The virtue of being egoless

Baba says, ‘the main virtue required to attain success in the service is that of being egoless.’

At this auspicious confluence age, God Himself, the Creator, the Highest-on-High comes to this physical plane. He comes to purify degraded human-beings and transform them into deities. He comes to change hell into heaven. The most elevated soul comes to perform the most elevated tasks of the whole cycle and yet, He is so egoless. He comes in an impure world, in an old impure body to serve His long lost and now found children. He is egoless and incognito. He doesn’t feel the need for a grand welcome, trumpets or a photo-op. He doesn’t feel the need to become well-known and have His name glorified through external show. The Father says: ‘All of those customs and systems are of the iron-aged, body conscious people.’ Here, He simply comes and goes in silence. He says: ‘Let Me remain incognito. Only in this way is there pleasure.’ Even the one He enters is so egoless! Prajapita Brahma has so many children and yet his behavior is so simple. Baba always said: ‘No one should come to the station to welcome me. There should be no chaos’. Baba is the Highest-on High and yet, His activity is like that of the poorest of the poor. The Father is the Lord of the Poor and He only comes to meet the poor. Wealthy ones would only go to meet the famous, wealthy people; they don’t like to be seen around ordinary looking people, observes Baba. Their ego gets in the way of them receiving their inheritance. It is sung: He is incorporeal and egoless. He comes and shows how egoless He is.

‘As My children‘, He reminds me, ‘you too have to be egoless. This is the main virtue to attain success in service.‘ Both fathers are egoless and so both are deeply loved.

The sign of being egoless is humility, this is the basis of being constantly and easily successful in service. To be humble means to maintain my self-respect and it is also the easy way to receive respect from everyone else. To be humble doesn’t mean to bow down, but it in fact makes others bow down to my specialty of love. People consider humble people to be great; they constantly receive blessings from everyone’s heart. No one respects someone who is grumpy and arrogant, everyone in fact moves away from such people. Those who are humble give everyone happiness. They are willing to mold themselves to accommodate others, they consider themselves servers- here to make others content.

In fact, Baba says, the specialty of a server is being a very humble world servant who has the authority of knowledge. To the extent that you remain humble, you accordingly remain a carefree emperor, says Baba. I am not tormented by the body conscious hang-ups of: ‘how dare they treat me this way?’, ‘how could they say this to me?’, ‘I wasn’t given the respect I deserved..’ etc. The consciousness of being humble, unlimited and of being an instrument are the main bases of successful service, teaches Baba. To the extent that I have self-esteem, I also need to have humility. ‘Let there be no arrogance in your self-esteem’, He cautions. If I do, then I get into ‘senior vs junior’, ‘I am better..’ etc. Then, there are feelings of insult, dislike, jealousy, bitterness etc. No matter what souls are like, Baba teaches, look at them with mercy. This is what Baba did and continues to do with me and He expects to see me show mercy to others.

Where there is humility, that is, where there is egolessness, such souls, Baba says, remain engaged in the task of construction of the new world. To consider myself an instrument and to remain humble is the seed of good wishes and pure feelings. Instead of expecting limited respect, Baba says, be humble. Stubbornness indicates bad manners whereas humility indicates good manners, He says. Further, He says, don’t sing your own praise. You will become the star of success when you are not arrogant about your success and you don’t speak about it. To the extent that you are successful, He teaches, be humble, constructive and easy-natured. Even if others sing my praise, I only sing the Father’s praise, not my own.

Sometimes, I’m afraid that others will take advantage of my humility. They will, Baba says, when it is false humility. True humility comes with self-respect and then, by definition, there is no question of being taken advantage of. I am firm in the truth and I follow the truth no matter what. ‘Don’t allow your intellect to change from having faith to having doubts because of what others might say or because of the atmosphere’, says Baba, ‘don’t doubt if you will be victorious or defeated.’ Instead, I remain firm in my faith. To be a humble soul is not weakness, it is strength. It is why I receive blessings and good wishes from others’ hearts. Whether someone knows me or not, whether they have a relationship with me or not, through my love, they all feel that I belong to them. They feel a right, a closeness.

To the extent that I truly imbibe the knowledge, I accordingly become humble. The fact that I am an image of support to the whole world is not a matter of arrogance, it is a matter of being humble recognizing the role I play in the drama. An image of support, by definition has to be humble. Just as a tree bows down and gives support to so many, similarly, I too, when humble, become an instrument to support many, many souls. In fact, unless I am humble, I cannot reveal my other virtues such as tolerance and accommodation because I won’t want to tolerate or accommodate if I am not humble. And so, Baba says, egolessness is the basis of service.

When I am humble, because I won’t have expectations of respect or recognition, I remain light and enjoy the act of serving. When I have expectations, I become heavy and the burden brings me to a halt. This is the litmus test, says Baba; if I am feeling a burden on me, chances are I am not being humble. Where there is humility, Baba says, there is no bossiness, there is spirituality. Just as the Father comes with so much humility, Baba says, follow Father. Brahma Baba lowered himself with such humility. He was even ready to massage the children’s feet. He always felt the children were ahead of him and could give better lectures; he always put them before himself. He considered them senior! Because he did this, he didn’t put himself down, Baba points out, rather, became even more elevated. This, He explains, is to be a number one server. To give respect to others means to put them ahead and infuse them with zeal and enthusiasm. And when I give the treasures of zeal, enthusiasm, happiness and co-operation all the time, Baba says, I am made into a charitable soul for all time.

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