect to the new world

Baba says, ‘It is as though this old world no longer exists for you. Your intellects are connected to the new world.’

There is a time in the lifetime of a house where it makes sense to re-paint the walls, change the flooring, maybe build an outdoor deck…and in doing so, I renew it. But there comes a time, when the structure is just so old and unstable that it just makes more sense to build a new home. It’s that time, Baba says, with the world; it’s too old and the structure too unstable for it to hold itself together much longer.

He would know because He is the Creator of the new world. After about 2500 years of goodness, the world started to lose it’s shine and look old. Now, Baba says, it’s dilapidated. So what happened, did no one take care of it? Baba left the world with me, it was His gift to me and as such, it was up to me to take care of it. But half way through the cycle, I forgot who I am and fell prey to the five vices. The vices corrupted me and as a result, I neglected my responsibility toward the world; I exploited it – the souls, nature, everything- for selfish gains.

Baba says, ‘this is drama. What is new has to become old. What was once pure has to become impure.’ So to feel guilt, shame, regret is fruitless and not the point. What you need to be concerned about, He teaches, is establishing a new world again. This should be your only hobby from now on, He instructs. Anything else related to the old world, I need to forget.

It took a long time for the world to get to it’s current state, I only have one short birth to re-establish the new world. And so needless to say, every second counts if…I want to build the best home, the kind that does not exist anywhere, that is so beautiful that words fall short. It takes time for the foundation to be laid and for it to set in; that’s critical. Then comes the rest of the structure. ‘Everything depends‘, Baba says, ‘on how much effort you are willing to put in‘. In between there will be changes in weather, there will be storms. Even as I build the new home, the one I’m in right now will shake and look like it’s going to topple over. I may have thoughts that I never had before- maybe of lust, of greed. I might see myself feel anger, irritation, jealousy, throw tanturms. I might catch myself manipulating or angling for something I’m attached to.

Don’t be afraid of the storms’, Baba says, ‘simply stay focused on the new world‘. It’s not that I have thoughts, feelings or perform actions that I’ve never thought, felt or done before; rather, I am now aware of them. Baba comes in the darkness of ignorance and turns the switch on. In the light of knowledge, now, finally, I see things clearly. I mistreated people before too and didn’t even know it. I thought the wrong thoughts before too but didn’t even know they were wrong or that it was up to me to change them; I accepted whatever fell into my head. Now, I know better and because of that, I can change.

This should be your only hobby – to claim your full inheritance from the Father, teaches Baba. I have this one short birth to clean up i.e. become pure again. I have this one short birth to learn the righteous way of living again. And this is establishing the new world- inside myself; the outer world then simply reflects what’s inside. The more inheritance I can claim, the better the new home will be. Therefore, says Baba, forget all the things that are connected with body consciousness, that is, with the old world. Don’t waste time even thinking about, let alone hustling for the old home. Just feed your stomachs two chapattis and connect your intellects to the new world.

It is a great tragedy that most of the world is in fact wasting time trying to salvage the old world. They have conferences to discuss and plan how to bring peace or increase righteousness but they fail repeatedly because they don’t know the only One Who can bring about that transformation. If they would only consult the Contractor, He would tell them instantly that military diplomacy does not bring about peace in the world and outward behavior modification does not make one righteous. It requires inner work, starting right at the foundation and only He can enable that. ‘I am the Father‘, He introduces Himself, ‘you can only receive the inheritance from Me’. If I don’t know the Father – think He is Omnipresent or that the soul is the Supreme Soul, then I deprive myself of the inheritance. I have no one to teach me or sustain me or lead me to my salvation.

The whole world is full of orphans‘, says Baba, ‘you have to show them the way‘. Because they don’t know the Father, they wander aimlessly. They become afraid of storms, shake and fall because they neither have the knowledge of the drama to know what is going on nor the power to face. And so my duty, Baba instructs, is to teach others what I have learnt from the Father. How? through the way I live my life. When someone is feeling hopeless or afraid, the last thing they need is a lecture; they want to experience hope and courage. When they see me remain peaceful in the midst of the storm, when they seem me being unshakable in the face of the crisis, when they see me smile no matter what, then, they want to know what I know.

But for you to be such an embodiment of knowledge that inspires, you have to remain on the pilgrimage of remembrance, says Baba. That’s where I receive the power to imbibe the knowledge and become the lighthouse that shows wandering ships the way home. There’s only a short time left, says Baba, make the effort now; serve your brothers and sisters and enable them to claim their inheritance too. This is what Mama and Baba did and they became victorious, so this is what the children should do too.

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