The new age is coming

Baba says, ‘The new age is coming for the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris.’

It is sung: Awaken! o brides, awaken! The new age has arrived. All the old has passed, it’s a new world, a new story. Many think that the new age is to begin in the future in the golden age but Baba says, the new age is already here, this confluence age is the start of the new age. When the Father came, the first thing He did was adopt me as His own child. I was thus reborn into a new family- God’s family and was given a new name- child of God. I am now a new creation and for me everything has become new- what I think, speak, do has changed; my diet and lifestyle have changed; my occupation has changed; my religion is new; my aim/objective is new. That’s what happens when I take a new birth, everything old finishes. If I’m still stuck in the past, still operate based on old sanskars, old ways etc,, then it’s as if there are ghosts inside me. ‘Continue to make effort to chase away these ghosts as soon as possible’, says Baba. The way to do it is to pay attention to my awareness at all times- I am now a child of God, I belong to God’s family and my task is to help further my Father’s kingdom of heaven.

Baba says, ‘I come for my long lost and now found children. You are the children that were separated from the Father the first and so I meet you first and give you the knowledge.’

I was living the life of a beggar begging for respect, love, recognition, peace, contentment…and then Baba made me His prince. He has told me who I am now and has given me access to all the attainments that I was previously begging for. ‘It is all yours‘, He has said, ‘take it all, take it now. But it is up to me to take it and make it mine. If there is the slightest trace of the old in my thoughts or sanskars or relationships, then that trace will deprive you of all attainment and happiness of a new life, a new age, new relationships and new sanskars, He teaches. When others ask me how I am, I often offer the standard response: ‘I am doing great! everything’s great!’ but inside, I am still struggling with past ghosts. Baba says, ‘you may be able to hide things from others but you cannot hide it from the Father in your heart-to-heart conversations. In the conversation of the mind, you definitely say: I’ve become a Brahmin, I’ve died alive from the old life and yet, I don’t have the special experiences I ought to be having of being God’s direct child. I don’t experience the elevated attainments, the super-sensuous joy, or the experience of the double-light stage of an angel.’

If even after being adopted by the king, I still have the old sanskars of a beggar, if instead of playing with the jewels in the palace, I still run back to the street, if instead of being seated on my father’s lap, I insist on standing on the street corner, Baba asks, what would one say about that? Just as such a child would not be called a prince, here too, I wouldn’t be called a Brahma Kumar or kumari. ‘You are the mouth-born progeny of Brahma, you belong to the clan of Shiva.’, Baba reminds me but when I lose the awareness, I lose all the attainments along with it. Sometimes, people perform a play where they show half dark and half light. ‘You haven’t understood this to be the confluence age, have you?’, asks Baba, ‘because the confluence age means the new age. In the new age, everything is new.’ It isn’t the time that determines the start to the new age, it is my awareness. If my awareness is new, it is the new age for me.

And so, let the past be the past, from this moment on, simply remember one word, “new”, teaches Baba. Whatever thoughts you have, words you speak, actions you perform, check them and see whether they are new. Start this account book, or chart from today, He says. Instead of seeing, thinking of and speaking of others or external situations – why, what, how something happened, now become spinners of the discus of self-realization, He teaches. This helps me stay in the right awareness of who I am throughout the cycle, my elevated part now and the elevated time. Then, with the foundation of awareness being firm, I will automatically experience every day to be a new day, having a new life, new thoughts and new sanskars.

This is the true Gita episode unfolding now, says Baba, where God Himself teaches His children Raja Yoga. He teaches me the righteous way of living again, He teaches me how to claim my sovereignty again. This is the eighteenth chapter right now, He says, where you once again become an embodiment of awareness.

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