Become obedient

Baba says, ‘After belonging to the Father, don’t defame the Father; become obedient and faithful, don’t do disservice under the influence of an evil spirit.’ 

In hindu weddings, a bride has to place each step in the footstep of the bridegroom. To be obedient, Baba explains, is to be the bride, that is to place every step in BapDada’s footsteps. It means to take every step according to the Father’s directions. There is no need to even think: ‘should I do this or that’, I just have to place my step in the Father’s footstep.

It sounds easy but throughout the day, as I move along, Baba observes, there is disobedience in one step or another. I don’t usually disobey in the big things but I do in small matters and that adds up. For instance, Baba says, the first instruction is to become pure, to conquer lust and most children readily obey this instruction and pass. The world considers this impossible but I pass but when it comes to anger, I find it hard to overcome. Then, I come up with all kinds of excuses to justify my anger: ‘I didn’t get angry, I had to show a bit of authority’ etc.. Baba says, this is disobedience. An even smaller disobedience than this is when I only half-follow the discipline of Amrit Vela. I get up and sit down but I don’t maintain a powerful stage; it’s as if I checked off the box but really, I am not mentally present. So I half-follow the instruction but I don’t really receive the attainment, that is I don’t become an embodiment of success. Another example of disobedience, Baba points out, is re: the instruction to neither give nor take sorrow. I might take care to not give sorrow to others but I readily take it. The reason is that I have either seen or heard something wasteful and because of half a cycle’s worth of practice of engaging with waste, I allow my intellect to churn waste: ‘why did he say this?’, ‘this should/should not have happened!’, ‘what he said was not right/was right’, etc. This small disobedience makes the mind heavy and because of this heaviness, I cannot fly. It is this engagement with waste thoughts that also makes me angry- this one word of ‘why’. This word is like quicksand, Baba explains; once I get caught in it, I cannot rest until I find an answer to the ‘why’. Often there is no answer, so I just make stuff up, create scenarios, try to analyze each one…waste all my energy and time and feel angrier with each passing minute. ‘Stop asking questions and learn to apply the powerful brake of a full-stop’, teaches Baba. But I prefer question marks and commas.

The burden of these small disobediences throughout the day don’t allow the soul to constantly be powerful. BapDada has given me shrimat about everything right from Amritvela till night time for the mind, words, actions, relationships and connections. I have instructions about what consciousness should be maintained by the mind and what the stage of the mind should be in every action. When I take care to pay attention to these instructions and obey, I receive blessings from God by experiencing all relationships with Him; this is a spiritual law, explains Baba. Even in the world, when I say yes to directions I receive from someone, I definitely receive their blessing in the form of good wishes and pure feelings. Here I receive God’s blessings and that makes me light and I experience the flying stage. Together with that, I also receive from Baba, will power in the form of inheritance and so I experience happiness and success always. When I take one step of courage to obey, Baba matches that tiny will of mine with His enormous will power and takes me the rest of the way to success.

And so Baba says, the thing to do is to get to the root of all the disobediences: waste. He says: ‘don’t think waste, don’t see waste, don’t listen to waste, don’t speak waste and don’t waste time in wasteful actions. As they say: hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.’ He says, ‘you are attracted to waste when you keep your mind free; always keep it busy in service.‘ Service is not a specific task I perform, rather it is an attitude. When I live with the attitude that I am a server, that I have to serve in God’s task, then I ensure I am thinking thoughts of service, that the words I speak serve, that no soul returns empty-handed from any of my interactions. To stay busy in service is the means to easy effort, Baba says. When I am busy serving, I don’t spend time battling, I rest.

Baba says, ‘now, become obedient and put an end to all waste and weaknesses.’ I disobey because somewhere, I have not fully recognized Who is teaching me and what my relationship is with Him? God Himself is now bestowing the knowledge of the Gita upon me, He is personally decorating me with the jewels of knowledge. Do I realize that this is God giving me Shrimat? Have I recognized and accepted God as my Father? children don’t disobey their father, they give regard to his instructions.

Even bhagats go to the Shiva temple and sing: ‘You are my Father and Mother..’ but they don’t really have that relationship with Him. They don’t know Who He is, or what divine activities He performs. But I do because God Himself tells me every day. He personally sits in front of me and speaks to me, teaches me. Do I have this awareness? If not, like the bhagats, Baba says, this too is blind faith. He wants me to become the stick to the blind, not remain blind myself. For that I need to first become obedient and transform myself so that I can inspire change in others. When I continue to behave like I used to in Ravan’s world, even after belonging to the Father, then I defame the Father’s name. People then ask: ‘Didn’t you say God is your Teacher. Is this what a Brahmakumari, a student of God, looks like?’ I thus become an instrument to do disservice.

Let me recognize that this is God teaching me. These are His instructions that I receive daily. This is both an awesome privilege as well as an awesome responsibility. Let me not make the mistake of taking God for granted, I can’t. When I disobey, I create a burden on myself and effectively put a lock on my own intellect. Then, neither can I remember Baba and experience His love and sustenance nor can I make progress; I come to a standstill. Baba says, ‘have mercy on yourself, obey Shrimat.’

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