Becoming an instrument of peace and happiness

Baba says, ‘Happiness and peace are to be established throughout the whole world and especially in Bharat.’

In today’s world, the most essential thing is peace. People try to attain peace in big and small ways- there are peace conferences and peace prizes for global efforts to bring peace, while at a micro level, people take vacations, travel, attend retreats and try a whole host of other methods to attain peace. But no matter how much people try to attain peace with perishable wealth or means, they cannot attain true, imperishable peace with that, Baba points out; the world is still a beggar of imperishable and permanent peace and happiness. Why?

Because purity is the mother of peace and happiness and unless there is purity, there cannot be true peace and happiness. The whole world is body conscious or impure, points out Baba, no one knows who they really are. Peace is the original religion, the birthright of the soul and yet, because of not knowing who they are, people continue to wander around searching for peace in external things; they labor for their own birthright. It is an attainment of just a second, Baba points out. All I need is the awareness of who I am but because of the lack of that introduction, they stumble around even to attain peace for one second. They call and shout out in distress, undertake dangerous pilgrimages, even go to those with occult powers. But no matter what they do, because they don’t know themselves and the Father, there is just peacelessness.

Baba says, ‘you children are the bestowers of peace to the world. Like the Father Who is the Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness, in an atmosphere of sorrow, you have to give everyone peace and happiness.’

And so that implies that I myself have to become an embodiment of purity so that I have peace and happiness to give away. A Brahmin life, Baba points out, is a pure life; as soon as I take birth, the very first blessing I receive is ‘be pure, be yogi’. A pure life means there is no name or trace of sorrow or peacelessness. If there is, then that is the sign that there is impurity somewhere. And while purity is the basis for peace and happiness, the basis for purity is soul consciousness. Baba asks, ‘are you soul conscious? are you remembering the Father?’ To consider myself a soul and remember the Father is not a chore or a ritual I do at certain specific times during the day, that would be bhakti. Rather it is an attitude. It is who I am all day, every day. So check, says Baba, ‘are you truly soul conscious?‘.

If I am, then my thoughts, words, actions will all be pure, elevated. There will not be such thoughts or words as: ‘because of this person or this situation, I experienced sorrow or I lost my temper’. These are not the words of a pure Brahmin life, Baba teaches. A pure Brahmin life means a life of happiness at every second, no matter what or who. Yes, people will be rude to me, they will say and do not so nice things but then, they don’t know any better! Ravan has made everyone prisoners of fear and so people are constantly trying to protect their territory, their wealth, their position, their name, their fame, their religion, their beliefs and all the rest. Their identity is caught up in so many temporary things – to lose something is to lose themselves. They eat, move along, earn an income and experience pleasure temporarily, but it is all in fear. ‘Your duty‘, Baba says, ‘is to give such children who are filled with fear, a life of constant peace and happiness.‘ That means no matter how rude someone is, I donate the power of tolerance and love. When someone is angry, I donate the power of coolness and understanding. When someone is rash, I donate patience. If all I do is reflect back what they give me, there is no power in that, that’s what even they do! What sets me apart, as a child of God with knowledge is that I am able to bring about transformation. I am, with the powers I have been given, able to defeat Ravan and rescue my brothers and sisters; I do that by rejecting the sanskars and accepting the soul, I do that by changing the atmosphere from negative to spiritual; I do that by uplifting and empowering the powerless rather than pushing them further down. ‘To bless someone is not about placing your hand on their head’, teaches Baba, ‘rather it is to give them good wishes and pure feelings no matter what they may be like.’ Then, He says, I become a remover of sorrow and bestower of happiness like the Father.

At this time, souls are tired of hearing lectures about peace and happiness, says Baba; they crave an experience. They want to experience even just a drop of peace and happiness. ‘So are you able to give the introduction of the religion of the self in a second and stabilize them in their original form with your attitude?’, asks Baba. What attitude would this be? The attitude of soul consciousness which brings with it the attitude of brotherhood. Everyone is my brother and they too should receive from the Father the inheritance of peace and happiness just like me. According to the drama, most souls will never experience a direct relationship with God like me and so I might be the closest they get to the Father. How am I showing up? If it is with the attitude of brotherhood, if it is with feelings of mercy and benevolence, if it is with good wishes without selfish motives, then Baba says, it is not possible for such feelings to not bear fruit. When the seed is powerful, there is definitely fruit. ‘Simply continue to water this seed of elevated wishes with the water of awareness and you will definitely attain instant visible fruit of world peace’, teaches Baba. ‘Together with the Father, you children too become instruments to fulfill the desires of many births of souls- to experience peace and happiness.

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