Never leave the refuge of Rama

Baba says, ‘Follow the directions of Rama in this last birth. Never leave the refuge of Rama and go into the refuge of Ravan and thereby dishonor the Father’s name.’

On the path of devotion devotees sing the song: ‘O Rama, take me into your refuge.’ The fact that they sing this implies that they are in Ravan’s kingdom. Only those who have practically taken the refuge of the Father at this time are in the confluence age. That is, I have left the kingdom of Ravan and come into Rama’s asylum. The kingdom of Ravan cannot exist in the kingdom of Rama and the kingdom of Rama cannot exist in the kingdom of Ravan. In other words, I am either in the confluence age or in the iron age, I cannot be in both places simultaneously.

I became a prisoner of Ravan about half way into the cycle when I forgot who I am. I forgot I am a soul and started identifying as the body. This wrong consciousness then brought with it the five vices and its progeny i.e. the kingdom of Ravan. Because I didn’t know that this is the wrong consciousness, I kept committing more and more sin under the influence of the vices without realizing that it was only making me more and more of a prisoner. I was unhappy, trying to find happiness…by doing wrong things.

Then the Father came. He came and reminded me of who I am and told me the beginning, middle and end of my story. His direction is: ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone’. He comes at the end of the cycle when the kingdom of Ravan has to end. He comes to bring an end to the wrong and make things right again; He comes to dispel the darkness of ignorance by shedding the light of knowledge; He comes to put an end to unrighteousness and make Bharat righteous again.

This is not the world I established, He tells me. That was heaven and then, you were free, liberated-in-life. You were emperors and empresses of the free world, you were deities! You were peaceful, happy, content. How? because you were soul conscious. I have now come, He explains, to make you soul-conscious once again. For this, I have to take refuge with Him. To take refuge with the Father is to die alive from the old world. To die alive means to be adopted by the Father as His own child. Why wouldn’t I want to be adopted by the One Who is here to make me into a deity, into the master of heaven?! To be a child means that I follow the directions of my Father and Mother. If, after becoming Baba’s child, I then go back to the iron age and behave like Ravan’s child, then that would be a betrayal of God.

Baba says, ‘Follow the directions of Rama in this last birth. Never leave the refuge of Rama and go into the refuge of Ravan and thereby dishonor the Father’s name.’

By following the Father’s directions in this one short birth, I claim my inheritance for the whole cycle. I claim true, permanent peace, happiness and contentment, not the false, fleeting kind of Ravan’s limited attainments. The Father says, ‘the more you stay in remembrance, the more your sins will be absolved and the purer you become. Unless you become pure, you cannot go to the new world.’ The foundation for remembrance too is faith that yes, this is my Father and I am His child; I belong to Him. If this foundation is shaky, then my remembrance will also be shaky i.e. will lack power. Then, it becomes easy for Ravan to clutter my mind with questions and doubts: ‘if everyone becomes pure, how will the world run?’, ‘can humans really become deities?’, ‘if deities were pure, then how did they have children?’, ‘how can one be successful if they don’t compromise a little..’ etc.

When my intellect is still in the limited, then I cannot fathom a lot of things Baba tells me about. I cannot envision a new righteous world, I cannot envision becoming a deity, etc. because I am only able to see as far as the physical eyes can see. This is why I am given a divine intellect or the third eye of knowledge so that I can see that which still does not exist, I can see that which is invisible. Unless I believe, unless I have faith, there cannot be victory or transformation. The first faith I need is that I am a soul and this is God, my Father teaching me. Of Him, it is sung that it didn’t take God long to change humans into deities. I don’t need to see God, I simply need to recognize and realize. When I do, it shifts my perspective. I realize that indeed, God’s world can have nothing in common with Ravan’s world, nothing whatsoever. I stop thinking in the limited, using iron-aged logic, I start thinking in the un-limited, I trust God. He is Truth because only He knows the truth and He is telling it to me daily. To take His refuge is to believe, trust, and obey.

Only those who take refuge with Rama at the confluence age will go to the kingdom of Rama because only they will follow His directions and become pure. Refuge does not mean I leave home and start living at the center. The Father says: ‘You may live at home with your family. While living there, remember Me and stop remembering everyone else. Everything depends on remembrance.‘ I fell into Ravan’s prison when I forgot, the Father is now helping me remember. Let me stay on the pilgrimage with Him, let me keep my intellect connected with the true Beloved. ‘By studying Raja Yoga and imbibing this knowledge, you become the king of kings, the rulers of the globe‘, He reminds me. I lost everything by following Ravan’s directions i.e. by taking his refuge for half a cycle. His refuge was therefore a curse. Let me now take the Father’s refuge and receive my inheritance.

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