The importance of solitude

Baba says, ‘By sitting and studying in solitude, you are able to imbibe very well.’

The aim of this study is to become a world sovereign. The more I study and teach others, the higher the status I claim, says Baba. All of you study with the One but not everyone imbibes to the same extent, He points out. In order to imbibe something, I need concentration. For concentration, I need silence. Not merely external silence but silence of the mind. Silence doesn’t mean stopping all thoughts, rather, it means choosing the right thoughts. The basis of the power of silence is introversion and solitude. This is why all great inventors always work on their inventions in solitude; they go underground so to speak. There, they create a prototype and experiment with it- they try it, then tweak it some more, try it again until they get it right. They don’t rest, nor do they come out from being underground until they are ready with their invention.

It’s the same here, says Baba. In order to imbibe this knowledge, I need to churn it i.e. go deep into the experience of each point. That’s how I make it my own. For that my intellect’s yoga needs to be broken away from all other directions and be loving to the One. This is solitude. Because of having love for just the One, I will be able to stay in remembrance of the One. Some say: ‘I do have love for Baba but I don’t have an hour to sit down and meditate.’ Solitude doesn’t require me to find a continuous slot of 30 or 60 mins to sit down and meditate. Baba asks me to remember Him with a lot of love, not meditate. Remembrance is the most natural thing I do, like breathing; it’s not a separate activity that I only do at a certain time. It’s just that I have to pay attention to what I remember. When my heart has only the One in it, then I will only remember the One and His knowledge. Through the day, even as I go about my activities, my intellect is connected with the One: ‘What did Baba say today? what did He mean by that? how does that apply to my life?’ The more I churn, the better I imbibe.

Because of having love for many, Baba says, you are not able to stay in remembrance of One. The intellect’s yoga should be broken away from many and be linked in only one direction, that is, there should be only One and none other. Those who have such a stage will be able to have love for solitude. Otherwise, even when I try to sit in solitude, the intellect will wander in many directions. I will not be able to experience the bliss of solitude. So what is the easy method to ensure my intellect is linked to just the One? It is to have all relationships with just the One. Only I have all relationships with One and taste all the sweetness in the One, I can have love for solitude, says Baba. Since I can taste all the sweetness in just the One, there is then no need to go in other directions. But when I don’t have the practice of tasting all sweetness from just the One, I will then try to taste the sweetness from everyone else, and there won’t then be any attainment.

Just as the inventor disappears underground and go beyond all surrounding vibrations, so you too have to go beyond all attractions, He teaches. There are those who dislike introversion and prefer to be in a gathering where there is laughing and talking. But that is extroversion and leads to cluttering of the mind, Baba points out. Then, when I try to remember Baba, my intellect gets pulled instead to what so-and-so said or did. And so Baba says, according to the time and your aim, now, make yourself one who stays in solitude, that is, become introverted. If I don’t have this practice but instead am influenced by external attractions, I will be deceived at some point. Instead, Baba says, learn to appreciate solitude, i.e., cultivate the practice of churning the knowledge and become an embodiment of experience. One who is experienced can never be deceived.

Solitude is not just necessary for my own personal growth but also to help others to grow. Others are influenced not by lectures, says Baba, but they need to experience. Unless I myself am experienced in something, I cannot give others an experience. When I am experienced, I won’t really need to speak much, my very being serves automatically. The sound of words only reaches the head, Baba says, but the arrow of experience reaches the heart. It is only the power of silence that you will be able to take souls beyond with a glance, He teaches. With your pure thoughts, you will be able to end the waste thoughts of souls. With your pure feelings, you will be enable their feelings of love for the Father to emerge. It is because you make souls content now with your power of silence do they then sing your praise starting in the copper age, explains Baba.

And so, He says, recognize the importance of solitude to accumulate the power of silence in your life. Now, wake up early in the morning and remember Baba with a lot of love. Why? because the early morning hours are silent externally anyway and that makes it easy to become introverted, to focus. At night, go to sleep in remembrance. Although Baba knows that within the drama, all are going to be numberwise, He cannot simply sit down quietly, He inspires me to make effort. Otherwise, there will be a lot of repentance, He points out: ‘Baba used to explain to me so much and yet, I was careless!’ I will the regret not paying attention and allowing myself to be influenced by Maya. The Father is merciful, He cannot bear the thought of His children crying in the end, beating themselves up and experiencing punishment and so this is why, He says, I give you the same teachings again and again: Children, you definitely have to become perfect. Like an inventor, you have to check yourself again and again in solitude and reform yourself.

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