Become peaceful, become an instrument for change

Baba says, ‘You have to do everything with a lot of peace. You have now become instruments to make impure ones pure in an incognito way.’

The very nature of I, the soul, is peace. My Father is the Ocean of Peace. And so to look for peace outside is not only unnecessary but it also makes no sense. At a macro level, politicians try to ‘strike a deal’ for peace through military diplomacy and for their effort, they win ‘peace prizes’. But one look at the world is enough to know that the whole world is peaceless and it’s only getting worse. This is because, as Baba points out, souls have to become peaceful internally first for there to be peace externally in the world. Only the One Father of all souls can make all peaceless souls, peaceful and establish peace in the world.

He says: ‘People neither understand the meaning of peace nor how it can be established.’

They don’t understand that they are following the directions of Ravan and that this is why they are peaceless. Ravan teaches me to live body consciously, always pre-occupied with ‘I and mine’. This is the recipe for peacelessness – whether I make a mistake or others do something wrong, I feel hurt and offended and I lose my peace. I constantly compare myself to others – I see others and feel jealous or resentful because I think I deserve better, and again, I lose my peace. When I identify as the body, it’s always up one day when a limited desire is met and down another, when the desire is not met. Any time I live – think, speak or do- in a way that is misaligned with who I really am, I lose all my attainments, starting with peace.

I am a soul, not the body. The soul’s nature is to give, not take; it is to share, not hoard. Deities are naturally soul conscious and therefore, always peaceful. Heaven is the land of peace and happiness. God teaches me the knowledge of Raja Yoga at this auspicious confluence age to change me from a peaceless human being into a peaceful deity. He is the Supreme Soul and He teaches this knowledge to souls. He says: ‘you children must imbibe divine virtues like Krishna. Peacelessness has to end. You must check your behavior to see to what extent you remain peaceful. If someone tries to make you peaceless, you mustn’t allow yourselves to be peaceless, no. To become peaceless is a defect, you must remove it. Even when you hear noise, you must remain peaceful just as Bap and Dada do; they never get disturbed, they never shout.

Yes, people do wrong things but it is up to me as to what I do with that wrong thing. Will I allow it inside my heart where it will quickly take root, then turn into bitterness and make me resentful before becoming a full blown case of unforgiveness? or will I learn to see but not see, hear but not hear like BapDada? He sees me, He knows how I am, what I do and yet, He shows me love and mercy. This not only enables Him to keep His peace but empowers me to change. When I blow up, it not only does me harm but keeps the other person down too. Baba says, ‘You have to become an instrument to make impure ones pure. Yes, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong but don’t keep anything of anyone in your heart. You mustn’t cause anyone sorrow.

When I am peaceless, I am unable to have remembrance either. My mind is so cluttered that I cannot connect it with Baba. I don’t feel like doing anything, speaking to anyone…I just want to go and lie down. This helps no one and it is precious time and energy wasted. Instead, Baba says, like Dattatreya, learn to only see and pick up virtues from everyone. Don’t see nor speak about defects, become very sweet and peaceful. Sometimes I think: ‘but they just don’t understand when you tell them politely. One has to raise one’s voice to get things done’. But Baba says the opposite; He says, ‘just by speaking a little, you can get any task done.’ It’s not the quantity of words or the pitch of my voice that will get something done but rather, the spirituality behind the few words I speak, on my face and in my behavior. Am I, the soul, talking to my brother soul? or am I, the boss, the senior, the mother, the uncle talking to another role?

Baba says, ‘forget the consciousness of your old bodies. Those bodies are already finished.‘ When the body itself is finished, what else is left?, He asks; no roles, relationships, nothing.

This is not just something I hear and nod, it is important to imbibe this truth and practice being soul conscious. When I don’t imbibe and practice soul consciousness and simply keep the knowledge as points in the intellect, then I actually become arrogant rather than knowledge-full. I think I know a lot but simply knowing doesn’t change me; I need inculcation. Some devotees, Baba says, are even more sensible and humble than those with knowledge. All they want is a glimpse of God and they are willing to sacrifice anything for it; they leave their homes and families and perform penance. Here, Baba says, you don’t have to leave your homes, you simply have to renounce the old world with your intellect. ‘Unless you are peaceful yourself’, He points out, ‘you cannot become an instrument for spreading peace in the world.’

Like swans who pick up pearls all day long, He says, you too must continue to churn this knowledge as you walk and move around. Throughout the day, I have to keep busy with churning on how to explain and give the Father’s introduction to others. When I think peaceful thoughts, my sense organs remain cool; my vision and attitude become cool. ‘You have come here to become deities’, He reminds me constantly, ‘deities are those who have imbibed divine virtues. You are now imbibing the divine virtues.’ I can give what I have and so when I have many virtues, I can pass on many virtues to others – love, peace, tolerance, accommodation, patience etc. Baba says, ‘you have to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance‘. When I remain aware of who I am, Whose I am and what I am becoming, I stay intoxicated and then I have no complaints. Even if anyone says anything wrong, I am too happy to mind. Looking outside for peace and happiness through material things only disappoints because it is false. This here, He points out, is real happiness, permanent happiness. Just saying ‘Baba’ should remove all sorrow, He says.

The Father says, ‘Help Baba in doing service. You are the true Salvation Army. You are God’s helpers who take the sinking boat of the world across.’

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