Being double-light

Baba says, ‘In Brahmin life, only those who have transformed “mine” into “Yours” can be double-light.’

The aim of this life is to change from human into deity. Baba says, ‘this is a school to change from human into deity’. But before I transform into a deity, I first have to become an angel. To become an angel means to be double-light. To be light means to experience lightness. ‘Lightness doesn’t just mean being light when any situations arise’, Baba says, ‘but, you have to remain light in your nature, sanskars, relationships and connections throughout the entire day.’ The sign of those who are light in this way is that they will be loving to all because they are detached from everyone – this, is Brahmin nature.

To be detached from everyone means that my heart is only connected to the one Father and none other. I still live in the world, I still shoulder my roles and responsibilities but I don’t consider any of it to be ‘mine’, I consider it as a service to God. I do everything I do unto Him. When I live life this way, as a trustee of God, it eliminates the the stuff that gets me in trouble – the attachment. Where there is no attachment, there is no burden of expectation or desires. I do everything while feeling light and look to God and God alone for all my wants and needs, not to human-beings.

He becomes my one Strength and one Support, I learn to rely on Him. ‘In fact, this was your promise to Me on the path of devotion’, Baba reminds me. ‘You said: “Baba, when You come, I will belong to You alone”. I am here now so you have to fulfill your promise.‘ But often I have Baba but also my children, my husband/wife, my in-laws, etc. So is it really just One, asks Baba? By having the attitude and vision that they are not ‘mine’ but that they have been entrusted to me by God to serve. No matter who they are, or how many they are or what age they are, all are the children of the Father. So check, says Baba, do you still say: ‘Baba, this is my daughter, please benefit my daughter’? This attachment to children is the biggest test for mothers, Baba points out. If you pass this test, you can easily claim the sovereignty of heaven. Always consider yourself to be an instrument of God for service, He stresses. I am not staying at home, this is my service place. All of ‘mine’ has become ‘Yours’, nothing ‘mine’ remains…not even this body is mine. It too has been entrusted to me for service.

When Baba found me, He adopted me as His own child. I was therefore reborn into God’s family. I now have a new name: child of God. ‘So when you have died alive and taken a rebirth into a new family, hw is it that you still remain attached to the old?’, asks Baba. Besides, when I myself am a child, how can I have a family to take care of? or have responsibilities? And so Baba always says: ‘never forget the days of your childhood and become a householder.’ If I do, I take on a burden and experience sorrow. I am Baba’s child and He is responsible for me- fully, including all the responsibilities. My sole responsibility is to be a good trustee.

This means that once you’ve given something as ‘Yours’, then don’t take it back as ‘mine’, He points out. If there isn’t the consciousness of ‘mine’, if there is just the consciousness of ‘Yours’, you will be double-light. So if there is the experience of a slightest burden, then that is the litmus test to understand that somewhere, there is some ‘mine’ mixed in. In Brahmin life, Baba points out, you don’t just say, you actually do it. So when I say ‘one Strength and one Support’ and when I say ‘Yours’, I actually have to mean it and do it.

The body conscious ‘I and mine’ are the doorways to Maya and Ravan, they make you heavy, Baba points out repeatedly. But when used correctly, soul consciously, then they are the doorways to liberation-in-life: I am a soul, a child of God and mine is one Baba and none other.

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    Thank you very much, it is very useful to our brahman life.

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