Serve while being egoless

Baba says, ‘You children have to follow the Father and serve while being egoless.’

On the path of bhakti, people sing: ‘I am Your slave! I am the dust of Your feet!’ as they remember the Father. But when the Father comes, He says: ‘I have now come as your Servant to serve you.’ He comes in an impure world, in an impure body just to serve His children. He is the Creator, the Almighty Powerful and yet, He is so simple and egoless. In the world, when people have even a minor position, they have so much body conscious intoxication that ‘I am so-and-so’, but the Father comes to serve altruistically; He expects nothing at all in return.

He is remembered as the One Who is incorporeal and egoless and so He has to come to show that.

He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the most intelligent and He comes to explain the knowledge to souls that have become complete buddhus (senseless). But He comes with so much love in His heart. He says: ‘I have come to meet My long lost and now found children’. In the world, children say namaste to their father, whereas here, the Father says namaste to the children. There, they go and bow down at the feet of the sanyasis and even kiss their feet. Here, the Supreme Father, the Highest-on-High says: ‘Sweet children, I know you are tired, let Me massage your feet.’ He says: ‘Salutations to the mothers’. People outside simply speak the words without meaning it but God comes and uplifts the mothers, He becomes their humble Servant. ‘This world is hell‘, He says, ‘I have come to change it back to heaven for My children‘.

The Father does not see me and turn up His nose or roll His eyes. He does not say: ‘it’s too dirty down there. Let me sit up here where it’s comfortable and do what I can.’ He comes into the impure world for His children. To remain in the midst of impurity and serve is purity. And so He teaches: ‘Do not feel that you are more elevated than those younger than you or those without knowledge. There mustn’t be any feelings of dislike for them. No matter what souls are like, look at them with the vision of mercy.’ He makes His children become like diamonds. He says: ‘you children also have to serve with so much love. You have to follow shrimat.’ What God gives me, He expects to see flow through me to His other children. And so just as He is the Ocean of Love, He expects that I also have a lot of spiritual love for everyone. That can only happen when I am soul conscious. When I am body conscious, there isn’t that much love for one another; I am too busy finding defects instead: ‘This one is like this. That one is doing this.’ Baba says: ‘When you were soul conscious, you didn’t find defects in anyone. You had a lot of love for one another. You now have to imbibe that stage. Earlier, you were so sweet, so now become just as sweet, and constantly be bestowers of happiness. By becoming body conscious, you have caused sorrow and so your spiritual happiness has disappeared. Your lives have become shorter. The Father has now come to make you satopradhan and to make you into constant bestowers of happiness.‘ The more I remember the Father, the more the defects will be removed and my vision will become pure. Firmly remember, says Baba: ‘We are brothers‘. By seeing everyone as my brother, I will always see virtues. Baba says, ‘Never defame anyone‘. It’s better to look at oneself and correct one’s own defects rather than look at others, He teaches.

Sometimes, I get stuck in thinking: ‘but I am right! My idea is better’. It may indeed be better but unity and harmony is more important than ‘being right’. ‘The easy method to become egoless‘, Baba teaches, ‘is to learn to be the master and the child. To whatever extent possible, in relation to service, there should be the stage of being a child and in terms of self-effort, be the master.’ Give your opinion as a master, then accept the decision as a child. This means to interact with wisdom and humility. Without humility, there cannot be success in service. Sometimes, people think that to be humble and accept other’s decisions shows weakness but Baba says, humility actually shows power and makes me victorious. There is true humility and false humility. True humility is based on self-respect and touches others; they are moved by my selfless love and co-operation. Such humility is a sign of being egoless and of greatness. It becomes the means to easily receive blessings from others’ hearts.

There mustn’t be any arrogance or feeling of insult with others, says Baba. That happens when there is arrogance. Baba says, ‘I too face so many insults right from the path devotion. In fact, I alone take the most insults.’ He comes and washes the dirty impure clothes and so He is also the Laundryman. He is the Goldsmith too because He melts souls and makes us into real gold. God is the Laundryman! He teaches through example: ‘Only those who are humble will be able to work for the construction of the new world. To consider oneself to be an instrument and to remain humble is the seed of good wishes and pure feelings. Instead of expecting any limited respect, name, fame, recognition, be humble.’ When I remain humble in this way, I remain light in service. Instead, if I expect respect, then that becomes a burden and brings me to a standstill.

Brahma Baba was and is Shiv Baba’s instrument in the truest sense. Shiv Baba doesn’t churn the ocean of knowledge, baba does it for the children. But he always maintained: ‘you must consider it to be Shiv Baba who is explaining to you. I don’t feel that it is I who is speaking it, Shiv Baba is speaking it.’ Shiv Baba holds up his example and says, ‘this, is called being egoless.’ Brahma Baba lowered himself with so much humility before the children. He too, like the Father, was ready to massage the children’s feet. He always felt that the children were ahead of him, could give better lectures than him! He pushed them forward and considered them to be senior to him! By doing this, he didn’t put himself down but instead became even more elevated. This, Baba says, is to be the number one worthy server. To remain humble and give respect to others is to have mercy for others. This form of giving becomes a form of receiving for all time, He teaches. When you give the treasures of zeal, enthusiasm, happiness and co-operation, you are made into a charitable soul for all time. You become the son that shows the Father.

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