Insure everything with the Father

Baba says, ‘Those who insure everything with the Father make everything they have worthwhile.

Insurance is a means of risk management, it is protecting myself and my assets from loss. I can insure just about anything – my home, automobile, art, even my body. The more things I have insured, the more protected I feel.

On this spiritual path too, I insure everything. To move along according to Shrimat is to have everything insured; it is how I protect myself against loss and damage. The one who causes damage is Maya and Ravan. Baba says, ‘I am the Insurance Magnate, I insure everything very well. Now, whether you insure yourself or not is your choice‘.

He is the Insurance Magnate on the path of devotion as well as on the path of knowledge. On the path of devotion, they give to the poor in the name of God. Some give food, some give wealth and yet others build buildings. They perform charity and give donations because they realize that they have committed a lot of sin and they see the charity as a means of insuring themselves against loss from that sin. According to their donations and charity, they receive a return in their next birth. For example, if someone builds a hospital, they will have less illness in their next birth. If someone opens a university, they will receive good education etc. But all this is indirect charity. Now, the Father tells me directly: ‘I am here now. You can insure as much as you want with Me directly and you will receive a return for that not for one birth but for the whole cycle. Now it depends on you how much you want to insure.’

If I follow Shrimat fully and accurately, I insure or protect myself fully and receive sovereignty in the golden age. If I follow Shrimat selectively, according to my convenience, or mix my own dictates along with Shrimat, then I am exposing myself to loss and will receive a lesser return in the future. Baba says, ‘you have to belong to the Father fully‘. In fact this was my promise to Him on the path of devotion: ‘Baba, when You come, I will belong to You. I will only have You.’ He says, ‘Now, I have come. When you fulfill your promise to Me, I will make you into the masters of heaven.’

To follow Shrimat accurately or to belong to God means that I surrender my will to Him; I obey whatever He tells me, promptly and fully. He gives me Shrimat for everything – from my thoughts, words, actions to my diet and lifestyle. When someone does something wrong, I don’t get to gossip, I get to merge; when someone does something to hurt me or betrays me, I don’t get to hold a grudge or take revenge, I get to forgive and have good wishes. I don’t get to say things like: ‘I’ll respect them when they respect me’, I get to give first because giving, I learn, is receiving. If I say, ‘Baba, I’ll do anything except forgive that person’ or ‘Baba, I’ve let go of everything except for this one attachment’, then, I leave myself exposed or uninsured in those areas. ‘Everything‘, Baba says, ‘depends on your dharna (inculcation)’.

And so, anyone and everyone can be insured with God. Whether I am poor or rich has no relevance. In fact, the Father is the Lord of the Poor. ‘It is the poor‘, He says, ‘that readily surrender themselves and therefore go ahead of the rich‘. This is what Sudama did. He came to the Father with two handfuls of rice and received a palace in return. This is also what Mama did; she came to the Father with no physical wealth but surrendered completely whatever she had – her mind and body- in service. She too became empress of heaven. If I am still hustling in the old world for name and fame or still busy accumulating or chasing after material pursuits, then I haven’t recognized the time in the cycle. If the intellect has faith that this is indeed the time of destruction of the old world and the establishment of the new, that God Himself is here and is telling me the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle, then I’d get busy with insuring myself with the Magnate.

This is the only time in the cycle when I can insure, the only time in the cycle where I receive my inheritance. He gives everyone their inheritance – He either sends souls to the land of peace or to the land of happiness. On this path of knowledge, I insure myself to go to the land of happiness- as soon as I recognize God and receive His knowledge, I am confirmed to go there but whether I claim sovereignty or something else depends on how much I insure now. The Father says: ‘I don’t waste even a single penny of yours, neither am I greedy. I change you from shells into diamonds.’ He is the Egoless One; He is God! but He sits and teaches me so simply. He doesn’t want any part of my sovereignty nor does He ask me to fall at His feet. Instead, He says, ‘I am your Obedient Servant’.

It is said: Son shows Father. Whatever Father Brahma had, he used it as a trustee in the name of God to serve the children of God. He made Shiv Baba his Heir. He gave his body, mind and wealth and because he did everything directly, he received the sovereignty of the world directly in return for his own efforts. He received a full inheritance because he fully surrendered. Now Baba says, ‘follow father and mother and you too can claim your sovereignty’.

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