He is three in one

Baba says, ‘you have found the Father who is the Father, Teacher and Satguru, all three in one.’

There is the difference of night and day, Baba says, between a worldly father and the eternal Father. One makes me stumble around and the other puts an end to all the stumbling. One leads me on to the path of impurity and the other is the Purifier, He comes to make me pure. One gives me limited happiness but also sorrow and the other only gives me constant happiness.

When I am young, the worldly father would send me to a teacher for a limited education, then when I get older, he would send me to a guru. Many times, the three don’t teach me the same things. The teacher teaches me to be honest, to be kind to all etc. but the father might say: ‘you have to learn the ways of the world to get ahead’; when someone comes home at an inconvenient time, he might say: ‘tell them no one’s home..’ and thereby teach me to be dishonest right from a young age. In other words, I hear something at school but don’t see it modeled at home. Then, there’s the guru who would sometimes scare me by saying about himself: ‘if you don’t obey the directions of the guru, you will be cursed..’ Here, there is no disagreement or contradictions because the Father is also my Teacher and my Satguru; He is three in one! So there is no more stumbling or being confused, everything is simple and clear.

This is such a great fortune‘, points out Baba, ‘do you have this awareness in your intellect at all times?’ The Father, the Teacher and the Guru – these are the three main relationships in the life of a human being and God plays all three parts Himself. Do I experience all three relationships at all times?

Although Lakshmi and Narayan are the masters of the world, even they cannot be called the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru of other souls. In fact, I cannot say this of any human being in the whole world. It is only the one Father that is all three in one and only a handful of souls experience Him in this way. As a Father, He loves and sustains me. As a Teacher, He teaches me the beginning, middle and end of the cycle, i.e. He teaches me about the Creator and the creation. As my Satguru, He shows me the way back home i.e. grants me salvation. Baba is the only soul that does all these three types of service at the same time. This is why He is called the Supreme. Although He is only one, I remember Him with the qualities of all three forms.

‘Shiv Baba is our Father, Teacher and Satguru as well. This is something extraordinary. You should remember this while sitting down and also while walking and moving around.’, says Baba. ‘Then‘, He says, ‘your intellects will be completely drawn to the One who is so wonderful.’

Because He plays all three parts, this is called the ‘Trimurti‘ University, explains Baba. The specialty of this university is that not only do I receive real knowledge from the Supreme Teacher here, but my character is also reformed by the Satguru. God comes only once in the cycle at this auspicious confluence age to play His part on this physical plane. He comes to Bharat to make Bharat pure. It is the people of Bharat that call out to Him: ‘O Resident of the Faraway Land, come, because there is a lot of defamation of religion and sorrow in Bharat. Come once again and give the message of the Gita.’ They call out: ‘Change Your form and come here, that is, come here in a human form.’ The Father says, ‘I do come in a human form. My coming is divine and unique. I do not enter a womb. I enter an ordinary old body.Only when I become a child do I know that indeed, the Father does change His incorporeal form and comes every cycle. The Father says: ‘I have entered this ordinary body and am once again teaching you easy Raja Yoga. I have to come when the world has become impure. I come to change the iron age into the golden age. I have come to change you into deities once again.

He is all three in one and so it is easy, he points out, to have faith in Him. He won’t make me stumble. There, I have a teacher when I am young, and a guru is adopted after the age of 60. However, here, when the Father comes, because He does all three types of service at the same time, He says: All – young and old – can study here at this Trimurti university, all are welcome.

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