The power of a divine intellect

Baba says, ‘The power of a divine intellect is an extremely elevated power. Simply use it!’

There is ordinariness and then there is divinity. God comes at this auspicious confluence age and gives me the gift of a divine intellect right at birth. The intellect is what imbibes anything, it is what dictates what kind of sanskars I cultivate, it is what decides what I think, speak or do. It is the decision maker. And so there would be the difference of night and day between a person with an ordinary intellect and one with a divine intellect.

By having a divine intellect, your attitude and actions are automatically transformed’, says Baba. And when my attitude is transformed, everything is transformed. I no longer use my body to perform ordinary actions. Sure, the actions may seem ordinary on the outside but when I use my gift of the divine intellect, I do even the most ordinary actions extra-ordinarily. I do it in remembrance, with love, with an attitude of service. Similarly, I cannot have ordinary thoughts in my mind or use my physical wealth for any ordinary worldly activities because, when I have a divine intellect, my attitude is that I am a trustee of all three: my body, mind and wealth. I don’t use anything without the Shrimat of the Father, the Master. I follow Shrimat because I know that it is elevated directions, it’s what I choose to follow. A divine intellect chooses divinity, nothing else. This is why, Baba teaches, a divine intellect is also referred to as a ‘holy swan’ intellect.

So check‘, He says: ‘to what extent were my thoughts, words and actions divine? how much were they ordinary?’ Sometimes, Baba says, children become very innocent when we check ourselves. I reflect back on the day and think: ‘I didn’t make any particular mistake, I didn’t have bad thoughts or speak bad hurtful words to anyone…so I am okay.’ But, asks Baba, did you perform any divine actions? It’s good that I didn’t think, speak or act negatively but ordinary thoughts, words and actions don’t accumulate; I neither erase nor accumulate them. Only divine thoughts, words and actions accumulate for the future. It’s when I create divine sanskars that they become useful to me in the new cycle and I cannot create sanskars if I don’t think, speak or act. And so Baba says, use your divine intellect, that’s how you increase the gift.

It’s one thing to say, ‘I didn’t waste anything’ and another thing to say, ‘I changed it to the best’. The former doesn’t accumulate, only the latter does. It’s great that I didn’t cause anyone sorrow but did I give happiness to them? It’s great that I remained silent when the boss lost his temper but was I able to maintain my good wishes for him? That co-worker that was stressed and grumpy, it’s great that I didn’t add to their stress but did I go out of my way to lend them a hand with their workload? When I don’t cause sorrow or do anything negative, I certainly make the present good but I don’t accumulate for the future. ‘Whoever comes in contact with you, a master bestower of happiness, must experience happiness at every step’, teaches Baba, ‘this is known as being one with a divine intellect or being alokik.

No matter what a person’s mood might be like, what kind of atmosphere it might be, a person with a divine intellect can make anything that is not divine, divine, says Baba. And so the divine intellect is the alchemist’s stone that transforms. When a person with an ordinary intellect who behaves ordinarily, wastefully, comes in front of me, he/she senses that they need to change something. They feel inspired to imbibe that same divinity. ‘You can bring about such transformation’, says Baba, ‘something that is not divine can be changed into something divine with the blessing of a divine intellect and the power of transformation.’ An undivine atmosphere, undivine behavior, or words would not affect someone with a divine intellect; they would all roll off like water off a duck’s back. I see it, I don’t deny it, I know it’s wrong but I don’t let it take root in my heart. I choose love and tolerance over bitterness and resentment. This is being a holy swan.

A divine intellect is such an elevated tool that you can even make not just people but even the elements divine with this tool.’, teaches Baba. When I inspire people to become divine, that then automatically influences the elements. So, first of all, check yourself, He says, to see whether your divine intellect is in an emerged form. Do you have enough power that you are even able to transform the elements? This is a blessing from God, not a blessing from any great soul or righteous soul. Just as the Father is the Almighty Authority, so this blessing is also full of all powers. So, whenever you do any task, He instructs, first of all check whether you are carrying out the task with the blessing of a divine intellect or with an ordinary intellect. The influence of your divinity will make the whole world divine!

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