The power of words

Baba says, ‘use the power of speech (words) accurately and powerfully.’

Words matter and the words of the ancestor souls, the children of God matter even more because they flow to the whole tree. Do my words provide nourishment to the branches and leaves, do they provide strength and courage, do they uplift and empower or do they sound ordinary or worse, negative? The most elevated words are the versions of God. Each word is like a sword that can instantly cut through bondages holding me back. I might come in feeling heavy about something, and the word of God instantly cuts through the heaviness and makes me light. It uplifts me and restores my zeal and enthusiasm. It enables me to fly. God’s words refuse to let me see myself as ordinary; they compel me to see myself the way He sees me- as the most elevated deity soul. In other words, the versions of God are filled with blessings for souls. When I receive it for myself, I see it transform my life. Such is the power of elevated words. In fact, that’s what ‘elevated version’ means- those versions that make me elevated.

Words become elevated when my thoughts are elevated and my thoughts are elevated when my awareness is elevated. Do I consider myself a Brahmin for namesake? or do I really believe that I am a direct, most elevated creation of God? Do I believe I simply have to pass through the confluence age? or do I believe I am an instrument of God for world benefit? One awareness makes me careless and the other makes me responsible and accountable.

On the path of devotion, even to this day, when a guru or a sanyasi or a priest speaks, devotees say ‘true, true’. Even though the words may lack knowledge and may even be false, devotees still say ‘true..’ because they believe that those souls are elevated. This, Baba reminds me, is a memorial of this time; it is a memorial of the power of words spoken by the truly elevated souls. But, points out Baba, when the words spoken by me are still ordinary or wasteful, I deprive myself of this blessing of my words coming true. Words are important because they don’t just affect me, they affect others too. Just as how speaking words of courage can bless others, similarly speaking words of disempowerment can curse others. To say things like: ‘I’m so sick and tired, sick and tired…’, ‘this kid will never change, I wish you weren’t born..’, is like speaking a curse over the self and others. This is why, Baba says, along with blessings, the curse is also remembered on the path of devotion.

Souls at this time are already weak and tired; when I speak such words, they go into a stage of descent and their effort comes to a complete standstill. Sometimes, I speak sarcastically or tauntingly and follow it up with: ‘just kidding…’. This is like kicking someone and causing them to trip when they are walking, says Baba. Then, for as long as they have the scar of that fall, they will keep remembering me. This is no ordinary matter, cautions Baba. ‘What would you say‘, He asks, ‘if even against their conscious wish or without thinking about it, those souls who are instrumental for world benefit become instrumental in bringing a curse to another soul? Would you call such a soul a blessed soul who grants blessings?

The blessing of this time for you elevated Brahmin souls is: ‘Speak less, speak softly and speak sweetly.‘, teaches Baba. When my awareness is elevated, I don’t have to speak a lot and actually, I won’t want to. I prefer introversion and solitude. This does not mean I become a recluse, no. Rather it means that my every thought, word and action is filled with the essence of who I am and Whom I belong to. It means that I enjoy the company of the One and becoming an embodiment of every jewel of knowledge I am given. When this is my foundation, then automatically, the words that come out of my mouth will be elevated, they will be valuable and because they will be filled with power, they will come true and be a blessing.

Just as how I don’t enjoy listening to a musical instrument when it is out of tune, in the same way, when my words are out of tune, that is, when they are wasteful, when they are words of expansion, words that waste time and words that blame others for my own weaknesses, then others don’t enjoy listening to me either. ‘Every word of an elevated soul must be elevated‘, says Baba. Yes, I see and hear things that are wrong, I don’t deny this but if all I do is simply reflect back the wrongness through my words, then it benefits no one. Rather, Baba says, let your words be filled with essence, tact, awareness, power, love and self-respect. When I am rude to a person who is rude to me, that does nothing to change them. But if I speak words that are grounded in self-respect and awareness of who I am, if they are grounded in love and empathy for my brother soul, if they are grounded in the pure intention to help, then, such words will tactfully remind the other soul of who they are, bring them back into the right awareness and give them the experience of good wishes and pure feelings. This is what Baba does in every Murli- He reminds me of who I am and lifts me up.

I can only give what I have. ‘Do you have a full stock of all powers? of good wishes?’, asks Baba. Forget speaking ordinary or wasteful words, no such words in which there is no benefit should emerge from your lips, He says. But simply paying attention to not speaking wrong words does not allow me to accumulate; for that, I have to speak words filled with blessing, with power that bring souls close to their Father and their inheritance. ‘Use your treasures and they will increase’, teaches Baba. ‘Remember, you are Rup and Basant; you fill yourself up with knowledge and power and then shower it over others.

When asked, everyone says, ‘my aim is to become equal to Baba’, so then make the Father’s nature your nature, says Baba. To speak carelessly, to speak words of disempowerment, blame, rejection, criticism, sarcasm- none of this is part of the nature of God. This is the nature of Ravan. Whose child am I? Much attention and refined checking is absolutely essential at this time, says Baba, because your elevated life is now for serving the world. Until now, you have used it for self-service, for self-transformation, or, while under the influence of your own sanskars and nature, for making or spoiling your stage. That time has now passed. Now, your every breath, every thought, every word, every second, every deed, all the powers, all the Godly sanskars, your elevated nature and all the treasures you have attained so far are for serving the world.

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