Have an interest in doing service

Baba says, ‘Give the Father’s introduction. Have an interest in doing service.’

What the Father gives to me, He expects to see flow through me. He comes at the end of the cycle, at this auspicious confluence age to serve His children. All the souls of the world are His children and need to be served. Of course, the picture of the tree makes it clear that not all souls will recognize the Father; only a handful do. This handful of children are the roots of the tree, close to the Seed. ‘You support the whole tree‘, He teaches, ‘it is your duty to serve all the branches‘. What am I allowing to flow through me to the rest of the tree? That depends on my awareness. As is my awareness, so is my creation. If I consider myself an instrument of the Father to serve in His task, if I consider myself the roots of the human world tree, then my vision, my attitude, face, behavior will all reflect that elevated awareness and serve the tree.

Baba says, ‘You children should have a keen interest in doing service so that you can remember the Father.’

Remembrance is the main thing, it is what gives me the power to imbibe the knowledge and be the deity that Baba is teaching me to be. So He says, ‘you must remain in remembrance for eight hours a day.‘ It isn’t possible to sit down in one place continuously for eight hours and meditate and that is not the expectation. Baba says, ‘even devotees of Krishna make effort to detach their intellect from everywhere else and remember Krishna alone’. I have to do the same- while walking, eating, doing all my activities, I detach my intellect from everywhere else and remember One Baba alone. When I have the attitude of service, staying in such remembrance becomes easy. I want to churn the points I heard in this morning’s murli so that I can explain it to others, I want to create an atmosphere of peace and happiness in my home for my family and so I pay attention to my stage, I want to treat my team right, be a leader that builds people up and so I pay attention to filling myself with the spiritual powers. And so service helps remembrance which in turn helps my stage.

The Father has made you children clever and so you must serve your brothers. There is a lot of service to do but when the children are body conscious, they cannot serve.’, He says. When I came to Baba, I died alive to the old world, I am now a child of God, my Father’s business is my business. But when I forget this truth and still consider myself as so-and-so at work, as such-and-such relationship, of such-and-such status etc., then I shrink back from service. I feel hesitant, even embarrassed to talk about the Father lest my circle of people finds out and shuns me or laughs at me. As long as you have ‘a circle of people’ that you cling on to as your support, you will not be able to experience the Father’s support, says Baba. And when I don’t experience the Father’s support, I cling on to the limited supports even more tightly and deprive myself of the only opportunity in the whole cycle to claim my inheritance. It’s a vicious cycle. Baba says, ‘Everything that you see with your eyes is going to be destroyed, but whatever the Father is telling you is being established. Continue to talk to yourself in this way and you will become strong.’ When I have faith in this truth, then I will re-prioritize what I spend time on and whom I spend it with.

The Father took me when I was an orphan and gave me a new life, a new family. He pulled me out of the depths of ignorance and made me sensible. He found me when I was groping around in the dark and switched on the light. He gave me hope when I was hopeless, power when I was powerless, love when I was thirsty. He sat me on His shoulders and said, ‘you are even more elevated than Me’, He gave me respect and honor when I had none. He served. If I have taken all this service from Him but am now sitting back while the rest of my brothers, the rest of His children are still out there struggling like I once was, then, Baba says, such children are unable to sit in the Father’s heart.

Your duty is to show everyone the path‘, He says. The Father is establishing heaven, the one deity religion and it is your duty to become the Father’s helper in His task. But if you are trapped in your own business, if you are listening to the dictates of your own mind, then you don’t help the Father. He says: ‘take the pictures and explain to others. Day and night, you have to have the thoughts: ‘how can I help create the lives of others? How can I remove the weaknesses that I have in me and progress? how can I uplift my village or town or city?’ Baba gives you directions on how to serve but it is the children’s duty to serve.’ This is how I create my fortune! Sometimes, I get stuck with: ‘but I don’t have the skill to explain…’. Baba says, ‘where did this ‘I’ come from? it is Baba’s task and He will get it done through you. All you have to do is stand and Baba will speak through you.’ When I take one step of courage in the Father’s love, He does all the rest. ‘It isn’t the law for the Father to go everywhere and serve, the praise is: Son shows Father.’

The more service you do, the more cheerful you remain. You have to earn an income and inspire others to earn one. The more service you do at the exhibitions, the more happiness those who listen to you will receive. There will be benefit for you and for others too. You should do service and more service the whole day.‘, instructs Baba. My attitude must be: ‘whom can I give the Father’s introduction to today?’ When people are afraid to come to the centers, you should go to their homes and explain, says Baba. They will become very happy when they hear the Father’s introduction. Not just that but when I hear their questions, when I sense the confusion they are struggling with, I develop a new appreciation for my own fortune: I was there once, the Father has rescued me, shed the light of knowledge and made me capable of helping my brothers. When I hear the penny drop on the other side, when I see that smile begin to form, when I sense the light coming on, I feel happy too, I feel a new energy to do even more, I gain a new zeal and enthusiasm and most importantly, experience a wave of blessings.

But a lot of times, after I’ve tried to help a few souls and I don’t see any interest I feel deflated. Baba says, ‘there shouldn’t be any tiredness in doing service. Out of a hundred, only one will emerge. You definitely have to tolerate something while establishing a kingdom. Even if you have to take a few insults, that is not a big deal.’ Only the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris know the history and geography of the world, let me have this intoxication. The Father has personally explained the knowledge of who I am, Who He is and the world cycle to me! I have the authority of the true knowledge. If the false gurus in the world can explain their false knowledge with so much authority, how much more authority and intoxication must I have! Let me never let this go.

‘Look what the condition of Bharat has become!, don’t you feel mercy for your brothers?’, asks Baba, ‘they are in so much ignorance.‘ Many think: ‘I just have to become pure’. Sure, recognition of the Father and purity will get me to heaven but how long will I be there for? And what kind of a legacy would I leave behind here? And so the Father says: ‘you must also donate the wealth of knowledge. Ask yourself: if I don’t benefit someone, what status would I claim?’ Therefore, the Father says: ‘Give the proof of service. Give everyone happiness. Here, you should have just the one concern: to connect your intellects in yoga to the Father.‘ He says: ‘I love the enlightened souls who stay in remembrance of the Father and who are also keen to do service.

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