Renounce the ego of the body

Baba says, ‘Renounce any ego of the body and become soul conscious. Make full effort to become those without an image (bodiless).’

The aim of the confluence age is to transform from an ordinary human into Lakshmi-Narayan but I cannot become an elevated deity without first becoming an angel. An angel is bodiless, naturally soul conscious, double-light and a server of God. Have I come close to my angelic stage? do I experience it in my every day?

There are usually two things that get in the way of my becoming an angel, points out Baba. Those are: the awareness of the body and the ego of the body. And so Baba tells me repeatedly every day: ‘forget your body and all bodily beings and only remember Me’. He is incorporeal, doesn’t have a body of His own. When I remember Him, I remember that I too am a soul, it’s just that I have taken on a body to play my part in this unlimited drama. I am not the body, not the role, not the relationships, not the appearance, rich or poor, title or anything else that comes with the consciousness of the body. I am just a pure, peaceful soul, an incorporeal point of light, just like the Father. ‘Increase this awareness of the bodiless stage, it’s time to return home’, says Baba.

Each day I interact with many souls, I live with people that all have different sanskars. To be able to harmonize the sanskars is to be an angel. But often I see others’ sanskars and I become disheartened: ‘why do they have to behave this way?’. I think: ‘Baba is very good, Brahma baba is very good, the knowledge is very good, attainment is very good but when it comes to other souls, that’s a tough one’. But, teaches Baba, to be an angel means to be loving to everyone, not just Baba or a select few. Sometimes, I like certain souls due to some or other specialty: ‘They speak so well, their lectures are great’. This is called being impressed with a soul and that becomes an obstacle in my becoming an angel. ‘You may be loving‘, Baba says, ‘but you, the soul, are detached: be loving to all with your stage of detachment’. If I believe someone has a certain virtue, then let me imbibe that virtue within myself but let me not become impressed by that soul because of it. To be loving to someone just because of a virtue, Baba says, is wrong. An angel loves everyone and everyone feels a sense of belonging with them.

Sometimes, its not others, I have ego about the self and this is more and more as I progress in knowledge. This ego brings me down from my high stage. It comes usually because I believe I have a certain specialty and I start to identify with it. ‘Am I any less? everyone loves my lectures. The service that I do creates an impact. The way I handle things is very good. The way I give the course is very good…etc.’ So check this, says Baba. The litmus test to check if I have ego or arrogance of the body is that whenever someone insults me or my ideas, advice, talent or my ways even slightly, I will quickly have feelings about it. An even more subtle sign is that it will also create anger and bossiness in me. This does not allow me to become an angel.

And so BapDada says: ‘Reveal in your life the angelic form, the last form of the confluence age. Bring it into the corporeal form’. When I become an angel, it will be very easy to become bodiless. ‘Check‘, He says: ‘is there any attachment to your own specialty or to someone else’s? is there arrogance?’ Sometimes, it isn’t even anything big but I get offended over trivial matters- maybe someone passed by me without smiling, maybe someone didn’t say ‘good morning’ when I walked into the room, someone cut me off in traffic…all it takes is a little to set me off or get me into a foul mood. Then, instead of being happy, I become disheartened. I don’t want to speak to anyone, I just want to be by myself. I can’t get myself to stop thinking about what happened, I exhaust myself and sometimes, need to physically lie down. Ego, isolates me. I don’t even stop to think that maybe the other person was busy or preoccupied with something. When I have arrogance, it means that I have very low self-respect, I am not grounded in the truth of who I am and so anything little feels like rejection.

Father Brahma is my example in the corporeal of being in an angelic stage. In the last days, when the children would approach baba with news, they found that he was beyond it all. They would come before him thinking: ‘I am going to tell baba this and this, I will ask baba this’ but when they came before him, they would forget what they had to say. That, Baba teaches, is the angelic stage. Sometimes, I say: ‘well, that was easy for Father Brahma, Shiv Baba was in him. And it’s easy for Shiv Baba because He is incorporeal anyway’. But what about Mama, asks Baba. She too always remained light; she remained detached and loving to all. So now, follow father and mother, says Baba.

The doorway to arrogance and ego is the wrong form of ‘I and mine’. So from now on, when you say ‘I’, follow that up with ‘I am an incorporeal soul, I am an angel’, teaches Baba. And when you say ‘mine’, follow that with ‘mine is one Baba and none other’. This awareness will easily allow you to remain beyond situations, specialties, and the awareness of the body, He teaches. Be a double-light angel because without becoming an angel, you cannot claim the high status of a deity. I will go to the golden age, no doubt; because I have become a child of God, I will receive the inheritance but not an elevated status. There will be many deities in heaven but I am studying Raja Yoga to become the king of kings. I get there by renouncing the wrong consciousness of the body and being firmly grounded in who I really am. It comes from being soul conscious.

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