No dislike, no anger

Baba says, ‘Where there isn’t dislike, there won’t be any anger.’

Of the vices, lust, Baba says, is the greatest enemy but right behind lust is anger. While most have overcome lust, very few have overcome anger. It’s hard if not impossible to overcome something if I don’t first acknowledge it to be a problem. Many think anger isn’t a vice, that it is a weapon to be used to get things done in today’s world. However, Baba says, anger for a knowledgeable soul is a great enemy. Why? Anger is revealed when I come into contact and relationship with others. And so when anger is seen, the Father’s name is defamed a great deal. Then those who see me get angry say sarcastically: ‘We’ve seen the knowledgeable Brahmakumaris!’.

And so Baba says, ‘you must conquer anger. Where there isn’t dislike, there won’t be anger.’

Many of us have conquered the most fearsome forms of anger but when I see a particular sanskar of a soul, I then come down from my own seat of self-respect, of being an embodiment of knowledge and try to move away from that soul. Trying to move away from someone on seeing their nature is a form of dislike and that is a trace of anger, explains Baba. Then I say: ‘instead of my stage being spoilt, it is better for me to move away.’ Baba says, ‘to become detached is one thing but to move away is something else.’ My stage isn’t created by moving away, it is created by staying put and emerging good wishes and pure feelings. To move away and think: ‘they are always like this, they will never change’ is taking law into my own hands, it’s like cursing that soul. No one has a right to do this, Baba tells me strictly. To dislike someone is to make that soul fall and it is not a specialty of Brahmin souls to ‘protect’ themselves by making others fall, teaches Baba; instead, He says, protect yourself by staying firm in your self-respect and also protect others by maintaining good wishes and pure feelings for them.

This, Baba says, is the basis of service- to be an instrument that is generous-hearted that uplifts the self and everyone else. To the extent that I uplift myself, I will be able to uplift others.

Always remember who you are‘, Baba tells me repeatedly. You are an image of support for the whole world; you are the roots of the human world tree. My role is to stay connected to the Seed and allow the nourishment of peace, love, courage, happiness, and power I receive to flow to the rest of the tree. This requires introversion and solitude, an unbroken love for the One; it requires surrender. If instead, I become extroverted i.e. body conscious and start looking at souls instead of Baba, then I inevitably see defects, I develop feelings of dislike for them which builds into bitterness and resentment which is then what flows to the tree. ‘This is not a small thing‘, Baba explains, ‘this becomes a huge burden, so pay attention to your awareness.

Not only is this a huge disservice to other souls, but is is also a huge disservice to me. This is now the time in the cycle to finish all bondages and become a destroyer of attachment, He points out. If there is feelings of dislike for anyone, that is a sign of subservience or attachment. The defects of that soul repeatedly disturb my intellect. I try to remember the Father but that soul comes in front of me; it’s like I’m having yoga with them! And so rather than burn away sins and create an account of charity, I start doing the opposite- commit more sin and negate any charity I’ve done. So, renounce the bondage of this karma, says Baba. To be a Brahmin means to renounce sinful thoughts and sinful deeds.

At the end of the day, it helps to remember who the real enemy is. It’s not my brothers and sisters, it’s Ravan. He works through souls and tries to sow division amongst us so that we are distracted from the real task: furthering the kingdom of our Father. And so Baba says, recognize your enemy and defeat him, oppose him, not your brothers. To oppose Ravan is to reject his sanskars when they show up in me or in others in big or small ways. Baba says, ‘show this courage and you will definitely receive extra help from BapDada. Whenever, even by mistake against your conscious wish, if dislike or irritation or jealousy or any of the other forms of anger manifests, simply say the words from your heart, “Sweet Baba”.  Not just “Baba” on its own, but “Sweet Baba” and you will definitely receive help because you have kept the aim.

When there is dislike, there is a force of anger but where there is compassion, you would give the donation of peace. You are children of the Bestower, are you not? So, you would give peace. 

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