Charge your battery

Baba says, ‘When you remember the Almighty Authority Father with the power of your intellect’s yoga, the battery becomes charged.’

There are gadgets that run on battery power, cars have batteries too. ‘This body‘, Baba says, ‘is like a car or a gadget and the soul is the battery.’ If there was no soul, the body couldn’t do anything. I, the soul, am a living battery; I am an imperishable and immortal battery. The Father says: ‘I only look at souls; Instill this firm habit in yourself. It is the soul that listens and speaks. The body cannot work without this battery.’ Because the battery is living, the cycle also keeps turning. When the battery stops working, the Father comes and shows me how to charge it again: ‘Remember Me and the battery will be recharged’.

When a battery becomes discharged, the lights goes out, the car stops. ‘The battery of souls is now being recharged‘, Baba explains, ‘in this confluence age.’ This is the only pit stop during this journey of 5000 years where I can refuel or recharge. ‘The more you stay in remembrance, the more you souls will be filled with power,‘ He says. The battery leaves one body or one motor and goes into another and another motor. The soul goes into 84 motors. This battery lasts for 5000 years, then gradually, while moving along, as it keeps changing motors, it becomes weak. You can tell that it hasn’t completely discharged; it stays a little charged, just as a torch becomes dim. This too becomes dull. The Father says: ‘you have become ones with stone intellects! Now recharge your batteries again.

To recharge, I have to connect to the main power; the Father is the main Powerhouse, He is the Almighty Authority. There are so many souls and they all have to be filled with power from that Power.  It is only through connecting my intellect with Him, does it go from dull to rejuvenated and recharged. To recharge is to reawaken my truth, to become satopradhan again. The battery is the same, it doesn’t have to be replaced, it just needs to be jump-started or given an injection of power. Then, the truth that was pushed down or forgotten from taking birth after birth, is brought back to the surface; I remember or become aware again. Baba says: ‘I am now advising you to remember Me alone so that your batteries can become satopradhan and firstclass.’

Only the Father teaches me this pilgrimage of remembrance, no one else can teach it. ‘It repeatedly takes effort to consider yourself to be a soul.’, He points out. Maya creates many obstacles in remembrance, she brings many storms and tries to stop me from recharging my battery. She makes me forget that I am a battery and that now is the time to recharge. She constantly distracts me from my only task of this confluence age and causes me to lose time. When I run out of time, it’s over; to the extent I would have recharged is the extent to which I will have claimed my inheritance and the extent to which I will enjoy heaven. If I have recharged fully, I can come from the very start, when the world is brand new and enjoy the whole cycle fully. But if I haven’t charged fully, I come later and later in the cycle. ‘Beware of Maya‘, cautions Baba, ‘she even discharges the batteries of those who have recharged their batteries and have come close to their satopradhan stage; she gets them to make mistakes and quickly discharges their batteries. This will continue to happen till the end; this is why there cannot be a rosary of Brahmins‘. All souls are children of the Father and He inspires all to charge their batteries. But even while having yoga with Him, I move away from Him again and again and lose so much.

If you remain soul conscious, that is, have yoga with the father while considering yourself a soul, your battery will continue to be filled.’, says Baba repeatedly. The poor, He points out, can have their batteries filled very quickly because they remember the Father a great deal but the rich get distracted by Maya quickly. You may be very good in knowledge, but if you have less yoga, your battery will not be filled, He says, because there will be a great deal of arrogance of the body. This is why there isn’t any power in your arrows of knowledge either. And so, says Baba, ‘now, be Manmanabhav!, claim your full inheritance from Me.’

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