Surrender yourself to Baba, follow Shrimat

Baba says, ‘The more obedient and faithful you remain, the more you will be able to surrender yourself to Baba.’ 

To do whatever I am told is to surrender myself; it is a sign of love. Every child, Baba says, is loving but not everyone is merged in love. That difference in faithfulness leads to a difference in my level of obedience and therefore, surrender. When I am merged in God’s love, He is my world. I want no one and nothing to disrupt, disturb or interfere with my world. Then, when a situation comes, I don’t get caught up in it, I trust my partnership with the Father and Beloved. I am faithful. I remember Him, not the situation. When someone does me wrong, betrays, insults or hurts me, I am quick to forgive and move on. I know that holding on to it will take me away from my Beloved. In fact, I don’t need to be told by God to forgive, I just do. When I am merged in love with someone, I also tend to become like them. I experience the Father’s love, mercy, acceptance, forgiveness towards me so much that I have an overflowing stock to give to others. There is no effort or labor. But when I am not merged in love and someone betrays me, I find it hard if not impossible to forgive. I know it’s what God is asking me to do, I hear His Shrimat but I lack the will or the power to follow through. The lack of faithfulness results in a lack of obedience. I’d rather hold a grudge, seethe inside and wonder: ‘why would Baba ask me to forgive them after all they did to me! Why Baba, why?’. I feel like a sheep being led to the slaughterhouse!

Baba says, ‘Up to now, no one recognizes Me as I am or what I am. This is why you feel it is very difficult to follow shrimat. Only those who are soul conscious are able to love the Father.’ It’s one thing to say the words: ‘Baba, You are everything to me!’ and completely different thing to fulfill that relationship. I have adopted the Father just as He has adopted me; He has surrendered Himself to me, have I done the same? If I still identify as a role, relationship, title, status etc., then, I will find it hard to surrender. And so He says, ‘you must become bodiless; consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.’ When I do, I experience His love for me, I realize that the Shrimat is for my protection and so I want to follow it accurately, not out of compulsion. I want to be like Him and so I want to observe, learn and follow Him in everything.

To surrender or to make one Baba my world does not mean that I leave home and start living at the center, no. Baba says, ‘you must live at home and continue to look after your business etc. this is a matter of surrendering everything through your intellect.‘ In other words, I place everything in His trust and become a trustee. A trustee doesn’t leave, rather he uses everything but with the awareness that nothing belongs to him, it belongs to the owner. I continue to use my mind, body, wealth… but for service. I don’t allow waste or impure thoughts, words or actions, I use my wealth in a worthwhile way based on Baba’s guidance. ‘You have to take Shrimat at every step.’, says Baba. He is not just my Father but also my Guide, let me avail of His guidance and benefit myself.

Sometimes, I hear Baba’s Shrimat and think: ‘that’s just far out! if I did that in today’s world, I’d get laughed out of the room!’ or ‘if I did that, people would think I am weak..’ or ‘why would I do that! I’d lose all I have…’ and I then follow that up with: ‘that’s just Brahma Baba’s opinion, it was a different world back then…’. Baba says, ‘Indeed, to surrender yourself to the Father is not like going to your aunty’s home!‘ Just because something feels hard for me to do doesn’t mean it’s wrong or that it’s not from God. Bap and Dada are together. ‘Whether you believe something to be right or wrong, always consider it to be Shiv Baba Who is telling you and He will be responsible.’, says Baba. When I accept what I am told to do in the Murli as direction from God, He will ensure that I stay out of harm’s way; there will be progress. But when I base my actions on what ‘I think’ and how ‘I feel’, then I continue to make mistakes and/or deprive myself of the full inheritance from God. Surrender means I do whatever Baba asks me to do, no questions. It doesn’t matter what ‘I think’ or how ‘I feel’, I just obey.

You must surrender yourself to such an extent that your nature should change‘, says Baba.

When I come into Baba’s lap, the illnesses of the vices will erupt with full force, Baba explains. The sickness of body consciousness, anger, lust etc. will increase even more. I think: ‘I never had these kinds of thoughts or I never behaved this way even before I came to God, why now?’ The fact is that the vices were always in me, it’s just that the knowledge has now made me aware. Baba says, ‘don’t become afraid of the storms, if you become confused about anything, keep asking Baba.’ Unless I give an accurate chart to Baba about my stage, He cannot help me. He says, ‘this requires an honest and clean heart. You have to write to Baba honestly about everything. If not, then first there is punishment that is experienced and then, that habit increases.‘ If I have an anger problem, I first have to acknowledge it to myself and then tell Baba about it. If I don’t, I keep hurting myself and damage my relationships and my stage falls completely. ‘The fallen stage is your punishment‘, points out Baba. Only the Father is the Supreme Surgeon and without His help, I cannot be cured of the illnesses of half a cycle. And so Baba says, ‘tell Me everything. If you don’t take the Father’s help and do anything wrong, you defame the Father’s name.

Just as a faithful and obedient wife doesn’t remember anyone except her husband, in the same way, Baba says, you children must also not remember anyone other than the Father. By staying in remembrance, by remaining merged in His love, you will receive a lot of power that enables you to follow Shrimat and claim the kingdom of the world. 

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