Become a protector of the sacrificial fire

Baba says, ‘you Brahmins are protectors of the sacrificial fire. Let go of all your worries and serve the sacrificial fire with love. Imbibe this knowledge.

The late Dadi Janki once said that there are three types of people in the world. The majority are those who worry about everything – the population explosion, crime, drugs, abuse and so on. They read the news and worry and they don’t stop talking about their worries either. The second type never worry. They simply sit back and enjoy life and that’s it. They are not concerned about anything else. Then, there’s the third kind that genuinely and honestly believe that they can give such direction to their own life so as to actually have an impact on the direction of the whole world. In other words, they are those that feel responsible for the world, for it’s future.

It’s God’s task to transform the world but He does it through souls. Simply worrying about the world and talking about it helps no one. In fact, Baba says, it causes distress. On the other hand, to not have any concern whatsoever is wrong too. It is my responsibility to take care of the world I live in. God gets His task of transformation done through the noble acts of human beings. And so, He says, ‘be My helpers, imbibe the knowledge.‘ This whole world is the yagya or the sacrificial fire. Everything bad that was introduced by Ravan during the last half of the cycle needs to be sacrificed into this fire.

How do I help in this unlimited task of cleansing the world? how do I serve this yagya? The slogan, Baba reminds me, is ‘Self transformation leads to world transformation.’ Each one of us, each soul, is a log in this unlimited yagya. To serve the yagya is to ensure I am burning well. The more I imbibe the knowledge, the more I am able to identify and sacrifice all the weaknesses, impurities into the fire, and the brighter I burn. Baba says, ‘first of all, make your life like a diamond; that will only happen by your following Shrimat.‘ Now, He teaches, is the time to think of the world. This is my world that Ravan took away from me. Now, my Father is here to re-establish His kingdom, I have to offer Him my full support. Baba says, ‘Don’t have any attachment to your bodies. Let there only be attachment to the Father and the imperishable jewels of knowledge.’ When I transform and become pure based on His shrimat and share my experiences with others, it inspires them to change too.

The Father’s mantra is Manmanabhav! this is the life-giving herb. Through belonging to the one Father, through making Him my one Support, like Hanuman, I accumulate power within me, I build up faith and courage. Then, no matter what the circumstances, no matter how big the situation, I remain unshakeable and unmovable; I remain firm on Shrimat. Even when I am tempted to compromise, I don’t. Even when I am tempted to take revenge for a past wrong, I don’t, I maintain good wishes. Even when I am tempted to ask: ‘why did this happen?’, ‘what will I do now?’, ‘why did they behave this way?’ etc., I refuse to spin that cycle of extroversion and instead choose to spin the discus of self-realization. Even when it might seem inconvenient, I let go of my own preferences- ‘I only eat this..’, ‘I can only do this..’ etc. and instead accept whatever I receive from the yagya. My attitude is: ‘Baba, I belong to You. You can engage me in whatever service You want’. I choose to repeatedly, at every step, remind myself of my purpose at this time in the unlimited cycle – it is the time when God Himself, my Father from Whom I was separated for a long while, is here and my purpose is to help Him in His task to re-establish heaven.

The whole world is peaceless and souls are crying out for help, for a little salvation. They are thirsting for even just a drop of true love, for peace. ‘Don’t you hear their cries?‘, asks the Father. Just as the Father is merciful, you too must be merciful, He instructs. Yes, people act in corrupt ways, yes, they say and do hurtful things but then, it’s not them, it’s Ravan acting through them. When I remember this, it becomes easy to become merciful. The Father showed and continues to show me mercy, He expects me to do the same for my brothers. These are the days, He says, when I claim liberation-in-life not just for this one birth but for the cycle. Isn’t this what the heart desires?, asks Baba. The more I shed the impurities, the more I free myself from bondages of limited ‘I and mine’, the brighter I burn.

When I get stuck in limitedness, my light flickers. It’s as if I’ve allowed dampness to interfere with my flame and that doesn’t just affect me but also the logs around me. And so Baba says, ‘you have to look after this sacrificial fire so well.‘ When I do, when I take care to ensure my flame is always tall and bright, I change from human being into an angel. Yes, my form is still of a human-being but my character becomes that of an angel. An angel is always beautiful, no matter their shape or age, and they are loved by everyone, no matter what a person’s religion, their nationality, their beliefs. According to the drama, not all my brothers will experience God in their life like I do, but they do feel the presence of angels. People feel safe when they sense that angels are protecting them.

Baba says, ‘it’s time to be an angel, to be the soul that protects the world.’ For that, all I have to do is follow Shrimat and claim my full inheritance from the Father.

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