Sustained by God

Baba says, ‘Those who are being sustained with Godly treasures have to do full service so that human beings can quickly benefit.

On the path of devotion, people sing, “God is the Sustainer”. However, for them, it is just a praise, not an experience. For the children who have recognized God, we experience being sustained by God at every step. Baba says, ‘God’s shrimat is your sustenance‘. Before, I was an orphan in the big bad world of Ravan, fending for myself with no guidance. Consequently, anything I thought, spoke or did was wrong and what’s worse, I didn’t even know it. I routinely sabotaged myself by compromising on my values, I mistreated and manipulated people, I lived a selfish, self-centered life and therefore was peaceless, unhappy and discontent without knowing why. I was doing all I was being taught, I thought, so why do I feel empty? Little did I know that I was being taught by Ravan and that, in the process, he was robbing me of all my treasures.

Now, my Father is here and He has reminded me of who I am, Whose I am and my inheritance. He is not just my Father, but He is also the Teacher and the Satguru – all combined in One. I receive an inheritance from all three. He says: I am the Father and I will definitely take you to the supreme abode. I am your Teacher and I will definitely teach you and make you into kings of kings. I am the Satguru and I will definitely take all of you children back home, numberwise, according to the efforts you make. He guarantees this.

In the world, I don’t receive a guarantee of imperishable attainment for birth after birth from anyone. In fact, a teacher doesn’t guarantee that I will constantly continue to earn or that I will remain wealthy even for this same birth, let alone birth after birth. He simply teaches me and makes me capable. Baba says, ‘You children and Godly students are to receive from the Father and the Teacher, happiness, peace, wealth, bliss, love and a happy family for 21 births. It is not that you might receive, but that you definitely will receive this. This is a guarantee because the Father is eternal and the Teacher is eternal.’ Therefore, the attainment from the eternal One is also imperishable

A moment ago, I was an orphan living in fear, unsure of my next step, what direction to take or where it might lead me. A moment later, I was adopted by God as His child and suddenly, I now have guarantees. I therefore now have hope where I was once hopeless, I have peace where there was once fear and happiness where there was once sorrow. I have a new zeal and enthusiasm for life. But I have all this, only as long as I remain in the awareness of who I am (that I am now a child of God), of Who my Father is (that He is the Creator, the Bestower of Fortune) and of what I am becoming as a result of the study the Teacher is teaching me. When I am aware, I am full of treasures, when I forget, it’s all gone. ‘Maya is so powerful’, says Baba, ‘it is a wonder that even though you belong to the Father, study from the Teacher, accept Him as your Satguru, she still makes you forget. When you forget one, you forget all three and lose the inheritance’.

The more I stay with God, get to know Him intimately, the harder it becomes for Maya to make me forget. Why? because the more I know God, the more my love for Him increases and when I love someone, I automatically remember them, I don’t have to make effort. Also, when I love someone, I want to do what pleases them and so I will automatically want to follow Shrimat. When I forget who I am and Baba, I stop following Shrimat and fall back to following Ravan’s dictates; I switch from God’s sustenance to taking sustenance from Ravan. I go back to taking advice from body conscious people and therefore, go back to making mistakes that cost me my inheritance. ‘Stop sabotaging yourself‘, says Baba, ‘obey Shrimat‘.

When I do this, I continue to be sustained with the attainment of happiness and peace. I continue to swing in the swing of imperishable happiness and become an instrument for God’s service. I cannot be sustained by God, experience all His unlimited treasures and not want to get the message out to my brothers and sisters. Indeed, I want to shout from the rooftops and tell them the easy way to attain happiness and peace so that they too can claim their right to their spiritual inheritance from the spiritual Father. ‘Those who are being sustained with Godly treasures have to do full service so that human beings can quickly benefit’, says Baba. ‘Teach everyone this one lesson: All of us souls belong to the one Father. We belong to one family. We belong to one home. We are all playing our parts on the same stage. The original religion of all of us souls is peace and purity. When you recognize who you are and remember the Father with a lot of love, you too receive your inheritance.’

Sometimes, I make the mistake of thinking: ‘I will serve when I become complete, when I become perfect myself’. Baba teaches that service, in fact, is the means to become complete and perfect, not an outcome; it is one of the four subjects of the study that enables me to become perfect. It is the mirror that helps me check which treasures I might be lacking in- is it knowledge in certain areas? is it certain virtues such as patience or tolerance etc.? When I become aware, I can take help from the Father and Teacher in those areas. I can ask for guidance from the Satguru. Service therefore, says Baba, helps me transform the self and thereby, transform the world.

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