You are the true Vyas

Baba says, ‘you are the true Vyas who relate the true Gita and give happiness to everyone. You have to study well and also teach others and give them happiness.’

For half a cycle, I was living as an orphan in Ravan’s world, completely bankrupt, thirsting for even just a drop of true selfless love, for true companionship, for belonging. People would ask me who I was and my answer would be different each time depending on the person, place, context, need etc. I kept disguising myself to suit different people and needs and pretty soon, I was too disguised even to myself. I was alone in a crowded world with no guidance, no help, nothing.

Then, Baba came. He said: ‘My child, I am your Father.‘ He adopted me out of the whole wide world and gave me a new life which came with a new identity- child of God, a new family- the Godly family. He said: ‘You belong to me.‘ He is the Ocean of Knowledge– He came and reminded me of who I am, and revealed to me the beginning, middle and end of my story. ‘You were a world sovereign‘, He told me, ‘you lost your kingdom when you forgot who you are. Now, remember and claim your kingdom once again.’ When I imbibe this knowledge, I am filled with happiness- ‘Wah! my fortune’. I become excited about my present and the future. I am currently engaged in the most elevated task of establishing of heaven based on Baba’s Shrimat. I dedicate my mind that was wandering aimlessly till now, my body that had been ruling over me and the wealth that was being spent worthlessly to this task. When this is over, I will have transformed from an ordinary human-being into the most elevated creation of God- a deity. And with my transformation, the world will also have transformed from hell into heaven.

I have now died alive from the old world, the love of my intellect is now with Him. In the world too, they say: ‘Love God! Break away from everyone else and connect it to the One.’ But they don’t know the One and so there are many beliefs such as: the soul is the Supreme Soul or that God is omnipresent. Because of this, their relationship with the Father is broken and they deprive themselves of the inheritance I am able to claim from Him. Baba says, ‘you children are now listening to the real story of the true Narayan. He is Sukhdev and you are Vyas. You are now claiming your inheritance of happiness, of heaven from Him.’

But being Vyas doesn’t just mean that I get to be happy all by myself; in fact, Baba teaches me that no one can be happy just by themselves. Happiness is the one thing in the whole world, He says, that increases when given away. ‘You have to study well, relate the knowledge to others. You have to also imbibe the divine virtues and then donate it to others.’, He teaches me. Only I receive this knowledge. Lakshmi and Narayan will not have this knowledge in heaven nor is there a need to make anyone into deities through this knowledge. So really, Baba points out, you are more useful here than there! So study well, He says. As my Father, He sustains me, takes care of me, becomes responsible for me. He says, ‘give Me all your burdens and become light’. As my Teacher, He fills the apron of my intellect with the jewels of knowledge. Each jewel is worth multimillions and and through imbibing each jewel, you become multimillionaires countless times over, He says. As my Satguru, He guides me at every step, shows me the way. As my Friend, He encourages me, tells me the truth in every situation. He walks through every storm and every fire with me. He takes on my responsibility while asking me to help my brother souls. He says: ‘Now, go outside and serve to change others into deities. Make those who are still struggling, still calling out in distress, who have become bitter and diseased, free from disease.’

The whole world is engulfed in darkness- the darkness of ignorance. There is fear and stumbling in darkness, not happiness. To realize who I am and Whose I am is to turn on the light, to instantly find my bearings. It’s what Baba did for me and what he expects me to do for others. ‘Go out and reveal yourself‘, He says, ‘that will reveal the Father.‘ To the extent that I become bodiless and soul conscious, I will be able to imbibe the knowledge and be the light the world needs. My effort is never just for myself, it is for the whole tree. Souls are thirsty just as I was for the same things that I wanted. My Father gave me the gift of happiness by liberating me from the prison of wrong consciousness, of body consciousness by reminding me of who I am. When I remain in that awareness, that is, when I show up as who I really am, not disguised, but as truly me, then I liberate others by reminding them of their true identity- souls, children of God.

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