True love from a clean heart

Baba says, ‘have true love for the one Father. It is these kumaris and mothers who have to tolerate a great deal. However, you should have clean hearts. Only when your intellects are firmly connected in yoga with the one Father can they be broken away from others.’

True love is the greatest power there is. It makes the impossible, possible; nothing feels difficult. The heart was thirsting for true love for half a cycle, I found it now at this auspicious confluence age with God. He is the Innocent Lord and He can only be won over with a clean and true heart. ‘I don’t need a clever head‘, He says, ‘I am pleased with a clean and honest heart.‘ When I remember Baba with a clean heart, I am seated on His heart-throne. Especially at Amritvela, Baba says, the Father gives the loving children one special blessing or another because such children, He says, attract Him because of the true love in their hearts. All of their pure desires are fulfilled.

Yes, the knowledgeable souls are loved but together with knowledge, it is also essential to have true love for God and to be able to experience His love for me. It is true love that enables me to experience the Father’s hand of protection or His hand of blessings always on my head. When I am loving, I experience myself to be close to the Father, as His constant companion; I am never alone. I am always light and happy because I don’t have any cares, or any concerns. I have firm faith because I trust the One I love; I know I am in good hands. Because of this faith, I live an easy yogi life, no matter what.

In bhakti, Meera had to tolerate a great deal. There were many who disliked her because of her surrender, her undying love for God. They tried to create many obstacles in her path- threw her out of the palace, she had no means to take care of her livelihood, they ridiculed her, even went as far as trying to poison her. But Meera remained undeterred; in fact, she went even further and forgave everyone from her heart. Any time they showed anger or tried to physically harm her, she remained calm. She never lost her happiness, her lightness because she was merged in God’s love, she never felt alone, she knew God was by her side. And so she was willing to give up everyone and everything, go through all the trials and tribulations for her Beloved, with her Beloved by her side. Nothing and no one could distract her from Him.

On this spiritual path too, I face many trials. Baba says, It is these kumaris and mothers who have to tolerate a great deal. However, you should have clean hearts. Only when your intellects are firmly connected in yoga with the one Father can they be broken away from others.’ When I have a clean heart that is full of love for the Father, nothing matters. Like Meera, I remain firm and light.

But when I don’t have a clean heart, then I experience having to labor. I might have the knowledge but without love, I don’t experience a life of attainments, rather, I experience a life of struggle and sacrifice. When I am loving, the Father is my world; I don’t worry, I know His is in-charge and will take my boat across. But when the love is not true i.e. there is even a little selfishness mixed in it, then when I face even a little opposition at home or at the workplace or from friends or through religion etc., I think: ‘maybe I ought to reach out to so-and-so for help..’, ‘maybe they are right, everyone needs to compromise a little in this world…’, ‘what can I do…if I don’t compromise, I won’t have any friends or family…how will I take care of myself!’, ‘if all my friends leave, I will become alone…’, ‘if they find out I am following this path, they will laugh at me…’ etc. Meera could have had all the same concerns but she didn’t because she was lost in love. Am I truly, deeply in love with God too?

If I am then, I experience the biggest mountain to be a mole hill. ‘You should have the firm faith that you have to belong to the one Father and follow His directions.’, says Baba. My Father is God Himself, nothing is impossible for Him! He is not bound by my circumstances or my family or any situation. He is perfectly capable of liberating me from any and all bondages that are causing me trouble but I have to have faith and a clean heart. If I am shaking in my mind, already thinking that maybe I ought to compromise, become part of the world, then, I will not experience His help…not because He won’t give it but because I’m not really looking for it. I have the knowledge but am powerless in using it because I don’t have the experience of loving God and experiencing His love for me. Knowledge is the seed, says Baba, but it cannot bear fruit without the water of true love.

When I have made myself truly belong to one Baba and none other then, I find it easy to follow shrimat. Rather than bow down to opposition, I find tactful ways to overcome the opposition. When I take that one step of courage to stick with Baba and face the opposition, Baba offers multi-millionfold help. He gives me ideas on how to speak to my oppressors or He will show me a different way to liberate myself from the circumstance. Yes, it might involve having to lose friends…but they were never friends if they cannot understand my relationship with God. Yes, it might involve having to live alone with financial constraints for a while…but that’s what Brahma Baba had to do as well. There was a time when there was no food to feed the children, when so-called ‘friends’ walked away, when family members and outsiders opposed him but baba remained unshakeable and unmovable. How? because he too was lost in love for the One. His attitude was: ‘He is the Father, the Protector and Benefactor. I am simply His instrument. He will take care of everything.’ and…He did take care of things, every time!

Baba says, ‘Follow His shrimat and this will break your attachment away from all your friends and relatives.’ The more steps of courage I take and follow Shrimat, the more experienced I become in experiencing God’s love and His faithfulness and the less I rely on or attach myself to human-beings. Consequently, the less I experience sorrow, the more I feel light and happy. ‘By following every shrimat, your life will easily and naturally become complete‘, says Baba, ‘because when you have a true and clean heart, BapDada also becomes present in front of such loving souls, souls who are merged in love.‘ Then, there are no more wants or needs; no more ifs and buts…just surrender. When I am ‘present’ to follow every shrimat, the Father then says: “I, the Lord, am also always present.” When I say, “Yes, my Lord”, then the Lord is always present.

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